June 4, 2010

Criminal inquiry sought

Mr. Khurshid Aizid
(Manager Human Resources)
Pakistan Herald Publication (Private) Limited
Haroon House, Dr. Ziauddin Ahmed Road ,
Karachi, Pakistan.

Dear Sir,

Thank you very much for your phone call. I was waiting for any kind of response for the last two months. I’m living in solitary confinement after three attempts on my life. I again request you (Dawn Media Group) to provide me and my family members protection, and help us in registering criminal cases against my tormentors at Dawn Islamabad: Zaffar Abbas, resident editor; Farman Ali, news editor; Adeel Raza, edition in-charge Islamabad; Rehan Yousuf, edition in-charge Peshawar desk; Anwar Mansuri (the father), assistant editor; Yasir Mansuri (the son), sub-editor; Tariq Mehmood Hasaan, sub-editor; Zar Alam Khan, sub-editor; Amir Wasim, staff reporter; Munawar Azeem, crime reporter; Chaudhry Ishaque, photographer and others at the office.

Plus their partners in crimes: officials of the Karakoram International University Gilgit including Dr. Najma Najam, vice-chancellor; Dr. Ahsanullah Mir, registrar; Muhammad Hussain, additional registrar; Manzoor Ali, assistant professor physics department; Prof. Salma Durrani, chairperson environmental sciences; Dr. Muhammad Ramzan, associate professor educational development; Karim Khan, director campus administration; Ms. Tahira, warden girls hostel.

And the office-bearers of NGOs: Gojal Educational and Cultural Association (Dawn’s News Editor Farman Ali is its president); Uks (owned by Resident Editor Zaffar Abbas’s spouse); some journalists in Islamabad and Gilgit, and officials of secret agencies including the ISI (people at office claim that Zaffar Abbas is patronizing its cell and counterfeit website, The dawn dot com dot pk, along with Zaid Hamid and Ahmed Quraishi).

These people are criminal minds who are using their authority against national organizations and innocent people. To keep their jobs and get promotions, they can do anything even against this country and humanity. They’re intellectual terrorists. They must face the law. This is crucial to protect Mr. Jinnah’s Dawn and his Pakistan .

Yours faithfully,

Habib R. Sulemani
(Sub Editor)
Daily Dawn Islamabad,

June 1, 2010

        1- GECA scam, http://groups.google.com.pk/group/theterrorland/browse_thread/thread/e93ada384db6c066
        2- DAWN counterfeit, http://thedawn.com.pk/


  1. haha, this was a fabulously entertaining post! Keep up the good work!

  2. Belated comment and belated thanks, Alpha! :-)

  3. webmaster, u hv proved ur claim true that u'll publish everything without any prejudice even if it is against u. i'm noticing that murtaza jafri (alpha za) is often acting in uncivilized ways but even then he gets published here. i think, in this way u want to accommodate the accused point of view...

  4. Whatever, Agha Jee, thanks for the comment.

  5. dude u wana register cases against all the people who are known to you....seem like u are a true nutcase.

  6. @ Anon, Mr. Sulemani and other family members, as seen in the letter above and from the blogs, have named the accused clearly, who under the officials of the secret agencies (ISI and MI) spent about 18 months to steal his work and then devised a "foolproof strategy" to carry out the planned mass murder of the entire family without taking any blame.

    The Sulemani family seeks registration of criminal cases against the following accused:

    1- Zaffar Abbas
    2- Farman Ali
    3- Adeel Raza
    4- Rehan Yousuf
    5- Anwar Mansuri
    6- Yasir Mansuri
    7- Tariq Mehmood Hasaan
    8- Zar Alam Khan
    9- Amir Wasim
    10- Munawar Azeem
    11- Chaudhry Ishaque
    12- Dr. Najma Najam
    13- Dr. Ahsanullah Mir
    14- Muhammad Hussain
    15- Manzoor Ali
    16 Dr. Salma Durrani
    17- Dr. Muhammad Ramzan
    18- Karim Khan
    19- Ms. Tahira
    20- Col. Amin
    21- Col. Khushamdin

  7. Someone should actually kill you - you fucking son of a bitch

  8. Oye, mind your language...sure this could be somebody from Dawn?? No doubt Mr Sulemani had some problems, this could happen with anybody, this could Mr Zafar Abbas, Mr Farman, Mansoori sb and all the sub-editors. The only thing which is heartwrenching is that nobody came forwrd to help his friend when he was in truble, what a pitty, a friend in need is a friend indeed. If the relatives of Sulaimani are so 'beighairat' at least his friends at Dawn should have come forward to help help him out but they just laugh at him, pls guys think abt it again, this could happen with anybody, do not leave your friend at the mercy of God...

  9. @Anonymous November 18, 2010 8:13 AM
    @Anonymous April 23, 2011 5:57 PM

    You both seem the same guy... may be from Dawn, may be anyone of the accused... or may be their friends in the ISI or MI???

  10. this is pakistan. a tv anchorperson along with a producer killed a poor driver in lahore but not one of the main stream media reported this event because a brother of the culprit is in the army. however, a website has given the news:

    Dunya TV anchor and producers facing murder case over a girl issue

    According to an FIR registered with the Defence Police Lahore, Dunya TV anchor Rehman Azhar, producers – Zeeshan and Zagham Abbas – on their car LEB-5224 and LEC-2808 – chased another car LZU-7241 and intercepted it near the Lahore Grammar School Defence Housing Authority on last Saturday.

    “They got off the cars and started teasing two women – Mariam and her daughter -who were going along with their driver Safdar Ali to their house in U block, DHA. The media persons who were drunk started teasing the women.

    Meanwhile, Mariam had called her husband Ijaz Ahmed Awan who along with his son reached there,” the FIR says.

    Ijaz and his son exchanged harsh words with the drunken guys over the matter which led a scuffle between them. “Azhar took out a baseball bat from his car and tried to hit Awan and his son, however, Azhar ended up hitting the bat in the head of Awan’s family driver Safdar Ali when he tried so save his owner from him,” the FIR says adding the three media persons did not allow Awan and the other family members to shift the injured to hospital and the excessive bleeding caused his death.

    DHA police station invesyigation official Abdur Rehman said the media persons when arrested were misbehaving with police and threatened them of dire consequences. He said had the accused allowed the injured to shift him hospital his life might have been saved.

    He said they were remanded in police custody for the six-day physical remand. He said Safdar had left behind a widow and nine children. Awan is the complainant of the case which is registered against the accused under section 302 of the Pakistan Penal Code. He said it appeared that one of the media persons knew the girl.

    A senior police officer told PoliticizingPakistan that a TV Channel owner was using his influence to bail out the accused. He said the accused were forcing the family to pardon them and in return receive Rs. one million.

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