August 25, 2010

Pakistan taken hostage by a tiny violent group

By Aizad Sayid

As much as I'm appalled at the barbaric murders in Ahmadi mosques and Sialkot, I can’t but express my disagreement at some articles that have appeared in our newspapers lately. A couple of them in Pakistan Tribune, written by George Fulton (Don’t act surprised) and Fasi Zaka’s article in the same paper (Pakistan’s human cockroaches) cast aspirations on our being human.

I suppose that these columnists intend to make us all seem like lunatics, or want us to feel that we must drown ourselves in some sort of collective guilt. Yes, the Ahmadi mosque shooting (nearly 100 people died in the incident) and the Sialkot murders (of two young brothers in an incident of lynching) are both horrible events and only deranged persons could carry out such cold blooded murders, but, why should a whole nation of 180 million all feel like murderers?

After all, Sunni and Shia mosques have been bombed and armed security guards stand over worshippers in main mosques during prayers and cast nervous gazes at any entrant whose beard looks unkempt. That is where we’re at. No-one is safe anymore.

A small section of our society that was intolerant before has become more and more intolerant. For them, just voicing their discontent is not enough anymore. They prefer to spill blood of their own on the streets. They wish to horrify us and make us run into our homes.

Unfortunately, we’re all being held hostage by a very minute but violent section of our society. There have been so many terrorist attacks that the words “terrorist” and “suicide bomber” have entered the pure domain of Kindergarten children’s lexicon.

No-one, I know, supported the Sialkot murderers. Most of us are reasonable, moderate people, and feel scared at the turn our country is taking socially and economically, and the virtual hijacking of our minds by a small group of frustrated sociopaths and terrorists who run around, causing havoc all over our country.

I also know that, as a nation, we’ve never elected mullahs (clergymen). That is because we know the direction they might take. I can even surmise that mullahs are not “people’s choice” in Pakistan. The facts speak for themselves.

Whenever we’ve been given a chance, we’ve always voted for democracy, and somehow, have always been humiliated by our elected leaders. So, where does the mistake lie? Whose mistakes are these? I don’t have the answers, but I know that no one reserves a right to humiliate me for someone else's sins!


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  1. There is question. Who is patronizing this tiny violent group that has hijacked Pakistan? Who is using them as "strategic assets"?

  2. I think that is exactly what fasi was trying to pin point that by thinking we are moderate, reasonable people and feeling us above what is happening in our country is the kind of attitude that needs changing. We take offence being pointed out as a third world country but isn't that the fact? Such articles are aiming to stir in you the need to get up and prove that we are not the cockroaches and rather than sitting home in our cosy sofas being scared, head out, face the problem, educate people. knock sense into them.