August 16, 2010

A plot of land & the mass murder plot

By Habib R. Sulemani

It’s the third month since the administration of the Dawn Media Group, instead of providing me security and help, has illegally stopped my salary. Being the sole breadwinner of a family of nine members, it’s really a hard time for me and my family. But my parents and siblings all are determined to continue our legal struggle against the terrorists under the guise of journalists, government officers and spymasters.

As the summer vacation is going to end, my youngest sibling, Karim Rehman, 15, seems ready as if this time he could also be out of school due to non-payment of fees. Someone asked me why I was not selling the residential plot, which the government of Punjab had allotted me along with about 1,400 other journalists living in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. I smiled and showed him my letter to the provincial government.
Mr. Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif
Chief Minister Punjab
The Chief Minister Secretariat
Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

Subject: Media Town Rawalpindi plot possession

Dear Sir,

In your capacity as Chairman Board of Directors of the Punjab Journalists Housing Foundation (PJHF) – under the Punjab Journalists Housing Foundation Act 2004, Section 4 – I want to inform you that as a member of the Rawalpindi Press Club, the PJHF had allotted me Plot-1 in Block-B of the Rawalpindi Press Club Housing Scheme (RPCHS) also known as Media Town Rawalpindi.

After getting the Allotment Letter and NOC for construction of house, I was called by the RPCHS Management Committee recently to get possession of my plot formally. There, under inexplicable conditions — the officials first took my signature and finger impressions on two unfilled Possession Slips and after sometime, they returned one to me with an incorrect dimension of the corner plot, reducing the original size in violation of the Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agency’s site plan. Despite verbal and written requests to the RPCHS Management Committee and Managing Director PJHF, so far, I’ve not been given the correct Possession Slip.

I’m among those working journalists who never had received any plot from any government, and accepted the RPCHS plot only because the Punjab Assembly – on February 23, 2004 – had legalized it through the PJHF Act.

I, therefore, request you to kindly grant me the correct Possession Slip according to the original official site plan immediately so that I could start construction of my proposed house.

Yours sincerely,

Habib-ur-Rehman Sulemani

February 26, 2010

1- Governor Punjab.
2- Chief Secretary Punjab Government.
3- Secretary Information, Culture & Youth Affairs Punjab Government.
4- Managing Director PJHF.
5- Management Committee RPCHS.
6- President Rawalpindi Press Club/ National Press Club Islamabad.
7- President Rawalpindi-Islamabad Union of Journalists (RIUJ).
8- President Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ).

He was looking at the letter and then at me. "Who were present on the occasion?" he asked.

"Umm, the officials of the Press Club (Afzal Butt, Asim Qadeer Rana, Mushtaq Minhas etc) along with some unknown guys dressed in white shalwar qameez."

He nodded. Then I showed him another letter which I had written earlier to the office-bearers of the Press Club but couldn’t get answer for some unknown reason!

Mr. Mushtaq Minhas
Chairman Management Committee
Rawalpindi Press Club Housing Scheme
Media Town, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Dear Sir,

With reference to my conversations with you, I'm formally requesting you, to kindly grant me correct Possession Slip of Plot-1, allotted to me in Block-B of the Media Town in Rawalpindi, according to the Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agency-made site-plan. I'll be very thankful to you for this act of kindness.

Yours sincerely,

Habib-ur-Rehman Sulemani
Allottee of Plot-1, Block-B,
Media Town, Rawalpindi,
Punjab, Pakistan.

February 19, 2010

1) Mr. Shoaib Bin Aziz
Managing Director PJHF/
Secretary Information, Culture & Youth Affairs (IC&YA)
Government of the Punjab.

2) Mr. Afzal Butt
President Rawalpindi Press Club/
National Press Club Islamabad

Then I showed him the third letter from the provincial government. He was puzzled. "So this 'plot' was also a part of the mass murder plot of your family," he said.


"I mean," he tried to explain, "they didn't invite you to the Prime Minister House (on March 23, 2010) during the oath-taking ceremony (of the new cabinet of the National Press Club Islamabad), a conspiracy to isolate you in the (journalist) community!"

I shrugged but said nothing although I wanted to tell him all about the mysterious situation at office in those days.

"You will not get justice, Mr. Sulemani," he announced.

"Why?" I asked in surprise. "But I firmly believe in our judicial system."

"I know that," he said, "but to get justice is not easy for the 70 percent poor citizens in Pakistan. They can't afford to hire even a lawyer."

I was confused.

"But," he continued, "the actual problem now is how would you keep both ends meet?"

"I don’t know," I said. "But I've not lost faith as usual; miracles can happen even in the 21st century Islamic Republic!"

"Be a realist!" the grim faced man advised. "What will you do really? You're under house arrest for over four months now."

"Umm, I really don’t know! May be, my father will sell a piece of land to meet our needs if the secret agencies didn't interfere directly or indirectly! But one thing is certain: as our tormentors are determined to punish us till the end—so are we to fight back and bring the terror to an end!"


1- The official site plan of the Rawalpindi Press Club Housing Scheme as my D-shaped residential plot – 1/B, almost double in size – has been highlighted.
2- The misleading possession slip of the residential plot.
3- After a long silence I got the first letter from the Punjab government which shows the lukewarm official  action.

(Images by The Terrorland Team)


  1. According to Rule 5 of PFUJ Constitution, Working journalists will mean members of journalistic staffs and freelance journalists who depend on journalism as their only professional means of living.

    Are current President and Secretary Gen, NPC above rules as they are serving as Public Relation Officers (PRO) for Muslim Hands and Humdard University, respectively?

    1- There are more than 1600 plots in Media Town for which the existing body of National Press Club asks for the 40,000 rupees and 8,300 rupees on account of structure design and possession respectively. This amounts to Rs 7,72,80000.what does the existing body of the national press club intends to do with this amount?

    2- Why a transparent and fair third party audit never conducted for financial affairs of national press club and media town?

    3- Why the journalistic community kept in dark and not taken into confidence?

    4- Why the existing body did not inform the journalistic community about the amount they have collected so far?

    5- When and how the status of the media town management was changed from a society to a cooperative?

    6- Why Afzal Butt and company denied in the civil court of Islamabad about formation of a cooperative society for the management of media town and later confessed in the High Court that they had formed the cooperative society?why this ambiguity?

    7- How and when were the office bearers elected and why the whole process was kept so secret from the journalistic community?

    8- What was the financial health of the present office bearers of the national press club two years ago and what is now?

    9- How and from where the office bearers, candidates and “GROUP MANAGERS”
    minted so much wealth and what is the secret of their financial health in an environment where the genuine journalists are losing their jobs or have to wait for months for their hard earned salary?

    10- Why the current ruling group of national press club never did anything for the journalists who were deprived of their jobs from different tv channels and newspapers?

    11- Under what dubious intention membership of press club of genuine journalists was cancelled and non journalists were made members of the National Press club?

    12- Why the present ruling group of national press club preferred lucrative foreign visits when their fellow journalists were going through the worst financial crises of their lives?

    13- How the contract of canteen allotted and what was the criterion?

    14- Where and how the grants given by the government spent?

    15- Why non journalist people allowed to use the canteen at the cost of genuine journalists?

    16- What right President Press club had to misuse the resources of press club and canteen for personal gains?

    17- What is professional standing of the candidates for the forth coming elections? why general understanding of the journalist community is that the profession candidates in the forth coming elections is ‘national press club” and not any journalistic job?

    18- Who paid for the foreign visits of the candidate for the President Press Club especially to USA??

    19- Why the current managers of the national press club embarrassed the whole journalist community by avoiding the foreign delegates’ visit to press club just because they could not communicate in English due to lack of education?

    20- Why Afzal Butt and company took Rs 1300 each from new journalists to make them associate members of the press club?

  2. 21- Why National Press Club was made center of non journalist activities instead of hub of professional excellence?

    22. We all know that journalists are being provided food at Press Club but at the same place the President of National Press Club used to eat 9 KGs prawns. Who pays for it? Why for the last one year food for 10 persons is being sent from Press Club Kitchen to Afzal Butt’s home?

    23. Under which privilege Mr. President is taking Russian Salad in lunch, Pomegranate Juice at evening and Fish Soup in dinner from the Press Club funds?

    24. Mr. President bought Pizza Making Machine costing Rs.100,000 from the press club funds for personal use which is now rusting and out of order. Did the purchase was approved from Governing Body of the press club while the market price is Rs. 70,000?

    25. Mr. Afzal Butt should answer why he provided free Haj facility to Zahid Farooq Malik and his family by showing him as chairman of Media Committee on official letter of National Press Club? It is be mentioned that Zahid Farooq Malik was also provided 100 Saudi Riyal daily.

    26. Can Afzal Butt answer how his children are enjoying free educational facilities at Grammar School in Bahria Town? Isn\\\'t it in exchange for selling interests of helpless poor journalists of Daily Jinnah?

    27. Under which deal the owners of Royal TV provided free air ticket for US tour to Afzal Butt specially when Royal TV has not paid its employees salaries for the last 7 months?

    28. Relief item worth lakhs of rupees for flood-affected journalists were dumped at national press club which rusted there and nothing was given to deserving journalists. Why?

    29. Why all items for decoration of the press club and gifts for foreign media delegations are bought by him at high prices from a certain owner of a certain hotel?

    30. Mushtaq Minhas, so-called leader of Journalist Panel has claimed in his email to Press Pakistan that Media community of Islamabad including Syed Talat hussain, Hamid Mir, Nusrat Javaid, Asma ch, Asma sherazi, Sabir shakir, Ejaz malik and hundreds are supporting Journalist panel led by Afzal Butt in the upcoming election of NPC but when contacted the mentioned journalists, majority of them are ignorant of his claim. Can MM shows evidences of his claims?

    Professional Liberals NPC

  3. Mushtaq Minhas, who is in-charge of the Media Town has become a real estate tycoon due to ISI. LUBP says that along with Talat Hussain, Javed Chaudhry, Hamid Mir, Kamran Khan and Ansar Abbasi, Mushtaq Minhas an eminent ISI asset.

  4. From our Facebook page:

    KAYANI-GATE: Kayani Brothers, Malik Riaz, Mushtaq Minhas involved in the great scam. The Terrorland has reliably learned that the son of Chief justice of Pakistan is just a deceptive act for the media... Sources claimed that Aaj TV anchorperson Mushtaq Minhas is working as a "real estate broker" for "Chota Kayani" -- brother of Pakistan Army Chief Gen Kayani, whom real estate tycoon Malik Riaz had made his business-partner after alleged threats from President Zardari, see full story: -- "Mushtaq Minhas has sold the Media Town to Chota Kayani who will make it part of the Bahria Town after kicking Malik Riaz out of the business empire," a source claimed. "Those journalists who had plots in the Media Town, the gang has bought them directly or indirectly... and those journalists who are not willing to sell the plot, they are being forced to do so." [A plot of land & the mass murder plot: -

  5. Kayani (family) gate: Media Town has been sold to Bahria Town, The Terrorland gets evidence of the scam. Bahria Town owner Malik Riaz made a secret deal with Aaj TV anchorperson Mushtaq Minhas, who is also a self-appointed chief of the Media Town Rawalpindi—a government-given residential colony for journalists. This deal was made by the younger brother of Pakistan Army Chief Gen Ashfaq Kayani—who is a ‘forced’ business-partner of Malik Riaz, said a highly-placed source.

    The source said that out of the over 1,600 plots of the Media Town, Chota Kayani (younger brother of Gen Kayani) has got possession of about 900 plots directly or indirectly. Some journalists were 'made fool' to sell their plots at lower rates... while others were ‘forced’ or given higher rates to hand over the possession documents of their plots to Chota Kayani through Mushtaq Minhas, who also runs a property dealing agency in the capital city.

    “If the Supreme Court asks and provides protection, we can provide all details including persons involved in the illegal dealing,” added the sources privy to the dealing. “Besides the Kayanis, (Chief Minister Punjab) Shahbaz Sharif and chief secretary Punjab are also involved in the scam who are providing legal shelter to the land mafia by making an illegal ‘cooperative society’ for Mushtaq Minhas who, therefore, always favors the Sharifs on TV.”

    A reporter says that after merging the Media Town with the Bahria Town, Mushtaq Minhas would be formally among the directors although he is already getting salary as a director from Malik Riaz. "The TV program Bolta Pakistan is actually Bolta Bahria Town," the reporter claimed.

    When The Terrorland had exposed this scam for the first time through its Facebook page and Google Group recently, Mr. Minhas and his co-host on TV talked about it but didn’t deny the allegations in a very clever way... They shared the Facebook post but after dishonestly altering it and deleting this blog post link [ ] that gives clue of the land scam.