July 29, 2010

Pakistan aircrash: an act of terror or accident?

By Habib R. Sulemani

Yesterday was a sad day of my life although it started with a pleasant rainy morning. Yes! July and the monsoon together!!

I was surfing the news when an aircraft crossed above my home—it was flying low and due to the noise, I almost lost my hearing power for a while. Later on came the breaking news.

The Airbus A321 of a private airline had tried to land at the Islamabad airport, near my home, but due to “cloudy weather crashed” into the nearby Margalla Hills. Officials have declared 152 people, including two Americans, dead in the “biggest air tragedy” in the 62-year history of Pakistan.

Terror and tragedies have struck our unfortunate country for the last many years. But our ruling class is busy in the bloody game of power-struggle. The corrupt politicians and cunning establishment are playing politics-politics while the common people are dying in terror attacks, careless accidents and incidents of suicide due to the apathy of our governments.

No-one is sincere to remove the life-threatening ignorance and poverty from this nation state’s body—even in the second decade of the 21st century. Yesterday, after the plan crash, besides the volunteers, some people went to the hills not to help the victims but to loot valuables! Some adventurous guys went there out of curiosity while others to see and tell our news-starving media the horrific story in an exaggerated way!

The competency of government officials, rescuers and media persons equally proved nuts!!! But, yes this is Pakistan—as they say: Yahan aisa he hota hay (it’s not something new to bother us). Classical carelessness! I wonder: when things will change for better and our people will get some hope and respect in the comity of nations?

Anyhow, after the 9/11 tragedy, the business of airlines went down all over the world. The situation of our national flag-carrier, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), has gone worse since then—corruption and nepotism have brought the corporation near to bankruptcy!

Western countries are not only suspicious of us but also our national airline today! In such a situation, the latest airline tragedy has added to the fear of the people about our air safety system. It’s time for the officers with intoxicating salary packages to come to their senses!

You may know that the Margalla Hills is not only a famous picnic spot in the twin cities of Rawalpindi-Islamabad but also an area from where attack of the Taliban on the capital was feared last year! Inhabitants of the skyscrapers, situated near the hills, had left for safer places in that time. However, after the military operation in Swat, this fear got diluted.

According to officials, a body has been set up to carry out investigation into the airline disaster. However, I want to draw attention of the government to a point, which the investigators must consider carefully: the aircrash was an act of terrorism or just an accident? Where is the black-box?

(Photos of the cloudy city, taken by the blogger from his rooftop, after the tragedy)


  1. We as from outsider world support your reaction. This dirty politics is the common man at the end. Few politicians play like snake charmers with the minds of poor people with paying a little amount of money. This is the only reason for all terrorist attacks, all coruptions and road blockers with respect to growth of contry and its fellow country people.

  2. The islamabad crash is really heart breaking one. Recently another crash was happened in Mangalore killing about 160 people on board. These has been classified as top 10 deadliest crash by the blog TechnologyEdition.blogspot.com Hope these will not happen again