July 28, 2010

Is there a democratic government in Pakistan?

By Hassina Parveen

Today—four months have been completed. My elder brother is living under a sort of house arrest in Rawalpindi. After attempts on his life, our family sought security from Pakistan's federal government, and decided not to let him go outside unless security was provided. But, unfortunately, our government has adopted criminal silence. It speaks volumes about the conspiracy against our family!

Personally, I will never forget the mental torture at the Karakoram International University (Gilgit) in my life. Our lives have changed forever. My younger sister Nasira Parveen (see her blogs below) has been stopped from attending classes at the university since March this year while I’m being tortured indirectly so that I could leave my education incomplete (final semester of MSc economics).

My studies have suffered a lot as I remained sick for a long time after the criminal drama against my sister on campus. My blood pressure had crossed 150/100 but still I appeared in the examination. I never accepted defeat and left for my village to keep myself busy with the herds of sheep!

We’re grateful to all those people who have been supporting us morally in this time of tyranny when we've been isolated in the society, and organs of the state are being used against our family members. But I’m surprised that why some people smile at our suffering. Indeed, these sadists are not aware of their own families' future!

However, we’ll not stop until we get justice through the judicial system of our country. We’ve faith in this country and its constitution. And we'll continue our struggle to hold the criminals accountable. Today, they're powerful and can make fun of us—but we’ve faith in God and our judicial system. With the prayers of my parents, the criminals would be put behind bars soon!

Like other family members, I’m always positive and filled with hope. I along with my parents and siblings think about betterment in the society. That's why in my family education is given priority. We’re armless but fighting with the “powerful evils” in our society. We’ve never kept a gun and are fighting with pens (read keyboards). We still want to prove that pen is mightier than sword.

We’ll continue to tell the nation and world at large how a group has held the entire population hostage in our country! They terrorize common people whenever they seek basic rights or criticize the inhuman behavior of the elite. We’ll tell the world that the majority of Pakistanis wants economic, educational and social development not wars. People are getting our message now. This will bring an end to the tyrant rule of the "godfathers" hopefully! We, the common people, stand for peace but the establishment wants wars—because it makes money out of conflicts!

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