September 25, 2010

Pakistan fears another coup d'état — Gen. Kayani! Stay away.

PRESIDENT Zardari (left) in a meeting with Prime Minister Gilani, Foreign Minister Qureshi, Army Chief Gen. Kayani and ISI head Lt-Gen. Pasha at the President House Islamabad. The body language of the gentlemen in this official file photo says a lot about the relationship of the government and establishment, especially absence of the spymaster's cap—which means “no salute, no respect” to the elected (no matter how corrupt) civilian leadership!  
Keeping silence is no more an answer to miseries at the hands of the powerful! The internet especially the social media is revolutionizing our society. This would bring changes in the country not further military takeovers.

It's not the era of heavy boots or colonels and generals in educational institutions and politics! Those who are advising the army chief for adventurism are not his friends but worst foes. General Kayani should get rid of these cunning people. No "revolution" would succeed with the help of some dishonest media managers, greedy owners of media outlets and some criminal journalists! The world is watching!


  1. ‎"Our COAS (chief of army staff) is extremely shrewd, using his outwardly deaf, dumb, blind pesona to his best personal advantage…"

    as a journalist, this FB link got my attention and i went through the blog, the comment has impressed me and i want to reproduce some more of it her because such things don't appear in our mainstream media:

    Foreign trips, routine press releases, messages of sympathy,deals , gang loot and plunder and the ever extended begging bowl. Carry on the champions of democracy and good governance.You encourage the likes of Cameron to treat you like dirt.

    The current Quartet is the perfect recipe for destruction of Pakistan. The sooner we break it, the better are chances of our survival...

    It has all the negatives of Ali Baba and Chalees chorr set up...

    One, We have a bird brain PM who is no more than a cheap robot made in Multan...

    Two, there is this CJ who is a juggler in dishing out selective justice, mainly driven by self-interest...

    Three, our COAS is extremely shrewd, using his outwardly deaf, dumb, blind pesona to his best personal advantage...

    Four, we have the smartest street urchin as our Prez , whose religion is “shameless corruption”. The best in sex, lies, and deceit... ever.

    This flesh eating hyena has cleverly distributed the bones and leftovers to the second-tier scavengers in the Punjab(NS/SS), Sind( AH/PPP), KPK(IV/JUI) and Baluchistan (PP/ANP).

    This smart Alec is as carefree and unchallenged as can be. There you have Pakistan and its 200 million innocent souls, at the mercy of the most powerful, extremely corrupt Mafia at the helm !!!

    Camerons of the world win not because they perform well, but because we are always found with our pants down.

  2. Well said agha jee.... i totally agree with u.

  3. The prime minister sacked minister for defence production yesterday because he accused the chief justice of Pakistan of having a fake domicile. He held the army responsible for the assassinations of Benazir Bhutto and Nawab Bugti. The funniest part of it is that he wanted equal share in corruption for all provinces… I’m laughing with tears in my eyes… a country where politicians could be ridiculed and held responsible for every crime there we are silent about the corruption of generals. Therefore the minister demanded an equal share… but even lost his job… lanay kay danay paday :- ) :-(

  4. Just visit the Facebook page of ISI's unofficial spokesman Ahmed Quraishi, you'll be shocked after seeing the comments of the people behind the Taliban. He writes:

    "Pakistani politicians today are literally like a dog chasing its own tail, scared of enemies in the shadows who'll snatch away government from them, exploding in the face of any criticsm, smelling conspiracy everywhere. They just can't see how sick, corrupt and incompetent they are & that no Pakistani wants them."

    Commenting on this, a clean-shaven friend of mine whose relative was once heading the premier spy agency, writes:

    "They have started fleeing the country. The Principal Secretary of Zardari has already left. These morons have been running amock for almost 2 years. The Supreme Court should move in fast before any one else takes a flight. I say hang them alive upside down from light poles and let the Natural death come to them, slowly... They will make good food for wildlife of Islamabad and surronding hills."

    Another zealot adds: "Amazing.. I wonder how awful they would look upside down, especially when their ass will be exposed. !!!"

    A shocked woman visitor has left this message there:

    "More we come to know men; more we admire the dog!!!"

    A zealot attacks her in their traditional way:

    "... i ask u a question? how much do u know about ur father????? hahahahahhahaha"

    As a professional and regular visitor, I want to ask The Terrorland team to study the sick mentality of the ISI and save Pakistan from the terrorists. See where they want to take us????

  5. @ Anonymous 8:04 AM Let it be clear once and for all that we're neither politicians nor activists of some sort. "We're a team of journalists, writers and civil society members, and our blog is, actually, a liberal forum to discuss intellectual terrorism and the mass media, a taboo subject, in Pakistan." However, currently, our focus is Habib R. Sulemani and his family, whose lives are in danger but the government and concerned authorities are hesitating to take any action against the accused due to their influence in Pakistan.

    Thanks a lot, hope you will take part in the discussions in the future as well.


  6. فوجی آمریت کے کالے سائے ایک بار پھر مکروہ شکلیں لیکر اپنے لانگ بوٹس کس کے میرے ملک کو آسیب زدہ کرنے کے لئے بیقرار ہیں
    سازشوں کے گھر پنڈی سے کسی بھی وقت ایک فوجی ٹرک پہ چڑھ کے "سجیلے جوان" پی ٹی وی سنٹر پہ قبضہ کر کے اس وطن کی راہوں کو لہو اور نفرتوں سے رنگین کریں گے اور سویلینز کے اوپر ایک نہ ختم ہونے والی مارشل لا کی کالی رات مسلط کر دی جائے گی.
    "پاکستان اس وقت تاریخ کے نازک دور سے گذر رہا ہے اور خدا نے ہمیں بھیجا ہے میرے عزیز ھم وطنو" کی منافقانہ صدا بلند ہونے والی ہے
    ایک بار پھر قائداعظم کی روح کو تڑپایا جائے گا.ایک بار پھر سرکش پٹھانوں اور جاہل بلوچوں کے اوپر خونی پنجے گاڑنے اور اپنے آقا امریکہ سے انکا خراج وصول کرنے کے لئے وردیاں چمکائی جا رہی ہیں.

    @Waheed Baloch