July 21, 2010

Dialog: Pakistan gets blood-bath again & again

REHMAN: Why Pakistan gets blood-bath again and again?

TERRI: A very good question. Violence is pandemic, though in different forms - like a disease, a virus which affects the whole of the human race; it wounds, scars, culls us. Has done since time began, as if it is in our genes, as if we had no choice. Rage certainly eradicates choice: it is the point where anger explodes within us - the explosion... See More demonstrated by the bomb and the bullet. Oh, who armed rage??? If only we valued life more than our judgment, our opinions, our sense of pride, of honour. If only we could love with more energy than we put into our rage.

REHMAN: Terri! Thanks for the comments. In our society, people are being terrorized... they fear to talk about aspects of terrorism freely, and silently become victim! The Terrorland blog is a liberal forum to discuss terrorism especially intellectual terrorism and the mass media, which is a taboo subject in Pakistan. Habib R. Sulemani wants to make our country stronger and a global leader through knowledge and wisdom, not borrowed weapons! But this is not acceptable to the corrupt-to-the-core establishment, because in this way there is no kickback! Thus, Mr. Sulemani along with his family members is in the line of fire!

TERRI: Yes, there are many forms of terrorism, Rehman. That which induces terror: a feeling of extreme fear, a state of mind which pushes all other considerations aside and freezes the natural capacity to live life, to create, build a family, a home, a community, a country. Freezes also the necessary energy to right wrongs, to address injustices, till all ... See More that is left is the minimal survival instinct to live, eat, breathe… So terror freezes potential, arrests development, blinds us to all that could be in our lives, our family, our country.

TERRI: Yes, education - leading to insight and understanding, broadening our capacity to analyse and plan action which is the most effective but the least harmful. Much like the Hippocratic Oath, come to think of it! "To do no harm"... something which is not an easy task in the effort to find healing in our societies. It is very true though that two wrongs don't make a right - but who knows 100% what is right and what is wrong - every person has differing views on the same subject! A philosopher such as Kant I think said something is right only if it is universally applicable - ie what is right for one must be so for all - such as we should not kill. But in anger and desperation people do kill, perhaps thinking there is no other way out of their situation. Martin Luther King said 'a riot is the language of the unheard'. That to me is a lesson that no-one, whether individual or a government, ought to act without consideration and consensus. Yet again - there is a majority rules view - for we would never get anything done if we listened to all. So the minority will become angry and feel disaffected - unless we realise that in each community some decisions need to be made and if the majority agree then the rest of us have to concur.

TERRI: If we feel strongly enough we can campaign for what we feel is fair and just! But comes a time when we come to the end of our capacity to campaign… many of us become tired. But some, still, have the energy and resentment enough for anger and bitterness to become entrenched. We can only plead with them to come to the table to talk, be listened to, respectfully, and for any wrongs to be righted or an attempt, a beginning, be made…

TERRI: Oh, we could all talk forever on this subject. It comes down to one choice - whether we as an individual have the right to terrorise another human being. We have the right to voice our opinion... but even there some don't have that right respected - so it comes down to respect for one another in all circumstances - and sticking to that even when others do not. The alternative is mayhem. We can only campaign for justice. Eventually it will come. Look at Martin Luther King. A giant voice! Mandela. The Suffragettes. Faiz Ahmed Faiz!! All my humble opinion, I should add...

REHMAN: Great! And thank you again for this piece of wisdom... very poetic and philosophical in nature. Blessing be upon you always.

(This dialog between Terri Liddell and Rehman Pak took place on the Facebook the other day. Impression by The Terrorland Team)

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