August 17, 2010

Undercover agents in the cyberspace

(Cyberspace-encounter between a moderator of The Terrorland blog and a "female" undercover.)

MODERATOR: ISI involved in "honor-killing" incidents (link of Nasira Parveen's blog)

UNDERCOVER: no1 dare 2go against the will of Agha Khanis (Shia Ismaili Muslims) in tat places (Hunza and Gilgit), the famous case of Samia Mohmmnd her mom was also 4m ISI... rubbish

MODERATOR: Darling (name)! What was that case?

UNDERCOVER: ‎1another such case in muree whr "Wahal" MPA 4m Jahnian killed by inhabitants of Muree.. Samia father is now a pres of Chember Com of Peshawar Sarwar Mohmmnd, Asma Jahngir & sister (Human Rights Commission of Pakistan) played a vital role in this killing...badmash (rogue) sisters

MODERATOR: Oh I see, thanks a lot, Anju (name)!

UNDERCOVER: storyline > Samia mother of2 ranaway & lived in "Dastak" of HRCP lhr (Lahore) her bf was Gen (rtd) Lehrasab of Chakwal son a capt in army, this same genral,s nephew "Capt Hammad" who raped Dr Shazia in Dera Bughti & sorrow ending of 85yrs old Nawab Bughti (former governor Balochistan)... who this bloody Lehrasab family is? whole Chakwal behind them??


UNDERCOVER: now tell me what,s Dr Najma (vice-chancellor Karakoram International University Gilgit) role in this particular "story" what Mr Terrorland (??) part in "horror" killing... Mr Pak (name) b fair

MODERATOR: I think you must read the blog... as i'm reading it, Anju Darling!

UNDERCOVER: tell me short n briefly...plzzz… something fishy fishy? kuch tu ha jis ki parda dari ha (something hiding)... Nasira Parveen ab q boli (why speaks now)..

MODERATOR: better u ask her. what do u think, honey? tell here openly, the cyberspace is free place... lol

UNDERCOVER: no but u propugating a lot about this "hideious" family..who r u ..i mean vch "caracter" of this topi (funny) drama??

MODERATOR: lol. a humanist in an inhuman society... lol!

(Next day the Undercover left yet another comment on the link of the Moderator.)

UNDERCOVER: fabricated story....

MODERATOR: Darling! That can be decided in a court of law as demanded in the blogs... however, you're free to say anything, I respect your opinion... I’ve read your posts when you speak for the ISI... accuse and abuse others... it makes me laugh... by the way, sometimes, you forget that your rule here is of a young "woman" act like that... lol

UNDERCOVER: no i never accuse ISI for every wrong doing around the globe like Indians.. or any "civil" court cases... but i said earlier tat "honour" or "rape" matter r even more suspiosious 1s NGO,s financial gains... u hv no right to tell me how i act & write its none of ur business... layoff

MODERATOR: It's not our matter. Let it to the courts. Darling! Bye!

(A senior columnist of a leading Pakistani newspaper asked the Undercover a question.)

COLUMNIST: Anju Darling... I have no way of knowing one way or the other if it is a fabricated story or not, but you seem certain it is. Can you offer any objective proofs of that?

(The Undercover disappeared!)


  1. I came across this undercover agent Anju accidentally.

    Me: Pakistani journalist's five months of solitary confinement

    Anju: who is he ? ms jinnah & why bbc is interested in his case? 5months back he was "goras"mouth piece??

    Me: i can't understand...?

    Anju: who is facing solitary confinement?

    Me: his name is habib r. sulemani, lives in rawalpindi. plz read the blog u'll come to know all about it, thanx

    Anju: he written"horrorland" & he is accused in a Rape case,the girl later been Killed.

    Me: what...?

    (After some time)

    Me: Are u the one written about in a blog:

    (Next day)

    Moderator: Anju Darling is an undercover ISI agent who leads the cyberspace wing to spread rumors, hatred in the media. Darling is a member of the clandestine agents in the media along with Shireen Mazari, Zaffar Abbas, Ahmed Qureshi etc... she, actually he, acts as a journalist in real life... but see her, oops his, posts just here on the BBC Urdu website... it says everything... we can reveal his identity... lol

  2. I searched and collected some of her toxic posts. Anju Darling started this account on July 22, 2010.

    bbc khush hojao pakistan ko badnaam karnay ka 1or moka haath laga ha...goray k desi agents:(

    pres ki involvement ha k nahi magr bookies unsay inspire zaror han si liya"Surrey"ma he palace liya ha.or 7gangsters ka swiss account ki baat b ha,actress veena malik ki baat k asif na amir ko bola k jitni tumri umer ha osay ziada mujh pa cases hain is liya kuch nahi hoga,sab Butts ko occupied Kashmir bhaj dena chiheya jahan india na hitler ki tara "gastapo"camps bana rakhey hain.

    white racist Tabloids or papparazis na Diana ka jeena haraam kar rakha tha,or hum gutter press or majeed jasay"Pimp"ko coverage derahe han,pak tv channel veena malik"Slut"ko b layaye hain:(

    my dear "urdu"medium friends kindly switch over to BBC english site having 37,000fans,people over their"racist whites"bullshitting & getting nasty...this urdu medium site having only3000 deaf & dumb fans:(

    hindustani journalist flood ma b maza dhontay hain,their leaders mind set is same...story tellers

    people plz dont believe tese bbc urdu stories they are the worse inhuman history for natural disastars...ask your parents or grand parents like me what is their ROLE in such misriable,asia & arab world...westren cannibals &"urdu"agents are assisting them...SICK

  3. And some more Anju toxic...

    hindustani is narrating"fabricated"stories,punjabis"kashmiris"are buzy in their socalled scandals from sialkot to england,even planes for aids are landing in their airports multan,lahore,karachi...quetta & peshawar were isolated in past"earthquake" & presently.....

    maryum or kis mulk ma hua ?agar tum mqm ki ho tu happliy rahsakti ho keon k ab un ma insaano wali koi baat nahi rahi,sab darinday hain adam khor manhoos qiadat. ch nisar agar gen asif nawaz ko poisoned kar sakta ha tu ya pig kuch b karwa sakta ha ugly form of mr"bean".

    jis qoum k"prostitutes"ko police protect karti ho,jo apnay"madari"leaders k tamashbeen hon,jis ki history baghrati or bekao maal sa bhri ho oska muqadar asa hi hoga....

    prof iqbal hussain"bala kanjar"of "cukoos"gvn detail at bbc urdu sevice,that thr people are in higher posts in army,bureaucracy...thr haramiies are getting edu in atihesion ,kinnards"eng medium"....

    bloody coward pakis are supporting pimp mazhar b'coz he from 1of them every one know they plotted this conspircy ,confuse desi "birth defective"living as 3rated citizen in their colonial masters land.

    Sirji sharminda na karain aap aik azeem insaan or artist hain,Allah aap ko lambi umer or sahet da.Ameen

    hope it wud be a best seller like jaswant singhs book in pakistan...why brutal kasab is still alive?

    afridi na jo asif ko bat mara tha wo sahi tha..,bechara amiir.. asif"child"molester dear Friends plz use other Forums also b'coz pakis living in west are getting Nasty:(:(
    mazhar"pimp" firangi k gutter press ka banda ha jab he wo"surrey"palace ma rehta ha,jab sa mushtaq"juwari"unka bowling coach bana ha faltoo team na jeetana shoru kia ha,gora kameena or crook hota ha.

    why gora hired mushtaq alleged bookie"justice qayyum"as their bowling coach,since then brits start winning?the"Pimp"earns millions bought"Surrey"palace??here a tv channel showing"Slut"veena malik who is telling same kind of story.

    my dear urdu medium friends plz switch over to bbc"english" racist firangis are showing their real faces,Desi or Paki are 'brain dead"in such nasty situations...Khalid Butts of 4News where are you?Matku tu kahan mar gaya ha?

    Tabloids or Gutter press who killed Diana,why racist brits hired famous Mushtaq as their Bowling Coach"Pak Courts declaced him a genuine Bookie" & he is helping his team in all accounts,the 'Pimp' majid said that he had indian connection,here in pak tv channel a slut"veena malik"saying same kind of shits.

    the people who faces criminal cases here but they get into your country easly using their "black"money"just like majid brothers??i hate cricket b'coz of its"Colonial"nature & only 6nations playing who are bankrupt"common wealth"members..Hitler took atleast 1right decision..

    Pakistani living in west are coward confuse dasi,s we found them"brain dead"in such nasty situations where their masters used their country men for"Consipracy"it happend in past for"ball tempring"& impire rana cases:(:(


    badoo is fully covered vth cycle tyre how arba kid is collecting dirty money:)

    jab mera account hack hota ha ,janay kon aapass hota ha.hehehehe