September 15, 2010

Gangsters rule in Pakistan

By Ghulam Rehman

Crises, crises and more crises make Pakistan a country! The issue of fake degrees of parliamentarians has badly affected the image of our country globally. It’s a bad omen for democracy. The question is: why the concerned authorities and agencies didn’t check the degrees of the candidates when the election process was going on? Why now?

Yes, it’s a crime to get a fake degree and represent people in the parliament – senate, national and provincial assemblies. But in a country where an educational institution, Karakoram International University Gilgit, is run by some rogue officers of intelligence agencies, there who cares about the real and fake degrees of parliamentarians, civil and military bureaucrats?

So the Chief Minister of Balochistan was correct in saying that a degree is a degree no matter real or fake! We’re being ruled by fake, rogue, corrupt and criminal people. The rule of law is just a slogan. Nothing else. See the story of my family's sufferings. We've a lawlessness country.

Due to terrorism and corruption, our resources and opportunities for survival have been minimized dangerously in the country. The price hike has further deteriorated the sufferings of the common people. But the political setup and the establishment both are fighting to get maximum power without caring for the sufferings of the common people.

Leadership matters much but we’ve no leader in the country. Everything from top to bottom has become fake! Military dictatorships and the indirect military rule are responsible for the current catastrophic situation of our country. Since independence we’ve faced three long periods of martial laws. Out of the 63 years, we’ve suffered for 36 years under military dictators.

Unfortunately, some civilian governments also performed like dictators and the result is history! The common citizens are suffering badly today but instead of the problems of the people, the engineered cold war of the military establishment and civilian government is dominating our "cartel-media"!

Politicians, generals, bureaucrats and now some journalists have become billionaires in Pakistan while the majority of the people are trying hard to make both ends meet. Whenever the people in misery raise their voice, they’re silenced forever. What a gangster rule we've in Pakistan!

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  1. Degree Degree hoti hai chahey woh jali ho ya asli ho Hu Ha Hu, HU HU