August 8, 2010

A catalyst for intellectuals of the world

By British Philosopher

I've taken a brief few moments to read The Terrorland blog (I will read more closely later). I have to admit to being fairly ignorant of the factions, ruling bodies, etc, not just in Pakistan but worldwide. Very often what I say is based on general knowledge and on my personal beliefs and feelings. So here is my initial reaction:

I think the war on "terror" is fake. And worse than being fake. I think it has been created and that where small problems were, they have done their best to make them worse and then use them to control all of us through fear and war. I think that those in power, both in the west and the east, have no genuine morals or ideology or concern for what happens to their people except for where it may effect their grip on power.

I believe, be they the Pakistan prime minister, the American president, the British PM, the Saudi royal family - or the super rich like the Rothschilds, Gettys, Rockefellers, and even Bill Gates who give orders to our politicians to be carried out - that none of them care about truth or peace or freedom or justice, that they would be just as happy to see the Taliban rule the people as anyone else just as long as they remain in control at the top.

Nothing affects them. They have the power, the limos, the money, the prestige, and it is never them or their children being blown to bits or tortured or starving. They don't support genuine people who fight or write against these terrorists because they do not care. It is all one huge game of chess to them and only they will be the winners.

In Britain we have our troops fighting and dying to combat terrorism and radical Islam, yet at home they are protecting terrorists, funding them and resisting any attempt to remove them. The truth is, be it the current floods in Pakistan, the starvation in Africa, or any of the major problems, the super rich elites have the power to sort it out over night but they don't because they don't care - and worse than don't care, they use these things to further their own evil plans.

In Britain we are a very charitable people and we have a telethon to help starving people and we raise £60 million from children and pensioners who give a few pounds that even they can't really afford, and yet Tony Blair has made 20 million for himself since he took us into war in Iraq and does he give a penny, no, because he is evil.

Bill Gates recently put 35 billion dollars into research for population control and he has more money than most countries in the world and yet still children are starving and still people die after floods and earthquakes because he does little or nothing and whatever he or the western governments do is only to make themselves look good anyway and not because they give a crap about saving or helping anyone. If only the people of the world would wake up and realise that their enemy isn't their neighbor or the foreigner, but the people at the top who run everything - and it doesn't matter if they are Saudi and Muslim, or British and Christian, or black white or yellow.

There are those playing their game at the top and the rest of us being controlled and manipulated. Going off the point now, I guess, so let me say, peace to all, to the journalist under threat with no support, to the dead soldiers and civilians on all sides. I would ask though that dead men stop being called martyrs and were called instead what they really are, a waste of life and a tragedy. Peace.


By Western Professor

Could I ask you what you think about Islam today. Is it male dominated religion or culture where women are expected to be subservient?

An Indian-American professor, Susmit Kumar, has written a book called "The Modernisation of Islam" Not sure you have heard of it. It did upset a Saudi friend I have, but he agreed on some points.

I am enthralled by the Sufis and the likes of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan... the esoteric side of religion.

Well, I just looked the log briefly. It is interesting and on the same wavelength as the book. I think that the Islamic religion is in a revolution between archaic fundamentalism and Modern Liberalism

It is difficult for Democracy to take place in Islam with the Sha'ria laws that are unjust to women and minorities, and prevents separation of religion and state, where a Theocracy is the style of government wanted by Fundamentalists. This is the case in Iran too and the country is ripe for revolution as in Pakistan and other Muslim countries.

But such is revolution brewing everywhere in the world. Economic collapse in the U.S and Western World is pushing people into a revolutionary mode. All things in the Universe and Our Earth work on cycles.


By American Intellectual

Mr. Sulemani, the Pakistani journalist who is the author of the book “The Terroland", the government is not allowing him to publish. These are one of the privileges enjoyed by people from these parts of the world when they are in western countries as no government will stop an author from publishing his/her books.


By Pakistani Author

I did read Shila's heart-wrenching story a couple of days ago. And yes, I am wary of the name "The Terrorland". It's like this, when you start telling everyone around a child that he is very naughty or irresponsible or whatever the issue may be, s(he) starts behaving exactly like that to live up to the reputation.

By this example, I am not implying at all that you start calling it "Pakland" but "Terrorland" does perpetuate the terror further...just a personal opinion.

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  1. Thanks for this insightful article. I believe we are making assumption when it comes to social issue and problem without relating to ground reality. Power could be possible explanation for many problems. Else, why a friend becomes enemy when they are not serving the purpose (they created for in 80s)

    Keep writing please.

  2. I want to make it clear that Islam gives full protection to women and minorities in the society. However, many Muslims don’t care about it. It’s the fault of those Muslims not Islam. Democracy is not new to Muslims. According to Dr. Khalifa Abdul Hakim ( “An Islamic State is not theocratic but ideological. The rights and duties of its citizens shall be determined by the extent to which they identify themselves with this ideology.

    “Islam, as taught in the Qur'an, and preached and practised by the Prophet; and a short time afterwards by those on whom his mantel [shadow?] fell, very soon lost its idealism by what may be called a counterrevolution. It became diluted with Arab imperialism which spoilt a good deal of its original egalitarian ideology. When wealth undreamt of by the dwellers of the desert poured in, it accumulated in the hands of a minority [and] all the economic ills and moral weaknesses followed in its wake. From Mu'awiyah onwards, who converted the democratic republic of Islam into a hereditary monarchy, the self-styled successors of the Prophet, assuming the dignified title of Khalifahs, combined in themselves the powers a Caesar and a Pope. The whole wealth of an extensive realm became their private purse.”