September 19, 2010

Tricky ways to cut lifeline in oppression & tyranny

By Ghulam Rehman

After two weeks, the Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has restored our landline phone but the broadband internet service is still not working. Despite my complaints of a million times, the officials are still “hesitating” to restore the lifeline in oppression and tyranny!

“Our staff will come to clear the problem today,” said a customer service officer on the helpline 1218. And this is being repeated every time. My complaint (No 164) with the PTCL proved just a formality! No-one came to us for a longtime.

If I would not have gone for searching the lineman, the phone would have been dead so far. The broadband internet service had been not working properly since August 30, 2010 but after the publication of my brother’s last blog on September 6 (The art of looting people in misery), it was first cut off. However, after publication of a news item in this regard, the officials have started playing a trickiest game:

In the records of the PTCL, our broadband internet service is okay. But at home we’re unable to use the facility for which we pay the company as a fixed rate per month.

The PTCL connection speed shows 100 Mbps (duration 00:03.50). The packets sent is often 277 which sometimes reaches to over 1000 but the received packets is in between 260 and 1000 mostly. Pages open rarely and selectively. Facebook, The Terrorland group blog and emails have been blocked.

We often get such errors: address not found, the page cannot be displayed, internet explorer could not open the page, network timeout, the server at login is taking too long to respond, the requested site did not respond to a connection request and the browser has stopped waiting for a reply, try again later etc.

Regarding my third complaint (No 88) about the DSL, Mr. Samad, an official of the PTCL, made the following correction in my computer connectivity.

I.P address:
Subnet mask:
Default gateway:
Preferred DNS Server:
Alternate DNS Server:

Even then it didn’t work.

“You’ve some problem with your internet explorer,” said the official. I immediately installed another explorer. The result was the same. “Firebox address not found, Firefox can't find the server at”

The strike of PTCL employees and Eid holidays passed but we're still facing the problem. “The underground cables have broken in your area therefore the lines are disturbed,” said a lineman.

“Format your PC and reinstall Windows,” advised Mr. Shahid, another official of the PTCL. I reinstalled the Windows but again faced the same problem. Then, according to the given advice, I changed the modem and adopter but it also went in vain.

Mr. Aamir, yet another official, was clueless about the fault we’re facing. He referred me to a wiser colleague of his, Mr. Adnan, who said: “May be there is some fault with your PC.”

I changed the system but still my broadband internet is not working. My current complaint number is 265. Let’s see what new reason the helpless PTCL officials give this time! We know it’s a tricky punishment of the secret agencies who are trying their best to stop us from writing blogs. But, according to the laws, we will fight for our basic rights in the lawless Pakistan.


  1. why don't you try another service, instead of whining?



    Wi-tribe also work in the town :-D

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    We want justice and rule of law in Pakistan. Under the law, the PTCL – the biggest company in the telecommunication sector which was privatized but still the government has a big share in it – is bound to serve its subscribers.

    If the company is not providing services properly, then it’s the right and moral duty of the affected subscribers to seek action. It’s not whining! Keeping silence means being a part of the crime.

    I think you are a part of the minority rich who have multiple choices in life while we represent the vast majority who lives below the poverty line in secret agencies-ruled brutal Pakistan. We represent the sufferings of the common people in oppression and tyranny in the year 2010 so that it could help researchers in the future to keep history straight.

    You also seem unfamiliar with The Terrorland blogs—how our family is being suffered after the assassination attempts on my brother whose salary has been stopped by the accused, our phones are being recorded, we receive threatening calls—please, read the blogs archive especially:

    1- Slowly poisoning

    2- Facing cyber censorship in Pakistan

    3- Mr. Sulemani’s phone, internet service cut off; life in danger

    4- 4- Five months of solitary confinement


  3. Thanks a lot for writing on PTCL issue...Since its not working again from today, and asks for the bill...Agreed and agreed......The dsl isnt working, the CS people are busy cant take your call kind thingies.......and I m using wiresless now.......

  4. Sadaf! With us it's not for a day or two... phone bugging, website blocking etc is a routine since March this year... but your comment has done mericles... the DSL has started woring... wow... the PTCL may have noticed your comment as you're a favorite blogger of the youth who writes for the newspaper of the cyber generation in Pakistan, I mean The Express Tribune.

    As a student of mass communication, I'm really honored. Thanks for your comment.

    Many regards,

  5. PTCL does have awful service. I hope you do realize that less than a million Pakistanis have Internet service in the same place.

    If you don't like the service, switch to something else, pouting on how bad your service is and transforming that into a conspiracy theory seems far fetched.

    " I think you are a part of the minority rich who have multiple choices in life while we represent the vast majority who lives below the poverty line in secret agencies-ruled brutal Pakistan."

    That's a really unfair attack, not to mention rather big headed of yourself.

    "We represent the sufferings of the common people in oppression and tyranny in the year 2010 so that it could help researchers in the future to keep history straight."
    I doubt any serious researcher would construe this as a part of history, unless he's a personal friend or an organization that likes to provide some lip service.

    I've been following your blog for a while, and at times even I find your personal rhetoric a bit far fetched and a bit tiring.

    If this really is a forum to discuss intellectual terrorism and the mass media, why does it sound like an anti ISI propaganda blog. Where are the issues? The ideas?

  6. I wonder if Mr Za is a spokesman of the PTCL or the ISI ? ;) :) blogz ghor say parro yaar...

  7. we have also been through the same.
    phone was dead which meant no PTCL smart TV and no DSL...imagine our condition....
    and ofcourse the helpline ws so busy with lame excuses....
    we had a number of a lineman and had to bribe him to fix it...even he took more than a week!!!

  8. @Ghulam Rehman they r in denial, tricky ways indeed...