August 24, 2010

Extremism spreading in U.S. & Pakistan

(Here is a cyberspace dialog between an American and a Pakistani on the rights and wrongs as extremism is increasing in both countries. In Pakistan, two young brothers were brutally killed in an incident of lynching under the supervision of the police. This Taliban-style "justice system" is being promoted in our society, which has put the country's existence in danger. But where is the United States destined to? Racial and religious hatred is clearly visible at least on the internet. –The Terrorland Team)

PAKISTANI: Are we human beings? Do we've some rights in Pakistan?  

AMERICAN: I am ashamed to live in a country where so many want to go back decades in Civil Rights and Human Rights advances. We actually have a guy in Arkansas that is running on a platform to expel all non-white people. The Tea Party is just going nuts with all its racial crap and to top it all off there is discussion about repealing some areas of the Civil Rights Act. I worry that if the conservatives regain control of Congress, the United States will be doomed.  

PAKISTANI: Did you read the woman's story killed for honor (in The Terrorland blog)?

AMERICAN: There have been honor killings like Shila's (read this shocking blog here) even here in the US. Maybe there will come a day when women are truly looked upon as being human beings. We have our own problems with the way we treat women in our society. There are religious cults (Mormons) that force teenage girls to marry older men. While this is illegal the simple truth is that it was condoned and ignored for decades in this country by the politicians and law enforcement. This Mormon sect considered marriage between young teenage girls and older men a part of their religious beliefs. Something else that is little known is that this same religious sect would expel the young boys from their homes because they were considered competition for the girls. Look up the ''Lost Boys of Utah.'' 

Oh! Anyway, thank you very much for this dialog. Be blessed.

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