September 21, 2010

An innocent woman not allowed to go university since March 22, 2010

By Nasira Parveen

KIU: ISI nursery for a new brand of militants 
Being a woman is a big challenge in Pakistan! I came to know it at university. It's six months since I’m not being allowed to attend classes at the Karakoram International University (KIU) in Gilgit. I've missed the last semester of my four-year BS (Hons).

It's a tragedy. A criminal act to punish my elder brother (Habib R. Sulemani) for writing (The Terrorland) against the engineered Islamic extremism and Talibanization of our society -- part of an evil strategic policy!

I’ve written about it in my previous blogs (see archive). I got direct response from many readers. There were some written comments on The Terrorland website as well. I respect all commentators, no matter their remarks are positive or negative. I value every written and spoken word.

Some people may think that I’m very harsh about the powerful secret agencies: Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and Military Intelligence (MI). But I'm right in doing so. Because they've criminals and mercenaries in their ranks who have brought a bad name to our armed forces and damaged the reputation of our country in the world. Pakistan was neither founded by the mullahs nor the military but by a liberal Muslim leader of the 20th century: Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

The guys, we've pointed out in our blogs here, are the ones who use their power and influence to commit crimes without being held responsible for them... We've solid evidences of their crimes otherwise who dares to challenge them in the land of the pure! We're waiting! Whenever we're provided security and the restrictions are removed, and we get access to a court of law, then the evidences would be presented to the honorable judges.

The criminal minds have brought an end to our education system and institutions in the country. A university like the KIU has become a nursery to breed a new generation of the Taliban with western appearance! Those, who are playing this dirty game, are the ones who have made Pakistan a sick nation state in the world today otherwise we've everything to be among the global leaders.

In my blogs, I had named some of the unscrupulous and criminal officials in our society. Any person can do so as a service to our country. Keeping silence is no more an answer to miseries at the hands of the powerful! The internet especially the social media is revolutionizing our society. This would bring changes in the country not further military takeovers. It's not the era of heavy boots or colonels and generals in educational institutions and politics! Those who are advising the army chief for adventurism are not his friends but worst foes. General Kayani should get rid of these cunning people. No "revolution" would succeed with the help of some dishonest media managers, greedy owners of media outlets and some criminal journalists! The world is watching!
VC Dr. Najma Najam (left), Registrar Dr. Ahsanullah

I want to inform the world that the Islam, which I've been taught since my childhood, is really a religion of peace. But then why our country is known for violence?

I think it's due to the unscrupulous secret agencies, corrupt government officers, dishonest journalists and others partners in crimes. They altogether play bloody games in the name of religion, race and nationalism to make dirty money and live a lavish life abroad (read the west) after retirement. Yes, like former dictator General Pervez Musharraf. Such people have been damaging and disgracing our country since long.

Now it’s time to stop the real faces who are behind every incident of terrorism not only in our country but also abroad. How would our country be a part of the global community and progress in the 21st century if these criminals of humanity in the guise of government officers and journalists remain at large?

A question comes to my mind: why the government is hesitating to put a hand on the criminals my family has pointed out in appeals to the government? It appears that the criminal minds are stronger than the elected government. Otherwise I would have been allowed to complete my education.

Also, President Asif Zardari (who is the chancellor of the KIU as well) and Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani would have taken action at least against the administration of the Karakoram International University especially Vice-Chancellor Dr. Najma Najam, Registrar Dr. Ahsanullah Mir, Dr. Salma Durrani, assistant professors Manzoor Ali, Dr. Mohammad Ramazan and campus security chief Karim Khan, if not against the accused officers of the ISI, MI and the gang in Islamabad. Isn’t there a sham democracy in Pakistan?

(Photos courtesy: Rawaan Dawaan)


  1. I imagine that the President and the Prime Minister have been rather pre-occupied. Any particular reason that you are not applying to other univerisities? Waiting for the government to do something is rather like crapping outside the Presidential palace in the vain hope that the President firstly sees the shit, and secondly recognizes it as your shit.

  2. thank u very much!

  3. Alpha Za is an educated westernized man but his comment shows the mentality of a typical man in our society who considers a woman nothing more than crap...

    Nasira! Thanks for showing the difference!

  4. I completely support your efforts to be allowed back in the university to finish your remaining coursework. Would you be so kind to exactly detail what happened and who/how your access to the university is being hindered. Such information would allow us to write to the government and the media to highlight your case .

  5. please read my previous blogs, thank u very much for the support.

  6. There are so many universities in Pakistan you should apply in another university without waiting any longer for KIU. I think Mr. Sulemani belongs to NWFP and perhaps you are from Gojal Hunza how it has become the reason that you have been expelled from University after he had written against the agencies? Is he your real brother?

  7. Mr. Sulemani is from Gulmit, Gojal, upper Hunza. According to Wikipedia, he has been writing in three languages: English, Urdu and his native Wakhi.

    Nasira Parveen is his younger sister, they are eight siblings.

    The accused gang has blocked Nasira's way to other universities in Pakistan! She may write about it in the future blogs.

  8. Beautiful country . The beautiful hills and sky enticing . I wonder if it would be safe to spend the day exploring the nature . I know God created people to be free to live and pursue happiness , whether it is going to school or exploring the hills , regardless of gender .

    Very hard to understand how females can exalt Islam . I think it is self evident that women are not one step beneath men . In fact they are perhaps one step closer to God , maybe 2 . I think any mother has lived more courage , faith and love than most men . Those things are what make men great . A hero saves a life , a woman brings a brand new one .. Every mother is a partner with God in creation .Any religion that demeans or discounts women is evidently wrong .

  9. Hyam! Thanks for the comment. The majority of people in Pakistan are very peaceful but poor. However, they reject the Taliban, Al Qaeda and their intellectual mentors' interpretation of Islam, who, according to Habib R. Sulemani, want to make planet earth The Terrorland of the universe!

    We'll welcome you if you want to visit Pakistan. The people-to-people contact can really bring east and west -- especially the United States of America and Pakistan -- together. Only then there can be peace and prosperity in the whole world.

  10. Pakistani Army Sucks, It is not abt one general its about a lot of soldiers, a lot of generals, ISI, MI, They are suck the whole pakistani Govt suck, Thank to god that you are still safe there are lot of government school which are involve in child molestation, and then colleges and some universities students as well. What can you do u can do nothing for them hehe its the part of system, Pakistan is not a name of a country it is a name of the system, Mast Mulla's Corupt Politician, Incomptent army, and sleeping civilians.

  11. We're not against the Pakistan Army as a national institution. We want to bring those in the ranks to justice, who are allegedly involved in crimes or have relations with criminals as in the Habib Sulemani assassination plot. This will make the common citizens feel that their army also follows the Constitution and laws of the country and is not a state within the state. This will also end the search for "patriot" generals! Anyway, the terrorizing traditional methods, like the Umer Cheema episode, must end now! It's a tragedy that people say: "Pakistani secret service is more likely to work against you than for you."

  12. unjustified act by KIU. The so called appellate court in gilgit should look into this matter and provide justice to this female and other expelled females.

  13. @ Anon, thanks for the comment. We respect every court of law anywhere on the earth.