May 21, 2010

Terror on campus

By Habib R. Sulemani

VIOLENCE on campus is not new anywhere in Pakistan. The ‘rage’ of some professors to destroy carriers of innocent students is also known in our society. But what seems new to me at the Karakoram International University (KIU) in Gilgit is the psychological warfare against innocent students.

In my letter to the Prime Minister of Pakistan (available on this blog site), I had written: “The KIU is the only university in the strategically important Gilgit-Baltistan region – bordering China, India and Afghanistan – which is literally run by secret agencies. Recent honor-related cases have shown that the terrorizing university administration is destined to ruin carriers of innocent students on political, racial, sectarian and personal grounds. The KIU is producing a new breed of Taliban having university degree and Western appearance.”

Currently, I don’t know if KIU Vice-Chancellor Dr. Najma Najam – who proudly calls herself the “iron lady” and “only trained neuropsychologist working in Pakistan” – is heading the “psychological warfare cell” of some rogue group or secret agencies but she has put the lives of my two sisters in danger. One has been stopped from attending classes illegally while the other is being tortured on campus. She is in trauma currently.

As I live hundreds of miles away from my sister in strain. After talking with her at the hostel on cell phone – amid disturbance in the line, distortion and echoes as phones of my family members are being bugged – today I’m really disturbed. She was being denied treatment, however, yesterday, when some class fellows insisted, she was taken to a government hospital. There the doctors told her that due to trauma, she could face stroke as her blood pressure was very high unprecedented at her age. Due to life-threats, I can’t go outside, so here is a letter faxed to the concerned authorities.
Prof. Dr. Najma Najam
Karakorum International University (KIU)
Gilgit, Pakistan.

Dear Madam,

Since March 22, 2010 when your administration – with the help of a group of journalists and personnel of secret agencies – staged an honor-related drama on the KIU campus – the details of which have so far not been told us except the hearsay and malicious SMS campaign – my sisters are being threatened and harassed putting them under life-threatening stress. A psychological warfare against me and my family is going on nonstop.

My sister Hassina Parveen – a student of MSc economics staying at the KIU girls’ hostel – informed me on telephone today that her blood pressure had shot to 150/100 and the doctors had shown concern about her life at the District Headquarters Hospital Gilgit yesterday.

Same is the condition of another sister, Nasira Parveen – a student of BSc Hons at the KIU – who has been stopped from attending classes illegally since March 24. I have tried to talk to you many times, but members of your administration, in Gilgit and Islamabad, always declined my requests, saying “the VC cannot talk to you”. When I pointed out the illegal action and criminal attacks, Dr Ahsanullah Mir and Prof. Manzoor Ali hurled threats and abused me on the phone. I was shocked by this uncivilized behavior, but later I came to know that a female faculty member from abroad had left the KIU in similar circumstances.

After attempts on my life, I am locked inside my house in Rawalpindi since March 29. However, when my family members tried to meet you, they were always kept waiting outside your office with the mantra: “The VC cannot meet you.”

After hearing Hassina’s alarming condition today, I want to inform you formally through this letter that if something happens to my sisters, then you as the chief administrator of the KIU; Dr. Ahsanullah Mir, registrar; Muhammad Hussain, additional registrar; Manzoor Ali, assistant professor physics department; Prof. Salma Durrani, chairperson environmental sciences; Dr. Muhammad Ramzan, associate professor educational development; Karim Khan, director campus administration; Ms. Tahira, warden girls hostel and others would be responsible for it.


Habib R. Sulemani

Copies to:
1- President of Pakistan & chancellor KIU
2- Chief Justice Chief Appellate Court Gilgit-Baltistan
3- Governor Gilgit-Baltistan
4- Chief Minister Gilgit-Baltistan
5- Human rights and other bodies
Karakoram International University:

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  1. dear mr sulemani

    read ur letter to the vc of kiu, iam little bit shoked that u are cleary treatning the unversty administration of kiu.

    i am unable to understand either this is threat direclty given to the univesty administration

    if you are so strong then why u are closed in ur home and why u cant do any actiona aginst these peoples who took attemp on ur life

    waitng fr u reply

    a student of ms
    international islamic universty islamabad