July 22, 2010

Let Pakistan grow intellectually

FREEDOM of thought and expression is what that will make Pakistan stronger in this cyber age. If we can’t speak about the errors in our system then others will do 'damaging' things as there is no more any secret in the cyber age. The news reaches the world in some way no matter how stronger the “news cartel” is in this country!

Let’s be realistic and point out the flaws in every institution including the military, secret agencies and journalism. The traditional tyrant ways should now be history. Do you understand at the helm of affairs?

Look, what the traditional mindset has done to us -- intellectual bankruptcy! A live example is the story of Habib R. Sulemani and his family! After leaking his novel, The Terrorland, to secret agencies, he has reportedly been declared a ‘traitor’ for writing fiction! This is the traditional tyrant mentality of our traditional establishment.

It’s time for the clergymen to stop calling fellow citizens ‘infidels’ and the ‘wise’ establishment should take creative people easy—don’t declare them ‘unpatriotic’. Let Pakistan intellectually grow now! This is the first and foremost defense-line!

Men! Wake up! It is 21st century!

(By Rehman, The Express Tribune: http://blogs.tribune.com.pk/story/606/i-confess-i-am-a-traitor/?sms_ss=facebook)


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    CAROL MASON: LOL, Yasmeen! I had heard some of them before but the last one almost made me choke on my cup of tea!

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