August 29, 2010

Five months of solitary confinement

By Ghulam Rehman

The fifth month of the solitary confinement of my elder brother Habib R. Sulemani has been completed. Since the first attempt on his life, he is confined to our small house in Rawalpindi. He was coming home from office (Daily Dawn) at night on March 28, 2010 when he came under attack. It was a hit-and-run incident, but fortunately he escaped the criminal attack.

Then on April 1, 2010 my brother was targeted for the second time. He was standing on the terrace of our house when a target killer (two of them on a bike) tried to hit him.

The third desperate attempt was made on April 8, 2010 when some unknown persons tried to force their entry into our house at night. Fortunately, they could not break the inside bolt although they had opened the outer lock of the gate.

In this turbulent time, I along with other family members was hundreds of kilometers away in Gilgit trying to protect my sister Nasira Parveen who had survived attempts on her life at the Karakoram International University.

When my brother called the police station, they expressed their helplessness in registering case against the powerful accused. Anyhow, since March 29, 2010 he has never stepped out of our house due to the looming dangers to his life. This was a mutual decision of our family as the government of Pakistan has so far failed to provide security and bring the culprits to justice despite our repeated appeals. After the recent bizarre incident, I personally went to our area police station with an application:

The Station House Officer (SHO),
New Town Police Station,
Satellite Town, Rawalpindi,
Punjab, Pakistan.


I am a university student and resident of NW-318/B, D-Block, Satellite Town, Rawalpindi. Some unknown intruders had entered the premises of our house at sometime at night. Evidences show that they remained on the upper terrace for some time and then left without hurting any family member in sleep. We have found pieces of cigarettes, breads, newspapers and human dirt on the terrace.

Our house is situated in a congested and unsafe neighborhood where the roofs and walls of many houses are interconnected, making it possible for anyone to jump from one house to the other. However, we are unable to know the direction from where the intruders came on the terrace of our house.

It appears that some people came on the terrace by jumping the walls, ate their possibly packed food, smoked and after relieving themselves left the premises.

Although we have received many threats during the last five months but this latest bizarre incident could be a message to my journalist brother Habib R. Sulemani that they could have broken the window or door and had entered the nearby room. This is the latest incident after three attempts on his life. He is confined to our house for the last five months.

Therefore, I request you to provide our family security, which is under threat from an influential group of journalists, government officials and spymasters.

Yours truly,

Ghulam Rehman

August 27, 2010

To register a First Information Report (FIR) at a police station is the most difficult job in our country where the police is accused of being involved in heinous crimes (lynching of two young brothers in Sialkot city is the latest brutal incident). Anyhow, I was expecting that some police personnel would go along with me to our house to see the situation. But nothing like that happened.

The officer on duty, Sub-Inspector Chaudhry Shafqat Ali Khan, read my application and listened to me attentively. Then he said that they could only increase their patrolling in the area. “Keep an eye on suspicious people and inform me whenever you see someone,” the police officer said while giving me his business card.


  1. Dear Ghulam Rehman,
    I belong to rawalpindi and live near your area. If you think that i can help you in any manner then email me at

  2. Your family is quite excellent at writing letters.

  3. Dear,

    Thank you so much for offering your support regarding the crisis we are facing. We just need your moral support to cope with this turbulent time. We believe in the justice system of our country and hope the Supreme Court of Pakistan will take notice of our helplessness. Once again thanks for writing us. May God bless you.



    Dear Alfa Za!

    True. We’ve pen not guns. Thank you very much for your regular support in the form of comments on the blogs. May God bless you and protect your family from any kind of attacks. Ameen.


  4. Dear Ghulam,
    It is really shocking to know that your family is under threat and specially Habib Urehman who has been attacked. He is a brilliant writer. God Keep You safe

  5. May God keep you and your family safe too, RZ. Thank you very much for the comment about my elder brother Habib R. Sulemani.

  6. i think what you are doing is phenomena n brave..wish all of ur family safety.

  7. Shame on you Habib. You dont have the guts to write about the terror happening against the Muslims. For making some extra money due to bad media publicity, you want to put more dirt on muslims. You are a traitor who will be hated by both Muslims and Non-Muslims