July 6, 2010

Mr. President! I need justice in the Islamic Republic

By Nasira Parveen

I had never thought that a day will come in my life when everyone would turn against me suddenly. But this happened! It was the day when the dishonest administration of the Karakoram International University (KIU), in Gilgit, made a cock and bull story and tried to kill me in the name of honor.

On March 22, 2010, my roommate Safina Bano, who was made part of the well planned drama, took me to the KIU faculty from the hostel. There we came across her fiancĂ© Sheraz Ali Khan (an employee of the Military Accounts in Rawalpindi) with his friend Shah Fahad (working with the military-owned Askary Bank in Gilgit). Then all of a sudden hell broke down. “Two girls raped on KIU campus, see the news in the newspapers tomorrow,” SMSes started circulating with the speed of light. I was shocked but, to my surprise, my roommate was normal! I came to know the reason later only…

Indeed, I was a soft target for those who wanted to punish our entire family for the writings of my elder brother (Habib R. Sulemani). They had selected me as the prime target according to their mass murder plan. I was a woman, a symbol of honor and vulnerable to attacks in our male-dominated society. So, they were very sure of the success of their wicked plan at the first stage. But, it went wrong!

When I stood before the university's monkey administration like a mountain, they were shocked to death! They tried to force me to leave the hostel without any reason or investigation. I argued with the officials that I had not violated any rule of the university in my four-year stay there, and on the basis of their rumors and character assassination campaign, I was not ready to walk out.

“Keep silent," Dr Ahsanullah Mir, the KIU registrar, warned, "otherwise you will be made a colorful story in the media, even in the very newspaper where your brother works.”

Another official said that it was a matter of their jobs so I should leave the campus temporarily.

Vice-Chancellor Dr Najma Najam was shuttling between Islamabad and Gilgit as my elder brother was planning legal action against the culprits.

“My brave sister Nasira. I'm so sorry that you've been targeted by the coward criminals who were attacking me for years in different ways for being an upright journalist. The attempt on you was actually an attack on me, but they've failed again. I salute you for showing courage when the whole world was made against you in this tribal society. Our lives are under threat but we refuse to bow before the racist and sectarian terrorists. Your proud brother Habib,” my brother sent me this SMS on the occasion.

The university administration in frustration called my father at the hostel one day and grilled him brutally inside a closed room to take me along (he is sick since then). But he refused to take me out of the hostel amid the propaganda-triggered looming dangers. Some relatives, people from our area and sect were openly accusing me of 'dishonoring' them by talking to a Pathan (non-local), with whom, after the people of Kashrote, the so-called locals hesitate to interact as a part of social prejudices.

Anyhow, my father demanded an independent investigation into the matter. It was almost a week and I was refusing to go out of the hostel due to the looming dangers. But they didn't allow me to attend classes. I objected on this illegal action again.

In the meanwhile, the university administration tried to kill me. I was also suggested to commit suicide to avoid the 'shameful' situation. When failed, they forcefully took me to the house of my uncle so that any 'honor-conscious' relative kills me so that their crime remains hidden. Fortunately, their criminal plan had been exposed and support of family members saved my life at that point.

One thing bothers me a lot. Being a female vice-chancellor, why Dr Najma Najam with Prof Salma Durrani, her closest friend on campus, put my life in danger? I’m ashamed when I see them in the media advocating for the rights of women. I'm ashamed to call them women! Anybody can hire their services to destroy someone’s life or carrier. They’re evils on campus, and enemies of students and our education system.

I’m out of the university for over three months and have missed one semester. I’m being tortured along with other family members in different ways. They’re powerful and are using state apparatus and social agents against us. Despite appeals from my family members, the federal and provincial governments are silent.

As an innocent citizen and younger sister of a martyr of the Pakistan Army, I appeal to President Asif Ali Zardari, who is also Chancellor of the Karakoram International University Gilgit, to immediately suspend KIU Vice-Chancellor Dr Najma Najam, Registrar Dr Ahsanullah Mir, Additional Registrar Muhammad Hussain, Prof Salma Durrani, Associate Professor Dr Muhammad Ramzan, Assistant Professor Manzoor Ali, Director Campus Administration Karim Khan, hostel warden Ms Tahira and others involved in this heinous crime.

I also appeal an independent investigation into the matter and registration of criminal cases against the criminals so that no one dares to destroy the lives of innocent students, at the newly established university in Gilgit-Baltistan, in the future.

ENEMIES OF EDUCATION: Members of the Karakoram International University's administration (left to right) Dr Najam, Dr Mir, Mr Hussain, Manzoor Ali, Dr Ramzan, Karim Khan, Prof Durrani and Ms Tahira. (Letter to the President of Pakistan)


  1. Nasira

    You can register your complaint against the perpetrators of this heinous crime by contacting organizations working on Human and Women Rights.


    Mobile -: 0333-2006800
    Land line -: 042-35845959


    Plot 11, Street 15, APWA Building, Sector G-7/2, Islamabad 44000,Pakistan

    P.O. Box 2237, Islamabad 44000, Pakistan
    Phone: (+92-51) 2890505-7
    Fax: (+92-51) 2890508

    Aurat Foundation

    Head Office, Islamabad
    House # 28, Street No.39, G-6/2, Islamabad 44000 Pakistan
    Tel: (051) 2277512, 2277547
    Fax: (051) 2822060
    E-mail: headoffice@af.org.pk

    6-B, LDA Garden ViewApts, Lawrence Road Lahore 54000, Pakistan
    Tel: (042) 6306534, 6314382
    Fax: (042) 627 8817

    D-3/1, Block-7KDA Scheme No. 5 Clifton, Karachi 75600 Pakistan
    Tel: (021) 5824694
    Fax: (021) 5830195

    T/229-230 Khyber Colony No. 2 Tehkal Payan, University Road Peshawar 25000, Pakistan
    Tel: (091) 5704582-83
    Fax: (091) 5704576

    House No.46, Barganza Villa, Stewart Road, Quetta, Pakistan
    Tel: (081) 2869043
    Fax: (081) 2869045

    Also email your story to the people listed below. If you are a real victim of violence, these people will help you get justice.

    Aslam Azhar ,
    Wasim Wagha
    , Uzma Tahir ,
    Adeel Pathan Rozan ,
    Anis Haroon ,
    Arshad Rizvi Samar ,
    Asma Ravji ,
    Bilquis Tahira ,
    Farhana Sohail DAMAAN ,
    Fauzia SPO ,
    Ghazala Mihalah ,
    Gulnaz Sheikh Sungi ,
    Kishwar Hawa ,
    Mazhar Arif Samar ,
    Mehboob Sada ,
    Mukhtar Ahmed Cpdi ,
    Nageen Nomadgallery ,
    Noor Sungi ,
    Rashida Dohad ,
    Saghir Bukhari Unifem ,
    Saliha Ramay ,
    Sameena Nazir ,
    Sarwar Bari ,
    Sarwat Wazir ,
    Sumaira Poda ,
    Tasneem Ahmar ,
    William Pervaiz Pattan ,
    Zahid Cpdi ,
    Zubair Malik Poda ,
    ghazala minnaullah ,
    "A. H. Nayyar" ,
    Aabid Suleri ,
    Aimal Khan ,
    Ali Asghar Khan ,
    Arifa Mazhar ,
    Malick Shahbaz Ahmad Tahir ,
    Neer Sheer ,
    Rabeeashah Aurat ,
    Romana Bashir ,
    Romana Bashir ,
    Tahira Abdullah ,
    Younas Khalid ,

    A well wisher

  2. I hope you get Justice. My prayers are with you.

  3. "Anonymous" has given a long list of organizations and persons... but missed the names of those working for the "rights" and have been mentioned in the blogs... “Freemason-like” Uks and Gojal Educational and Cultural Association, “a puppet in the hands of secret agencies”...


    I am driving home the point that we cannot see things in a linear fashion of good and bad straitjackets. And there is a huge machinery to back only certain limited areas of concern. I know my stand is not considered ‘right’, but the greys exist, whether we like to see them or not.

    SM SAYS:

    Nasira, I have seen a lot of girls with tears in their eyes having same stories like you. The only think, to my understanding, whenever and where ever we violate the teachings of the holy Quran and mix boys and girls under the name of liberalism, this will always happen. Your story was repeated twice in my University just in One week last month.

    Remeber, No force can stop this, even it should not be, when ever Boys and girls are interacting unnecessarily and sending messages to one another.


    I read Nasira’s appeal to the President of Pakistan. I also tried to read in between the line in the comments of (Mr or Ms) SM! To me, it really seems a fight between ‘fundamentalism’ and ‘liberalism’ in our society. I really don’t know from where ‘extremism’ and ‘terrorism’ start in this regard! But, it is clear that to be a woman is a very painful job in our society! Although Islam has given woman all human rights but we try to snatch them from her. Being a man, I personally confess the atrocities against woman in our society. It’s time to change our social behavior to make a good reputation of our country in the world.

    Courtesy: The daily Express Tribune

  5. Another story which brings us to tears.

    but I am glad you stood bold and refused to give up. We need people like you, to join this war against the oppression and discrimination women face today in our society.

    your voice is not just a ray of hope for others, but also a testament that the society sooner or later will have to understand, that the culprits of such crimes shall not be granted any mercy at all.

    Our support, in which ever way possible, is with you.

  6. This is horrifying. I'm glad you and your family stood up to all of them, including those who are supposedly enlightened instead do the reverse and perpetuate social vices esp. against women. Stand strong and this story should be highlighted and circulated. There should definitely be an independent investigation in this case and how the this university is being run.

  7. I'm so glad you have a strong family who supported you. Stories such as these are beyond bizarre to so many of us me included, it reminds us to stand strong - you will succeed and lead the way for those behind you.

  8. in kaali sadiyon ke sar se, jab raat kaa aanchal dhalkegaa
    jab dukh kay baadal pighalengay, jab sukh kaa saagar chhalkegaa
    jab ambar jhoom ke naachegaa, jab dharti naghmay gaayegi
    wo subah kabhi to aayegi

    jis subah ki khaatir jug jug say, hum sab mar mar kar jeetay hain
    jis subah ke amrit ki boond mein, hum zehar ke pyaale peetay hain
    in bhookhi pyaasi ruuhon par, ek din toh karam farmaayegi
    wo subah kabhi to aayegi

    maanaa ke abhi teiray meiray aramaanon ki keemat kuchh bhi naheen
    mitti kaa bhi hai kuchh mol magar, insaanon ki keemat kuchh bhi naheen
    insaanon ki izzat jab jhoothhe sikkon mein naa toli jaayegi
    wo subah kabhi to aayegi

    - Saahir Ludhianvi

  9. The first priority is to provide saftey to Nasira,her life seems critically in danger please HRCP,Aurat Foundation,government, take action immediately save her life.

  10. @ Anonymous July 6, 2010 2:16 AM

    You've foolishly named those NGOs who are actually involved in crimes against women, including the HRCP and Aurat Foundation... just see this report from the Press Pakistan Group:

    Dear all,

    Reference to an alleged sexual harassment case within the Aurat Foundation
    premises, please let me convey message of Ms. Raheela Baloch, MNA and member
    Standing Committe on Human Rights, National Assembly. She had raised the
    issue of Aurat Foundation in the meeting of Standing Committee few days ago.

    Today, while talking to me on telephone, Ms. Raheela has requested the
    female employee Ms. (A) of Aurat Foundation to contact her immediately on
    her office phone number *+92-51-9216323.*

    On the other hand, some sources working in Aurat Foundation revealed on the
    condition of anonymity that the alleged case is actually part of internal
    politics to get rid of senior official, Asim Khattak which was not possible
    in the normal circumstances. According to one source, Naeem Mirza, the COO
    has forced Ms. (A) to submit her resignation while another source said she
    is actually an impostor and puppet of the COO, following his instructions to
    damage the repute of his rival in the organization. Whatever the reason, it
    seems that Ms. (A) who is reportedly daughter of a top UN official, is no
    more part of Aurat Foundation. So far, neither Aurat Foundation nor Insani
    Haqooq Itehad are confirming or denying such reports.

    Anyhow, to bring the truth about Aurat Foundation in front of everyone, Ms.
    (A) should contact MNA Raheela Baloch on urgent bases.

    Many thanks,

    Nadeem Ch.


  11. Sharam kro tmhe to katal krna chaye tha tm jasom ki waja se hr trf bdnami hoti ha.....bde nikle insaf mangne...awrat k nam pa dag..

  12. Shame on those who drew this heinous story- Our Mothers and Daughters are Worth respect-

  13. An unfortunate incident by criminal minds....the inhuman act...