July 23, 2010

All in the name of human rights

(Protest letter to the Human Rights Watch on a recent report)

Ali Dayan Hasan is a former employee of the Dawn Media Group in Pakistan, which has published his ambiguous article. He was a colleague of Editor Dawn Zaffar Abbas, who has been accused of working for the ISI and being involved in a plot to kill Habib R. Sulemani for writing a novel, The Terrorland, which discusses the nexus between a group of journalists and secret agencies.

As a researcher of the Human Rights Watch, Mr. Hasan has kept silent over the continuing torture to Mr. Sulemani and his family members for the last four months. However, now he has come out with this controversial article in the controversial newspaper under a controversial editor!!! What Mr. Hasan really wants to say in this ‘crafty’ article?


1) Pakistan's intelligence and law-enforcement agencies are engaged in 'abusive' practices at the behest or pressure from Britain, the US and other players in the fight against the Taliban and Al Qaeda?

2) The Pakistani agencies are puppets in the hands of foreign players?

3) Mr. Hasan, at the behest of the accused editor, wants to justify the criminal acts of our own agencies?

4) Or there is something else…?

The Human Rights Watch should investigate the matter for its global reputation.


Intelligence matters: http://www.hrw.org/en/news/2010/07/16/intelligence-matters

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    1- TAHIR RAHIM: ‫جتنی کوشش آپ نے یہاں کی اتنی اگر دوسری جگہ کرتے تو ضرور یا تو کوی بہت بڑے بیورو کریٹ ہوتے۔سفیر ھوتے یا فوجی افسر ہوتے۔تو پھر آپ نے اتنے کٹھن راستے کا انتخاب کیوں کیا۔‬

    (You would have been a bureaucrat, ambassador or military officer for certain if you had used this talent somewhere else...)

    2- REHMAN PAK: lol! Cause I'm a human rights activist. I stand for Pakistan not for the corrupt establishment... thanks for the comment. By the way, how do you write Urdu in this nice way here?

    3- TAHIR RAHIM: Sir at the website forumpakistan.com/urdueditor.html,one can write in urdu and can copy,paste anywhere.Thanks

    4- REHMAN PAK: O' great. Thank you very much.

    5- TAHIR RAHIM: Not a problem.

    6-PAMIR TIMES: For writing in Urdu:

    a. http://www.google.com/ime/transliteration/

    b. Download the tool

    c. Install it... See More

    d. On successful installation a bar [EN/UR] will show on the lower left portion of your screen. Select UR [Urdu] and start writing anywhere on the Internet or even MS Word. You can later select EU to revert back to English typing
    Hope this is useful

    7- REHMAN PAK: PT! Thanx.

    8- TAHIR RAHIM: Sir u r still awake? its 5am in Pakistan right now.

    9- TAHIR RAHIM: sir aap logon ke parwah nan kerain her banda apni rayay dainain ka haq rakhta hei.agar tariq ali nain koi baat likhy to yeh un ke apni rayay hei.aap aik professional journalist hain aap logon ke perwah nan kerain log comments daitay hain,apni rayay daitay hain laikan professional log apna kaam jaari rakhtay hain.

    10- REHMAN PAK: Sorry! I didn't get you? Say straight plz. regards.