August 27, 2010

Intruders warn journalist in a bizarre way this time

By Ghulam Rehman

Terrace of our house with evidences of intrusion (inset)
The threats to our family have been increased. However, despite repeated appeals for provision of security, the government of Pakistan is still silent.

Some intruders have given fresh threats in a bizarre way. At some point in the night, they entered the premises of our house in Rawalpindi, the garrison city where the Pakistan Army has its headquarters.

Evidences show that they remained on the upper terrace for some time and then left without hurting any family member in sleep. We found pieces of cigarettes, breads, newspapers (probably used to wrap some oily food) and human dirt. The evidences are there for possible tests: DNA and fingerprints.

Our house is situated in a congested and unsafe neighborhood where the roofs and walls of many houses are interconnected, making it possible for anyone to jump from one house to the other. We’re unable to know the direction from where the intruders came on the terrace of our house.

It appears that some people came on the terrace by jumping the walls, ate their possibly packed food, smoked and after relieving himself/themselves and then left the premises.

It could be a message to my elder brother, Habib R. Sulemani, that they could have broken the window or door and had entered the nearby room. This is the latest incident after three attempts on his life. He is confined to our house for the last five months. 

Earlier, the accused (a group of influential journalists, powerful government officials and spymasters, please, see their names and details in previous blogs) had sent message to my brother to stop blogging and go to our native mountainous area (Gulmit, Gojal, which has been cut off from rest of the country after a devastating landslide that blocked the Hunza River and Karakoram Highway on January 4, 2010). But he had rejected it.

"You're not safe here in Rawalpindi," a representative of the accused had said in his typical soft style of hurling a threat.

It shows that the powerful accused wanted to convey their terrorizing message: "keep silent otherwise we can enter your house anytime!"

Two days earlier, a group of suspicious persons on bikes had been seen in the neighborhood behaving strangely. Let’s see what the "helpless" local police do this time. However, it's sure they would not register any case against the powerful accused. Might is right in Pakistan!

(Photo by the blogger)


  1. I think that you have some two-sided people in high places in your homelands government. Who for the sake of profit are keeping the US and Taliban both on a string. As the native Americans said man speak with forked tongue(only in the movies) but it expresses the same problem there. Afraid that the only way to resolve this is by removing those people in election or physically.Best regards to you my friend and that your day goes much better.

  2. From our Facebook page:

    ISI has got task to kidnap Habib Sulemani after The Terrorland posts' exposure of #ISI-#MQM #nexus in #Election2013. According to sources, Pakistan Army Chief Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani has assigned the criminal task to Major Asad of the ISI death-squad. "Major Asad has spread his network around Sulemani's home in Rawalpindi, and anytime there can be the final raid."

    Habib Sulemani is a journalist who also writes poetry and fiction. His novel, The Terrorland, on which he had been working for years, has enraged the powerful military establishment, which is trying to stop its publication in Pakistan which was his dream to start a new era of freedom of speech and expression in the militarized country.

    After bids on his life, Mr Sulemani is living an incarcerated life for over 37 months. He had sought security from the local police and Pakistani government, but they're helpless as it's a matter of the powerful spy agency, ISI, and it's patron Gen Kayani.

    For details of the case, please, visit:

    The Terrorland

  3. From our Facebook page:

    ISI breaks the protective wall of Habib Sulemani's house in Rawalpindi where he has been incarcerated for 38 months after bids on his life by the top spy agency of Pakistan. According to sources, after the rigged general elections, held this month, Army Chief Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani wants to silence the voice of his only bitter critic before the new puppet government takes over.

    ISI, MI and MQM used different methods to control Mr Sulemani but when failed, they've started their typical method. "ISI is harassing some neighbors to use them against Habib Sulemani. They go to the houses of the terrorized neighbors and give them certain tasks... when they refuse, they're punished in their typical way...," a person from the neighborhood disclosed to The Terrorland on condition of anonymity.

    The ISI has broken the protection wall of Mr Sulemani and then forced a widow to claim that she had broken it accidentally.... A son of the lady was in the police who has been sacked on refusal to follow the criminal instruction of the ISI," the source revealed.