July 31, 2010

A country in floods of tears

By Habib R. Sulemani

Monsoon wreaks havoc in Pakistan. After landslides, waves of terror and aircrash, a vast area of our country has been submerged by floods. Hundreds of people have lost their lives during the last few days while thousands are living in danger. About half a million people have so far been affected in the heaviest flooding in the region since 1929.

It’s time for the government and it’s organs to concentrate on problems of the affected people, but public welfare has never been top priority of any regime. Therefore, the over 160 million people of this unfortunate country are suffering. They're bearing this pain since independence. The widespread apathy of the ruling class is also affecting other countries in some way in the globalizing world.

When I see our media in this time of crises, I’m really shocked! Leaders in the government and military (yes both) are not caring much about the devastating natural calamity but are perturbed by a statement of British Prime Minister David Cameron, who, during a recent visit to India, reportedly said that the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) of Pakistan was involved in the business of exporting terror.

This issue should have been handled by our Foreign Office in a diplomatic way, but the country's powerful spymaster has stepped in. Director-General ISI Lt-Gen. Ahmed Shuja Pasha has cancelled his scheduled visit to the UK but President Asif Ali Zardari is expected to meet Mr. Cameron in London soon.

Why the spymaster has cancelled his foreign visit while the president is going to the UK? The ISI chief himself can answer this question in a better way. However, I think he is seeking some solution to the flood of tears this unfortunate nation is shedding for a long time now!


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  2. Habib,

    David Cameron was probably too eager to confirm the truth underlying George Bernard Shaw's famous remark about the English being a nation of shopkeepers. He was quite simply disgusting - there is no other word. I think your comments are a bit off the mark.

    I think that, in all the circumstances, General Pasha has done the right thing. If only the toady Z had a little bit of self-respect!

    In Pakistan we have an Alice in Wonderland sort of world. The army Chief goes around visiting the flood victims while the President and the Prime Minister can't be bothered to get out of their palaces! To add insult to injury, Z will fly out to Cameron, not to give the naughty boy a good spanking but to stutter some "clarifications" about Pakistanis being good boys and all!!

  3. people can easily get distracted on someone's opinion that may be biased. So distracted that the individual responsibility to carry a nation forward becomes an illusion or mater of talk show.

    I feel really sorry for the victim of flood as I have been through similar situation in my childhood in India. You probably know how people in abroad can contribute or donate in a secure way. Any link to those trusted site will be helpful. If there is none, it would be nice if your group can take initiative to make one. You will be amazed how small world is and how much help you may received to help the need people.