July 14, 2010

The voice can't be suppressed

By Beth White

I read some of the blogs today for the first time. My heart goes out to you, your family and associates.

As an American, I hold the beliefs of freedom from oppression and freedom of speech close to my heart. How can I help you?

You must know that Americans - for the most part - are good people seeking the same things other people around the world seek - opportunities to care for our families and live a peaceful coexistent life. I feel shame for mankind that we have not achieved peace and equality in our shared world.

You must keep up your blog and keep in your mind and heart that people are reading it and are angry about how you must live your lives. It is only through knowledge and exposure of the wrongdoing that the greater good for all can be reached.

You have touched me so much that I again ask - what can I do to help you??? I wish you all the best and will remain a reader of the blogs.

(Photo by The Terrorland Team)

1 comment:

  1. Dear Ms. White,

    It has been a childhood dream of Habib R. Sulemani to see the entire world happy and prosperous, and we all share this dream at The Terrorland Group. However, we know, this dream can’t be a reality until terrorism ends in the world. We, the peaceful citizens of the world, in this regard, should try to bridge gaps among different faiths and nations. In this way peace could be given a way.

    Pakistanis, the majority, are poor, who lack education and other basic facilities. They're denied basic human rights in this terrorized country. But, the majority is peace-loving. Yes, our notorious establishment, a legacy of military dictators, is the bone of contention!

    You’ve really encouraged members of the traumatized family. With words of thanks they’ve said that they need nothing but your moral support to fight tyranny and Talibanization in our country.

    Be blessed always,