June 26, 2010

Call it integrity

By Philip Zyg

You should not accept
candies from Mussolini
when he stoops and coaxes:
“See? We’re not that bad.”
Because then mothers
stalk you at midnight,
spiteful spits gush out of prams


When writing matters. Mr. Sulemani is the living proof that writing can affect people's lives, sometimes in ways we would never want to hear. Just think of what the Vatican is pouring on José Saramago now that he's dead.

How courageous of them!

Anyway, writing for freedom is the noblest cause.


(Philip Zyg is a Milan-based young poet, who writes in English, French and Italian. His debut collection in the United States is entitled ‘Beware of Open Windows’. Here is a link to some poems of Mr. Zyg: http://www.everypoet.net/poetry/blogs/philip_zyg)

(Photo by Philip Zyg)

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