September 30, 2010

President, PM, army & ISI chiefs to be responsible if…

By Habib R. Sulemani

"Voice being suppressed in the larger interest of few
 people." The blogger views the world from 
this terrace.
Six months have passed since I've been confined to my home after the first assassination attempt. I can’t visit even a doctor as my blood pressure sometimes shoots up—I’m living like a prisoner in the Stone Age!

I could not get a chance to go to the nearby barbershop to get my wavy hairs cut. I was a clean-shaven man but during these trying days, I’ve turned into a bearded man. The ongoing suffering and looming dangers are graying my hairs rapidly. Sometimes, visitors don't recognize me! I look like a poor European intellectual of the 20th century whenever I come across a mirror!

During this long period of time, spring has turned into autumn—the sparrows in the next house's wall have completed their nests and raised a new generation that flies freely in the air—but I'm still locked inside my cottage!

In solitary confinement, I'm observing some very interesting things—the most amazing moment comes at dawn, when the call for the morning prayers starts from the nearby Shia (Muslim) mosque in my Satellite Town neighborhood in Rawalpindi. Then from the Barelvi (Sunni Muslim) mosque (minaret seen in between the trees on the right side in the photo above), then from the Deobandi (Sunni Muslim) mosque (left in the photo), and finally the church bell starts ringing from the Holly Family Hospital. Amazing combination of faiths. Thus my day starts with an exciting atmosphere of pluralism in Pakistan! All religions call for love and peace but many followers spread hatred and initiate wars. As a writer, my dream about peace and prosperity of the world at large will never die!

Personally, I’m in great pain. My parents and siblings all are also suffering in this sadistic society. But, unfortunately, the government of Pakistan is unable to provide me security and bring the influential culprits to justice despite requests. This is happening in a time when everyone is talking about the reinstated independent Supreme Court in the country.

Those people who stole my creative works and made a plot to kill me along with my family members in a systemic way (on which the secret agencies had worked for about 18 months) as punishment for writing on taboo subjects, are enjoying life. Now they're spreading their traditional "schizophrenic" and "paranoid" propaganda more effectively than Dr. Goebbels did during the World War II. Who knows these criminal minds are offspring of the Nazi propaganda minister! Whatsoever, the persecution of me and my family at the hands of some powerful people is not the story of a helpless journalist only but is also the story of a helpless Pakistan in the 21st century!

In such a miserable situation came Eidul Fitr, the most awaited Islamic celebration of joy after a month of fasting. Thanks God my mother had sent me Rs35,000 from her savings otherwise I was literally penniless.

“Eid mubarak to you and your family. Our struggle for justice in Pakistan will go on!”

I sent this SMS to my relatives, friends and colleagues on the occasion of Eid (September 11, 2010). Like my family, a major part of our country is also facing crisis after the monsoon floods, which has affected about 20 million people. Instead of helping the flood victims, the corrupt government and criminal establishment are busy in the ongoing power-struggle, trying to use the natural calamity to get benefit. Chutzpah!

Joys are for the rich and powerful in our country. To be frank, happiness has never ever touched the common people since our independence in 1947. Whenever people seek their basic rights, the ruling class, military and civilian, creates an engineered conflict in the country and starts repeating the same mantra: Pakistan is in danger! Yes even being a nuclear power! People have nothing to eat but still they're told to smile to the TV cameras, sing patriotic songs and pretend being happy in the Islamic Republic! We’re forced to do so! We fake everything including human emotions in the Land of the Pure. What a human dilemma! (I’ve written this somewhere—and I want to quote myself as the secret agencies are leaking my stolen work in the media through their plagiarizers -- journalists and intellectuals on payroll. My friends are collecting data in this regard).

If there was something good on the Eid day that was messages and calls from family members and friends. My cell phone remained a little busy as our landline phone remained dead for about two weeks, I don't know why? After receiving a felicitation message from a Hindu friend, I made him a call, inviting him to my home. I told him that instead of helping to register a case against the culprits and provide me security, the Dawn Media Group had given the culprits further promotions while stopping my salary.

“We can’t afford meat but can provide a vegetarian like you enough food to fill his stomach,” I told him amid laughter.

A relative caught between the devil and the deep blue sea—has written a message, which I liked the most! He writes: “Eid mubarak 2 u beta (son). I’m praying for u and all family. It’s the mater of all family and we are with u. My best wishes and regards are always with you. Best of luck.”

Thank you uncle Amirullah Baig for your prayers, and my niece Sania Hussain and her siblings for their best wishes. Thank you Rashid Waheed and Saeed Akhtar Abid, Aziz Ali, Wali Nagri, Ali Raza, Rehan Sab, Yasir, Inam, Waris, Kapil, Khalil, Sher Karim, Israr, M. Rahim, Karim Bahar, Aziz Karim and many others responded to my text message. 

“A very few people have dare and will to tell and write the truth, but regrets their voices suppressed in the name of religions and larger interest of fewer people,” writes a victim of the Dawn Media Group in his message.

Another victim says: “Thanx a lot, habib sb. I m with u in this struggle against the institutional injustice.”

On this Eid, surprisingly, I missed the message and calls of some very close friends. The events before and after the attack on my sister at the Karakoram International University in Gilgit, and the three attempts on my life in Rawalpindi, are very interesting!!

Anyway, Mehboob Sada, for the first time, didn’t call me on this Eid! Last time he had called me at the night on March 28, 2010. I had promised him to visit his office the next day but later on that night I came under attack and since then I’m confined to the walls of my cottage. I had sent him messages, emails, but he didn’t answer for a long time. However, surprisingly he called me months later and suggested solving the issue without going to the court. I refused, saying that I've full faith in our judicial system and since then he has never contacted me again!

Mehboob-ur-Rehman Tanoli, a former colleague, had visited me at office on the day my sister came under attack: March 22, 2010. While taking coffee, he discussed with me how I had been tortured in the profession! After that he didn’t reply to my emails for a long time. But when his name appeared in one of my blogs, then he called me in a “changed" mood and since then is silent again. Didn’t reply to my Eid message even.

My friend in Australia, Ghulam Ahmed’s mysterious calls (I had mentioned in my blogs) have stopped long ago! It seems as if in those days, someone had held any of his family members at gun-point in Pakistan and he was being forced to talk to me like that as a part of the psychological warfare!

Mazhar Hussain, another former colleague who had left the police department and joined journalism, was also silent on this Eid. When I came under attack and was worried about my family, he sent me Sania Mirza jokes without showing any sympathy! No more calls from the “tout” of secret agencies, as some colleagues used to call him with love at office.

Before the criminal attacks, the strange phone call of my former colleague, Akram Saleem, had surprised me—since then he is also silent! Nisar had visited my home on that day with another person (someone said he was an ISI operative). I had taken them to the Food Street on the Double Road. He was also silent!

In July, another former colleague, Masood Abdulrahim called and surprisingly offered me a paid visit to Gilgit-Baltistan with a foreign team—I told him whose suggestion was it anyway: ISI or MI? Since then he is also silent. 

I’ve nothing bad for anybody in my mind. Because, as a journalist and writer, I know the criminal minds very well—I also know their style of operation—they can twist anyone’s arm and turn him/her into a "player" even a suicide bomber without taking the blame!

Our legal fight against the masterminds of heinous crimes and the brains behind the Taliban and Al Qaeda will go on! However, if something happens to me or any member of my family, then Pakistan’s President Asif Ali Zardari, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, Army Chief Gen. Ashfaq Pervez Kayani and Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) chief Lt-Gen. Ahmed Shuja Pasha will be responsible for it.

A copy of Mr Sulemani's letter to the government was also sent to the Chief Justice of Pakistan, seeking protection. Copies were also posted to the President and Army Chief besides the Prime Minister. Facsimile of the official Pakistan Post receipts are also given above (To read it clearly see archive April 2010: Journalist seeks protection). 

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  1. Maybe they just don't want to talk to you?

    Your penchant for twisting every mundane happening, every minor offense into a conspiracy theory is rather charming.

    Likening yourself to a European intellectual is a bit much. After all, they did alot more than just whine about not having electricity.

    Let's for a second assume that the ISI, MI, RAW, CIA, and maybe Even Aliens all want you dead. Why are you still alive? Secondly, why would you put your family at risk? Enjoying the attention?

    I've decided to approach this blog as a weak satire blog, I seem to enjoy it better that way.

    Peace out.

    1. Well, bur Pakistan isn't exactly a paragon of the blogger has a point.

      Didn't ISI recently murder a journalist and raid hamid Mir's office.

  2. The bloggers here are always talking on the basis of solid evidences, to be presented in court. No matter who accuses or abuses, Mr Sulemani and his family members have always remained calm, saying: "Our terror-hit society needs tolerance."

    Thank you very much for the comments, Mr Alpha Za.

  3. shawa webmaster... alpha za di... bolti band kiti ay... :):):)

  4. @ Anon, we respect everybody's opinion.

  5. He is a journalist.Freedom is his fundamental right.Curtailing his freedom equal to killing the basic right of the individual and democracy.

  6. Sunny, freedom of thought and freedom of speech is every citizen's fundamental right but the media manipulator at the ISI headquarters don't understand it! Thanks for your comment.

  7. Hey guys. I you want changes to take place in Pakistan then see what are the structural reforms that need to be done to help Pakistan and its people. We want the benefits of independence to seep down to the last man in Pakistan. Now how is that going to happen?

    Structural reforms man Structural not cosmetic. You have to start with land ceiling. No body absolutely no body should have more than say 56 acres land per head. This will dispossess the land lords of their lands and then they will know what struggle means as a dispossessed person.

    They will automatically be thrown out of the Parliaments, there will be more equality and the state will be supreme not a few individuals. The common man will sit in the parliament and then he will make the right decisions in the interests of Pakistan and the people.

    The excess land is then distributed to the poor, self employment will increase and economy boom when this purchasing power will manifest itself in want of goods which they never thought was in they grasp. This will call for more industries. The scope is unlimited.

    Push for land reforms and land ceiling. That will bring land order too as the looters will have no safe havens in the lands of the land lords.

  8. @Peersainbaba, cut the size of the Generals who are sucking this nation... plus control the secret agencies (read ISI) then Pakistan will be a better country.