May 23, 2010

Slowly poisoning

By Habib R. Sulemani

My sister Hasina’s health deteriorated again last night and she was taken to hospital in Gilgit. Her BP is still 150/100. Some relatives fear that she may have become a victim of slow poison. The condition of other family members here in Rawalpindi and in Hunza is also stressful due to the tyranny we are facing for the last two months.

We’re living in fear of attack anytime from any direction. But the government is still silent. The powerful criminal gang (named in my email to the editor Dawn, fax to vice chancellor Karakorum International University (KIU) Gilgit and personnel of secret agencies indicated in my letter to the prime minister of Pakistan) has surely stopped my letter to the Prime Minister of Pakistan as I’ve not received any response so far. The copies to the President of Pakistan, Chief Justice of Supreme Court and Chief of Army Staff may have met the same fate.

After publication of my last blog, there have been many calls to me and my family members especially the harassing ones.

Javed Khan Tanoli – a man introduced to me by a former colleague Mehbob-ur-Rehman Tanoli, now working with Express TV – has suddenly surfaced with SMSes and phone calls. His innocent cousin was in a Saudi Jail, I wrote a feature about him (available on this blog site with the title ‘A cry for justice’ in the ‘Some articles’ section) and he was released. Now he wants to get a job with my help as he was fired from the American Embassy in Islamabad. It is a surprise for me as I've never done anything like this except my professional job. I’ve excused but still his SMSes come in.

A friend called me at 9:41am yesterday. He said he was in Australia but the number appeared on my cell phone was a local one. He talked about the agencies and missing persons in Pakistan. The phone disconnected suddenly. Then at 10:21am he called me from another local number but there was some problem. One minute later (10:22am) he called from yet another number but we failed to talk. At 10:53am he again dialed my number from a new cell number. However, we could not continue our chatting.

Earlier my sister got a harassing call from the number: 03453499262. She also received an SMS filled with racial and sectarian hatred from a cell phone: 03452654569.

My 66-year-old father had also received some SMSes from a cell phone: 03438985220. The text was in Pashto purportedly from the Taliban. He is very upset since then. So are we.

These are just few phone numbers.

Along with us those people are also facing threats who had earlier commented on this blog site. The Webmaster fears that along the 800 websites, currently blocked in the country, this blog site could also become out of my reach anytime!

Amid the ongoing psychological warfare, my office has stopped delivery of three newspapers at my home. The editor is still silent like the government. There is no response from the Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists and Human Rights Commission of Pakistan either.

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  1. Kamran

    Brother it is really heartrending to know the torture inflicted upon you and your family by the rightists. You are a gallant person and you have always fought through your pen for democracy and against extremism. The PM must take immediate action to provide you security if he has received your letter.

    My support and prayers are always with you.