July 26, 2010

Intellectual terrorism: keeping the record straight

By Ghulam Rehman

Sitting in front of my PC, I’m thinking about those of my friends and relatives who used to meet me on regular basis or kept connected through emails, phone calls and text messages—but soon after the criminal attacks on members of my family, they suddenly disappeared!

“I’m afraid of the secret agencies,” said a friend, who came across accidentally the other day.

He showed sympathy with me and explained how helpless he was to meet me on regular basis like prior to the crisis (Please see archives of The Terrorland blog).

“They (secret agencies) may pick me if I keep meeting you,” he added truthfully.

Most of our relatives and friends have the same fear. It’s not something surprising. I know the reason very well! They’re being terrorized directly or indirectly! They know how powerful the culprits are—this shows that Pakistan belongs to those who can terrorize the common people.

Our people know the reality—but they’re afraid to speak out load! According to a criminal plan, my younger sister, Nasira Parveen, was targeted at the Karakoram International University in Gilgit and later attempts were made to kill my elder brother, Habib R. Sulemani, in Rawalpindi. When they failed to achieve their target in the first place, they started a propaganda campaign against our family and isolated us in the society as ‘traitors’. And when someone in this country is declared ‘infidel’ or ‘traitor’ then social boycott of the accused is a ‘normal’ public reaction!

But thanks to the internet that we’re telling the truth to the world and this has given the group of criminals sleepless nights (sources say). No doubt, the internet has proved lifeline for our family in this period of tyranny and operation in Pakistan. However, now they want to cut this lifeline in some tricky way—insiders say that they’ve already started an “engineered” campaign! Evidences are being collected in this regard. We will never stop writing and keeping the nation and world informed no matter what happens. Thanks God, majority of our family members can read and write!

A few so-called relatives – either they're part of the government machinery or have become their puppet – had been a part of the plot to kill our family members. Even today, they’re trying hard to please their masters in different ways! Currently, in different cunning ways, they’re trying to stop us from writing blogs—but we’ve clearly said: No. They’re in search of a chance to complete their sinister mission incomplete, and please their powerful masters and get benefits—as some of them want to make their jobs going on while others want to get promotions and other benefits in this chaotic country! It’s very shocking but I don’t want to go into details—I'm writing this to set the record straight. However, these relatives, who're playing in the hands of the criminal group, should keep in mind that we believe in forgiveness! 

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