June 8, 2010

State of mind allegation!

Dear Mr. Alam,

Thank you very much for the comments. The truth is that I’m a poor working journalist facing tyranny and injustices in my own country. My tormentors had worked on their sinister plan for months—they contacted, directly or indirectly, many people and trapped some of my relatives to use against me—thanks to the cyber age that my cry reached the world—otherwise I would have been killed with my family members so far. I’m still locked inside my home. Unfortunately, there is no response from the government.

As the whole world is monitoring my case, now, the criminal gang has started a new propaganda campaign against me. As the communist regime used to declare their opponents ‘schizophrenic’ in Russia so are the comrades doing here today.

“They’ve declared you ‘mentally retarded’ and a ‘lone wolf’— don’t you see the repeated use of the words in the paper nowadays?” someone said who had an argument with a member of the gang.
“This is not new to me,” I said. “I’m used to their traditional shenanigans. They had used this trick in the past by tampering with my documents—that is why they’re afraid of facing an independent investigation. My allegations are not baseless.”

Habib R. Sulemani

(Published in the comments section of this blog site on May 13, 2010 1:19 PM)

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