July 24, 2010

Whether women’s rights?

By Nasira Parveen

First of all, let me say a few words of thanks. I’m gratified to all those who are encouraging me by their comments. I’m really thankful to Nicole MacDonald, Jmal Ashiqain, Rajab Ali, Alpha Za, Deneb Sumbul, Sidhusaaheb and all others. This is a healthy sign of humanity.

In Pakistan, dozens of government and non-governmental organizations are claiming that they’re working for the rights of women in our male-dominated society. But experience has proved that they're, mostly, involved in a PR-affair through their friends in the media. And in this way they do more paper-work while sitting in air-conditioned rooms. Thus they succeed to trap ‘naïve’ donors from abroad.

So far, these human and women rights bodies have failed to provide even the basic rights to the fair sex especially in rural areas of our country. Women are being treated worse than animals even by the so-called educated people. This is a tragedy of our education system.

Although there is now a law but even then women are being harassed at workplaces and educational institutions. In such a situation, most of the women remain silent or commit suicide. They’re unable to look straight in the eyes of the criminals. A woman in such a situation thinks that if she raised her vice against the culprit/s or tried to fight back, she would fail and face the worse! So her family and friends also compel her to keep silent as it has been the tradition in our 'veiled' society.

Men often attack their opponents’ womenfolk to take revenge in the “honor-conscious” society. In this evil practice, not only the uneducated and rural people are involved, but very educated and urban people are also using this tactic in ‘tactful’ ways! I’m a living example of this social behavior--to punish my brother for writing against the establishment, they targeted me in a planned way. Destroying a woman's career is very common nowadays, and men often pride themselves for such a shameless ‘bravery’ in our Islamic republic.

The sickly sadistic ways of many men in our 'democratic' country are strange. It's a shock for those who read religious literature which favors women’s rights. The rights of women are guaranteed by Islam but in our society it is being violated, which is a matter of shame for our political and religious leaders. Why are women being disgraced in this Islamic society, especially those women who use their brain? Are we going back to the Middle Ages?!

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