August 22, 2010

Struggle to stay alive in Pakistan

By Ghulam Rehman

Almost every member of the new generation in our family, from siblings to cousins, tries to express him/herself by composing words or drawing lines.

I created the image (given here) in a time when we were facing the same injustices back in 2005. The administration of the daily Dawn in Islamabad had not paid salary to my elder brother for months as a result I left college to support our family. I started working at a bookshop in Rawalpindi.

Five year later, today, the administration of Dawn has repeated its brutality while I’m in the final semester of MSc Mass Communication. In that time Pakistan was facing natural calamity as earthquake had killed about 75,000 people and now floods have devastated a large area of the country. The miseries of our family and country go parallel!

Daily Dawn is the most influential newspaper of Pakistan ( and you would be surprised by the allegations leveled against it until you see the available evidences. When people see articles about human rights and democracy etc in this newspaper, they can’t imagine how the very rights are abused inside the organization "and it never gets space in the mafia-like mainstream media".

“Hardcore criminals and masterminds of Talibanization of the world have taken refuge in Dawn with the help of the cunning establishment of Pakistan,” says Habib R. Sulemani, still an employ but denied salary. “No-one dares to take action against them, and the influential owners of Dawn Media Group are even helpless.”

A liberal Muslim leader of the 20th century, Mohammad Ali Jinnah, first founded Dawn and then Pakistan over six decades ago. "Today both are in shambles rather Dawn is taking its last breath."

He says that those colleagues "who tortured me for years and made the mass murder plan of our family with the help of secret agencies, have been given promotions while my request to register criminal cases against Editor Zaffar Abbas, News Editor Farman Ali, Edition-incharge Adeel Raza and others has been rejected.  The police is also helpless to take legal action against the god-like people. Who cares for professional ethics and laws? Might is right in Pakistan."

"Criminals have hijacked power and common people, like us, are struggling hard to stay alive in the terror-hit 2010-Pakistan," he said. "I know history would never forgive the bunch of criminals but they don't give a damn! The decision should not be left for history—through the legal system, they must be condemned for their crimes against humanity."

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  1. Pakistan is sinking faster than thought.

    Blame for the floods is on the CIA, RAW and Mossad and the Zionist organizations.