June 25, 2010

Investigating cruel editor, cronies

Dear Habib,

i went through your letter, which u had written to your management and heads of press bodies. being a journalist, it's really a matter of concern to know that you had been under constant mental agony and your bosses had been tormenting u for what u say raising voice against unscrupulous activities on the part of your bosses... if u permit, i would forward your issue to Mr Ansar Abassi, investigative reporter The News, to look into the matter and bring an investigative story, exposing the cruelty of your editor and his cronies.

i'm working… in The News as well. send me your cell no, if possible, so that we could talk to each other, before taking any decision. Remember one thing that Mr Ansar Abassi may have his own predicaments vis-à-vis filing the story, however, the issue must be brought to his notice. Mr Ansar Abassi claims that he is a fearless and honest.

yours sincerely,


(An email to Habib R. Sulemani)


  1. I would like to know if the News reporter followed up his e-mail with getting in touch with Ansar Abbasi. What was Ansar Abbasi Sahib's reaction? Is he going to accept this 'assignment' and commence his investigations?

  2. Sir, they've not contacted Mr. Sulemani since the email.