October 25, 2010

Female student victimized on orders from the top: Karakoram University

By Nasira Parveen

KIU Chancellor President Zardari

The Karakoram International University (KIU) Gilgit, Pakistan, has finally admitted that some members of its administration were involved in victimization of innocent students on political, racial and sectarian grounds. 

“Nasira (this blogger) was victimized on orders from the top,” a high-ranking official of the KIU administration told my family on telephone the other day. My family has sought an apology in writing from the university.

After the leak-out of my brother Habib Sulemani's novel The Terrorland, the secret agencies had planned to "teach him a lesson". Being a woman, I was made the prime target in the traditional way of taking revenge. Some members of the KIU administration made a cock and bull story and tried to kill me on campus in the name of "honor" seven months back. When they failed in the first stage of a mass murder plan of our family, they tried to hide their crime. They stopped me from attending classes illegally. I had written about it to Pakistan's President and KIU Chancellor Asif Ali Zardari (Mr. President! I need justice in the Islamic Republic) but till this day, there is no response from the Presidency.

However, the KIU official (name withheld: moderators) said that members of the university administration were helpless to raise voice against the injustice with me. "Most of the high-ranking officials are contractual employees and they follow orders to keep their jobs going on—who can afford to lose a monthly salary of about Rs200,000 in these terrible times," he added.

"Yes there are allegations of corruption, nepotism and plagiarism against Vice-Chancellor Dr. Najma Najam," the KIU official said but denied that secret agencies were raising a new breed of Taliban on campus. However, he admitted that officers of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and Military Intelligence (MI) often visited the KIU as some of them were either friends or former students of the Vice-Chancellor. The official said that he didn't know that Dr. Najam was also ruining the psychological warfare cell of the ISI.

That was what the KIU official said. Now let me show you (readers of The Terrorland blogs) some evidences of active involvement of the ISI and MI in the affairs of the KIU. In my case, first of all read this "notification" issued by KIU Registrar Dr. Ahsanullah Mir (a medical doctor from the NGO sector famous for his reported links with the secret agencies).

The KIU admin with the help of Assistant Professor Manzoor Ali of the physics department (who is also president of the Ismaili Regional Council Gilgit and involved in honor-related crimes including the murder of a young girl Shila (I escaped death but she was killed) provoked my relatives and community, and then the KIU Registrar with his group bundled me in a van and dropped at my uncle's home so that some relative kills me in the name of "honor". After the character assassination campaign, they did this because they had failed to kill me on campus. But my family members and relatives knew the reality, so they protected me. This further frustrated the KIU admin and their collaborators in Islamabad as a result they issued the above so-called "notification" in the backdates to save their face. My family received this copy from an official of the ISI. 

Now see the next so-called "notification" issued by the KIU Additional Registrar:

This "notification" was issued in the same manner when my family members were trying to go to a local court in Gilgit. The KIU admin, which was furiously in contact with their collaborators in Islamabad (evidences withheld) first requested to my family to keep silent as it was a "matter of national security"! But when I refused to keep mum and wanted to knock the door of a court, an ISI official gave this copy to my family with verbal threats: "Now the doors of every university is closed on Nasira Parveen in Pakistan."

When the secret agencies saw my determination to seek justice, then they adopted an "arbitration" policy, saying that they would punish KIU Campus Director Karim Khan but "you should keep silent". But I along with my family members was seeking action against all plotters so that the future of our new generation could be protected from the criminals in the education department. Many students and their parents appreciated my display of courage in the male-dominated society. 

During this time, the Special Branch appeared with copy of a five-page disgusting letter in Urdu against Karim Khan. I was shocked seeing my name on it without my signature. The spies had written my name correctly but my roommate's father name and address had been faked as she was a very part of the criminal game.

The letter had been written by one Mukhtar Hussain of the Special Branch. It was reportedly sent to the high-ups in Gilgit including Force Commander Northern Areas (a serving major-general of the Pakistan Army), Deputy Director ISI, In-charge MI, Deputy Director Intelligence Bureau, In-charge Special Branch, In-charge Criminal Investigation Department (CID), Deputy Inspector-General Police, Superintendent Police, Deputy Commissioner, Deputy Director Press Information and In-charge Human Rights Commission of Pakistan in Islamabad.

Page 1

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Page 3

Page 4

Page 5

My family protested over this criminal act of writing and distributing a fake letter with my name. It was the last-ditch effort of the criminal gang to save their face. I'm so sorry for not being able to translate this bizarre document into English, which shows the sick mentality of our spymasters who are supposed to protect people in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Shame on you criminal intelligence agencies! You can't escape the wrath of God, no matter how smart you try to be! Army Chief Gen. Ashfaq Pervez Kayani and ISI boss Gen. Ahmad Shuja Pasha should keep this in mind besides the sacrifices of three generations of my family for this country (Pakistan: swinging between extremism & liberalism).

Anyway, in the meanwhile how my brother (real bone of contention) was attacked in Rawalpindi, that has been told in a previous blog by my youngest brother: Terrorism & the story of a brave teenager. Since then we're being tortured and harassed in different ways, and our way to justice has been blocked! My health has been deteriorated and so is the health of my brother (Mr. Sulemani) who is living in solitary confinement for the past seven months. His life is under threat from the ISI and its rogue outfits as they've declared him a traitor and American agent.

Everyone from my elderly parents to younger siblings is suffering as we've been isolated in the society. People are scared to contact us. We're facing oppression and tyranny while Pakistan's democratically elected Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani is still silent.


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2- ISI involved in "honor-killing" incidents.
3- An innocent woman not allowed to go university since March 22, 2010

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5- Journalist seeks protection

October 18, 2010

Stop harassment of writers — you can’t silence voice of people anymore

By Farrah Mazhar

When I was growing up in Pakistan, it was really a terrorland. I used to read books and Asma Jahangir's Hudood Ordinance was a very uncomfortable read. At times, I felt abused while reading it. I felt confused angry and paralyzed with fear.

The blanket of silence and everything to do with Islam is good which was thrown on Pakistan during military dictator Gen. Zia’s time. And we feel and find the same following us till today. Yes! Pakistan is an Islamic state, but how Islamic are its people?

To be frank, everyone can’t be the fine example of Hazrat Omer (second caliph in Sunni Islam) and can’t be the perfect man (Mard-e-Mumin) of philosopher poet Dr. Muhammad Iqbal. I think it's the idea of “perfectionism” of Islam which has become a hindrance in the progress of Muslims.

On one side, the idea is “perfect” Islamic state, which in it's pursuit of “perfection” behaves like a totalitarian state. Pakistan can’t be more liberal than it is and it can’t be more orthodox than it is! A religious state formularized like Saudi Arabia is not possible in our country. Pakistanis would not accept it. Islam, I think, exists within the hearts of people. It’s the way we carry our lives without politicizing the faith.

We’re Muslims of a new era. We like it or not, but it’s a reality. Who we really are? We’re liberals and we’re fundamentalists as well! We’re educated and we’re ignorant as well! Without writers and good literature, show me, how the people in power want to mold or make our society compatible with rest of the world! They can’t silence the voice of the people! Why are they afraid and who are they afraid of?

We’ve allowed the US to bombard us so tell me what are we guarding? After the interviews of our nuclear scientist Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan (who had confessed proliferation to Iran, Libya, and North Korea) what else can be our national secret? So, for God’s sake, what are we hiding? People should be allowed to publish and print whatever they want.

In today’s militarized and Talibanized Pakistan, would we tolerate open-minded personalities like Mr. Jinnah (founding father of Pakistan) and Dr. Iqbal (national poet of the country)? Probably these personalities will feel so suffocated if they saw the current situation of freedom of thought and freedom of expression in our country.

I want to tell the government and establishment: Relax! We’ve to accept the creative minds and let them do their job freely. Do their freedom means you’ve to curtail your ways! The voice of the educated can’t be suppressed anymore. It has a wider audience and world wide appeal! 

A progressive Pakistan can’t be suppressed any longer. Our country has a culture which is a combination of East and West. A true Pakistan is emerging which seeks justice and balance in society. The fusion of Eastern and Western thoughts is our balancing point. We need a modern and balanced country where men and women live on equal footing, and enjoy their full human rights. This is the only way forward!

We all want to live freely, without fear of persecution and dirty harassment tactics of the state. This is the final fight! Nothing can come in the way of the people of Pakistan. This country can only be the way its people want it to be. And it’s a fusion of East and West. Our intelligence agencies must note this down.

(The writer lives in London, United Kingdom. Photo by The Terrorland Team) 

October 16, 2010

The paradigm shift — Dawn takes shelter under Islamic extremism

By S.A.R. Naqvi

Some veteran journalists have pointed out that over the time, the daily Dawn, which was considered the flag-carrier of Mr. M. A. Jinnah's liberal ideology, was being turned into a right-wing newspaper as a part of the secret agencies' strategy.

"Zaffar Abbas, considered the moderate face of the spy agency ISI, has been running the newspaper since June but his name appeared in the print-line only on October 4. During this time he did many experiments which proved paradigm shift in the history of Dawn," a source said. "Those things, which were earlier banned are now often seen in the pages of the national broadsheet."

So what? "This is bigotry," the source adds. "It's demise of the liberal policy of the founder of the country and the newspaper (Mr. Jinnah). I've never worked with the Dawn Media Group, but I've always admired the newspaper in the jangle of the so-called jihadists."  

Not only content wise, insiders say, the employees of the organization are also raising beard with each passing month, and extremism is on the rise at the organization. "Recently a man was appointed editor of the Herald magazine, who has raised beard and has become a reborn-Muslim recently."

"The man was called from Lahore to take the editorship of the magazine just because of his changed lifestyle... otherwise Karachi has enough people to take over as editor," said a journalist from Karachi.

After example of the increasing radicalism among the employees of the Dawn Media Group, the source gave example of content by showing a letter published in Dawn on August 18, 2010. It reads: "Ramazan not for eating."

  1. I AM shocked to find so-called Muslims eating and drinking tea or soft drinks in many offices which I happen to visit being a freelancer. And it is all the more shocking because they do it openly in front of many people who are fasting. They feel the least ashamed about it. While watching TV also you get the impression that it is a month of eating rather than of fasting. Numerous 24-hour channels are about cooking and food alone. And all the ads they show have to do something with gastronomy. People keep thinking about food 24/7 instead of doing good deeds and adhering to religious tenets! Nawab Qureshi Karachi.

I've been showed an advertisement of  hate literature in Urdu language, which was published in the Books & Authors section of the newspaper on August 15, 2010. "Why Ahmedis are out of Islam?", "Answers to the arguments of Christians" and "Islam doesn't allow women to become head of government/state" are names of the books being sold by a nameless bookshop (as seen here in the image of the ad).  

"No-one had seen such a sectarian hatred in the pages of Dawn like the Jang Group, which openly publishes ads against the Ahmedi sect," said a senior citizen, wishing not to be named for the obvious reason.

"Zaffar Abbas is taking full advantage as the don of Dawn," a media person accused. "He has failed in his game... and his name is now appearing in the print-line as an editor, so he should now act like a responsible man. Otherwise in the efforts to catch new readers, Dawn will lose those people who read the paper for generations and for decades, especially in Karachi."

One perturbed employee and a once leftist activist said: "But unfortunately, now no-one takes notice of the complaints of the readers at the Harroon House (the headquarters of the newspaper in Karachi). The MQM (a dominant party of the city) after the assassination of one of it's major leaders in London and Dawn after the financial crisis have taken shelter under the strategic Islamic extremism... let's see what happens!"  

October 11, 2010

Why ISI uses sex as a warfare tool in Pakistan?

In the pseudo-religious culture of Pakistan, talking or writing about sex academically is a taboo subject but sex-related crimes and scandals are the most sought-after news. Unfortunately, police and secret agencies also use sex as a tool of torture and warfare. Staging an honor-killing has become very popular in our sadistic society. Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif recently told a TV channel hat the premier spy agency of the country, the ISI, was involved in the Umer Cheema case a journalist who was kidnapped and, according to sources, sexually abused on camera for writing about the military. What is wrong with our society? Muhammad Moiz, a medical student, expresses his personal views about the basics of the issue.–The Terrorland   

A brief visit to Google Trends exposes the sardonic truth that has long been shunned and denied by our “Islamic” society. Voila! The word “sexy” is most searched in the “Islamic” Republic of Pakistan. But do not be ashamed. Our spiritually beloved Riyadh in Saudi Arabia and the extremely wannabe-liberal India are also in the top-five.

So what does this mocking fact teach us? That morality and religious piety have failed to cordon and stop the apparently magnanimous lustful appetite of our population. And at a time when we, calling ourselves the citadels of Islamic values and ethos, shirk and seethe at the merest mentions of anything related to the very natural process of sex; the progressive and forward-looking minds of the world (including Iran) are busy devising new policies and methodologies of imparting an education to the masses, that seems like a cry in the wilderness for our country, that is sex-education.

THE NEED: When renowned sexologist Wilhelm Reich said: “All worries and troubles arise from unsatisfied sexual impulses,” he was undeniably correct. Why does a 7th grade student quickly jump to the reproduction chapter soon after buying his first science book? (Only to be left dejected and confused for we only teach the frog’s version).

Children below 11 and 12 years of age seldom show interest in any “dirty” activity. At the onset of puberty, where the body undergoes very obvious and discomforting physical changes, the mind also takes a sexual turn. That’s not perversion or religious transgression. Its normal hormonal biochemistry! However, unfortunately enough, for all those queries arising in a naive mind there is no suitable person to elucidate except for that part-and-parcel-of-our-culture xyz bhai in the street who has quite a reputation for being sleazy.

About 99 percent of our youth has seen, and is seeing, porn. The reason in the beginning is always curiosity. Then why not give a proper channel to these very normal and natural feelings? Why leave our highly talented and energetic youth at the mercy of pornography, pedophiles and sordid rogues? If, keeping mum when a child asks his parents what happens after marriage or hurriedly changing the Greenstar commercials, is called modesty; then what is having one of the highest porn viewership rates in the world called? Qiyamat ki nishaani?

THE MYTH: First myth – England is a very “modern” country; modern implying female soldiers and a highly liberal social setup among others. The reality: Neither does the British government allow women to take part in direct-combat roles in the military, nor do they allow topics like sex to be discussed openly. The result: Britain has the highest unlawful teenage pregnancy rate in Europe.

Second myth – Telling children about sex corrupts their minds and makes them more prone to getting trapped into social-evils. The reality:

A) we are not “telling” them about sex; a seventh grade student won’t understand much about the anatomy of the human genitalia and the complicated hormonal activity involved anyways, neither does sex-education mean engaging a student in sleazy talk. Education is always age-appropriate and details are only revealed according to the mental development of the student.

B) When a nation is consciously and proudly labeled conservative, considering sexual talk, feelings and behavior illegal and immoral, and simultaneously it exposes itself to an extremely obsessed with lust-and-love media with a shameless neglect, and the results are reaped in the form of colossal proportions of child abuse, illegal abortions, domestic violence, homosexuality, pornography and sexually transmitted diseases; does the proud and priestly talk of minds being corrupted remain even valid?

Education is a power; it’s a means of familiarizing the minds and equipping them with the muscle to make the right decision. We have lost too many a people to wars and terrorism; we don’t want to lose more to the ravaging jaws of the present day media and the ever corrupt society.

The third, and the funniest, myth – Pakistan is an Islamic country hence sex-education is prohibited. Firstly, Islam doesn’t ban sex-education; many Ahadith and Quranic verses are related to sex themselves. Secondly, Pakistan is an Islamic country? What a joke! Only one fact of 80 percent homes having domestic violence is proof enough to refute this argument! If the Muslim society of our country has no issue with women being burnt to death for that extra spoon of salt that they put in the food then they should at least have the shame not to drag our religion into education.

THE REACH: The government of Iran has made it mandatory for all to-be-married couples to undergo a pre-marital sex-education course. Counseling on matrimonial issues like reproductive health and satisfaction is given under this education. All social evils related to marriage like extra-marital affairs, divorces and unhappy marital lives can be successfully tackled through this means. Consider what benefits our society will obtain if marital problems are dealt with before they even start to appear.

Japan has made sex-education compulsory for all children aged 10-11. Consequentially never will one find Japan’s name in Google trends porn directory. Let’s face the reality. Neither does Pakistan have co-education system nor will you see women in bikinis parading in our streets. Despite all the social inhibitions, pre-marital sex is rampant and automatically so are illegal abortions. Without finding a doctor who is willing to abort the child, many young girls fall victim to greedy midwives or choose to abort the baby themselves by injecting poisons in their bellies or pushing probes into their uteri. Most of them end up dead. Those who shockingly survive have their future lives destroyed once their husbands find out the secret on the nuptial night.  And then comes the bitter old saga of a modern old slavery replete with violence. All because of our incapacity and myopic vision to consider and educate our youth about a process we all desire behind closed doors.

Our country is third-world. People die daily of tuberculosis, malaria and countless other simple diseases. Moreover, evils like homosexuality and unlawful sex are on the rise ever since our media opened its doors to inspirations from Hollywood and Bollywood and their undying obsession with sex. STDs are high-risk diseases. Syphilis and gonorrhea, the commonest of STDs in Pakistan, start invading the nervous system if not treated within a week. Are we, a nation with hospitals already understaffed and overloaded with patients in critical conditions, ready to sustain a subsequent rise in patients suffering from sexually transmitted diseases?

THE BACKLASH: A widespread frenzy came into play once media reported a certain school in Karachi apparently carrying out sex-education. The reality was that students of class 8th were being taught reproduction in a Biology lesson from a Cambridge book. The secretary for education Sind had to visit the institute and made the principal seek an apology from the parents and the authorities. The secretary could boldly be heard on television stating it to the principal “This is not US, this is not UK, this is Pakistan!”

If this is the reaction of educated individuals, the response from the clergy clan isn’t hard to imagine. Moreover, children walking back from schools with books titled “Reproductive health: Grade 7” and “Essentials of Sexology” won’t be a very pleasant sight for the parents as well. The most important court of law, that is the society, will term it highly immoral and disrespectful; something of the magnitude that is able to quake the very roots of this pseudo-religious culture.

So what is the realistic practicality of sex-education in Pakistan? Should it be considered a dream too far-fetched to be turned into reality? Should it be implemented with full force completely ignoring the wails and sirens emanating from the ignorant mouths of our country men and women? Or should it be imparted but subtly, without being included in the text and curricula, but surely taught age-appropriately in the class? Whatever the answer to these questions may be, the fact remains the same as Will Durant said “No great civilization is conquered unless it has been eaten away from the inside”.

October 10, 2010

Intellectual dishonesty 2010 (Part 2)

Pakistan's Café Pyala (CP) blogs posted "More breaking (away) news" on September 24, 2010, which claimed: “We have confirmed that Aaj TV's executive director news and current affairs, and host of his own show, Syed Talat Hussain, has put in his papers at the channel. He is set to bid goodbye to the struggling-for-ratings news channel at the end of October.

“Even more interesting, however, are reports that he will be joining the even-more-struggling DawnNews which is trying its best to pull itself out of its forlorn legacy as an English-language channel. According to insider sources, staff at DawnNews have already been told to expect Hussain to take over as overall head of the newly-Urduized news channel in November.”

Many anonymous people commented on the post. Someone talked about Habib R. Sulemani, and then whatever happened, we're presenting here the related comments and let you decide what kind of a behavior is it!

Anonymous commentator said: Cafe Pyala! This is yet another fearless piece... congrats... but why you are silent on yet another "hot" story at Dawn Media Group... the alleged involvement of Zaffar Abbas in the ISI-planned murder plot of journalist Habib Sulemani... plus who is the real editor of daily Dawn, by the way...!?

In response, Magnum reacted: @ Anon. Utter nonsense. There is no such case. Where do you get your info from, man? From Dr. Aafia's sis?

Anonymous said: @Magnum! You don't know about the case of Habib R. Sulemani? If you are a journalist (as claimed by Reesha (another commentator): Muhammad Hanif, Shandana Mehnas and Nadeem F. Paracha) then I'm really surprised by the intellectual dishonesty... anyways, plz visit these sites:

1- Daily Times, "Family under attack" http://www.dailytimes.com.pk/print.asp?page=2010\07\24\story_24-7-2010_pg3_7

2- PressPakistan Google group, "Letters to PFUJ & Dawn" http://groups.google.com.pk/g/6e57f9b6/t/a2cf302eadf6c27c/.../b8162a23d3378ae9

3- Criminal inquiry sought http://theterrorland.blogspot.com/2010/06/criminal-inquiry-sought.html

Alpha Za, also a regular commentator on The Terrorland group blogs, said: Btw, the comments seem to have gone in all directions. From Pyala's identities (sounds like we have a consensus) to the 'Habib Sulemani' driven conspiracy theories (for the record, I'm not doubting the claims, I just don't see the relevance to the post).

Anonymous said: @Alpha Za I think the issue of Zaffar Abbas is very relevant to discuss here, because there are allegations that that the Abbas Brothers have a "Freemason-like" group in the media industry... therefore we should not hesitate to talk about them... this is not the mainstream Pakistani media but the free social media :-)

Anonymous 4:22 PM said: Habib Sulemani is as obvious a case of schizophrenic paranoia as you could find in a textbook study, and that's apparent just from reading the third link cited above by anon@12.21. No more comment necessary to the laughable claims.

When the news reached one of our blog moderators, the Webmaster, commented: 

@Anon 4:22 PM

1) How did you guess from a web link that Mr Sulemani is a "case of schizophrenic paranoia"?

2) As you say that you read this "schizophrenic term" in some textbook... did it make you an expert or it's just a traditional trick of psychological warfare (according the The Terrorland blogs besides Zaffar Abbas, Farman Ali and Adeel Raza, there is also a psychologist, Dr Najma Najam, among the accused)?

3) You have announced (as if the owner of Cafe Pyala blogs) "no more comments"... Why? Because journalists with God-like image (i.e, Zaffar and Talat) only matter in Pakistan... ordinary journalists like Sulemani never get counted?

4) You have declared the assassination attempts on Mr Sulemani and his sister "laughable claims"... do you have any proof in this regard?

In the meantime, Anonymous 5:24 PM announced that the “breaking news” was not true, saying that Talat Hussain might had spread the news to bargain a better deal with Aaj TV.

Another Anonymous said: @Anon 4:22 should have been 4:20 ;-)

Yet another Anonymous said: @webmaster: hello habib sulemani. yes, please seek professional help.

agha jee said: just came home, tired of the desk job, ah, but the comments here didn't let me sleep...

@webmaster i think u r a lawyer... ur arguments r rational, can't be denied, this says a lot about the "powerful accused" in the habib sulemani case. i have read his blogs, the terrorland.

@anon 9:36 how do u say that webmaster is actually habib sulemani? if he is, then such a wise man or someone else needs "help"?

Webmaster repeated Anonymous 5:24 PM announcement of the false breaking news... and then asked the moderator of CP a polite question: "DawnNews deal with Talat Hussain has fallen on the rocks. He wanted DN to hire some of his close associate at his suggested remunerations, which DN CEO Shakeel Masood refused to buy. Or TH might have spread the news to bargain a better deal with Aaj tv. Who knows in this electronic media hopping and poaching. @ Anonymous September 24, 2010 5:24 PM"

So Cafe Pyala is also a member or mouthpiece of Zaffar Abbas' alleged "Freemason-like" gang "Abbasanian"?

This made the moderator of Café Pyala, XYZ, very angry and he wrote: A Special Note to Mr Suleimani (he wrote with a wrong spelling of the name of the journalist): This is not the first post you have spammed with your obsessions (which are completely unconnected to the topic being discussed) and adverts for your blog. Since you run your own blog where your concerns are probably more than adequately addressed, we request you not to spam our blog any further. Any further such attempts will simply be deleted.

Usman Bashir with a broken heart reacted to XYZ's comment: interestingly as much as i heard in the tweet world about this blog, as mucnh as i am disappointed of it. What i found out that this blog is another masked piece of **** to express thier bitches which they cant do at some other real places and to play hide and seek in virutal world. Infect such a miserable piece of writing, no wonder, our media is under crisis. For God sake, we look forward to these joun's and what they produce.
On October 4, 2010 Café Pyala posted “How Pathetically Low Can You Go?”.  It said: “A picture has been doing the rounds on email purporting to show the debauchery of Balochistan Chief Minister Nawab Aslam Raisani. It shows a smiling Raisani with his head on the shoulders of a young, T-shirt clad girl… was immediately and conclusively dubbed a "call girl." So guess what that poor, poor girl's name is: Aana Hassan Raisani. Yes, she is Aslam Raisani's own teenage daughter, who attends school in Islamabad. And the photograph of a father expressing innocent affection for his daughter was apparently taken at their home.”

During comments what happened just see a glance of it: 

The Old Man said...

Good post. This shows the level of journalism in Pakistan! In our times, an editor, like Khan Sab at Dawn, used to be an institution, which has been destroyed. Now editorship has become a fight among the street-smarts... it has become a sheer PR-job! Just see this eyeopener I got in my email:

October 4, 2010 would be remembered as a "black day" for journalism in Pakistan as amid hushing, ZaffarAbbas, accused of criminal offenses, takes over as Editor Dawn - the newspaper founded by the founder of the country, Mr M.A. Jinnah.

Accused Zaffar is a member of the influential "Abbas Brothers". His eldest brother, Maj-Gen Athar Abbas is the chief spokesperson of the Pakistan Army. Mazhar Abbas is an executive at the ARY TV and a behind-the-doors-player at the Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ). Azhar Abbas is a boss at the Geo TV, accused of the tension between the PPP-led government and the top media group.

Zaffar's wife runs an NGO - Uks network in Islamabad. Criminal inquiry sought: http://t.co/IUZg7mg

October 4, 2010 12:17 PM

Rumi said...

My Dear Old Man, this is in NO way about Zaffar. Kindly keep your grudge with the changing times at Dawn for another time and place.

For all I know, he is a well respected journalist and just like Abbas, he too will go on to make Dawn even better.

October 4, 2010 1:08 PM

Anonymous said...

Oldman, you sound sick, you need to consult a doctor immediately before its too late. I don't think that Pyala is a place for venting personal hatred against individuals. Zaffar is one of the finest journalists in this country.

October 4, 2010 2:19 PM

Alpha Za said...

            @ Old Man Aka Mr. Suleimani, you're a rather persistent spammer aren't you?

October 4, 2010 3:21 PM
afia said...

As for Old Man... seems like it is true what they say about old age and senility.
How, may I know, is it a crime for members of the same family to distinguish themselves professionally?

Athar Abbas has risen up the ranks to become a general. Zaffar and Mazhar and Azhar have been through the mill of journalism right from the stage of being reporters, and reached where they are today on their professional skills. And Mazhar hasn't been behind the scenes anywhere... he has always been in the forefront of the struggle of journalists throughout his career.

As for Zaffar's wife who runs an NGO.. is that too a crime? Since when? It is a well respected NGO dedicated to combating exactly what we are discussing......... the negative portrayal of women in media.......... so Old Man... go investigate that!

October 4, 2010 5:38 PM

XYZ said...

Just a quick note to all:

Please do not respond to Mr Suleimani's post (OldMan) regarding Zaffar Abbas. The only reason we have left it up there is because a couple of people have responded to it. He has been guilty of spamming this blog for quite sometime and we have already warned him that such off-topic spam will be deleted.

October 4, 2010 7:12 PM

Naeem Ahmed said...


How do you say The Old Man is Mr Sulemani, any proof?

October 4, 2010 7:41 PM
Anonymous said...

we all know old man is sulemani, as perhaps is naeem ahmed, who, like sulemani often does, asks for 'proof'. silly senile bugger :)

October 4, 2010 8:40 PM

Anonymous said...

CP u r exposed by now fully, believe me!

October 4, 2010 10:13 PM


1- More breaking (away) news, Café Pyala: http://cafepyala.blogspot.com/2010/09/more-breaking-away-news.html

2- The hypocritical media, The Express Tribune: http://tribune.com.pk/story/52907/the-hypocritical-media

3- Intellectual dishonesty 2010 (Part 1), Press Pakistan Google Groups: http://theterrorland.blogspot.com/2010/06/intellectual-dishonesty-2010.html

October 7, 2010

Speaking truth in militarized & Talibanized society

The Terrorland group blogs received a comment by “Anonymous” on our post "Pakistan escapes but Dawn succumbs to coup d'état" on October 6, 2010 at 2:59am. After reading it, the moderators decided to publish it as a new post.

The comment starts in this frank way: “Habib, take it from me, you are now the laughingstock of the journalistic community. you don’t need justice, you need medication. it's funny how no one even knew who you were before you started this outrageous series of claims. even in your blog your writing style is so poor that I doubt you could ever get a publisher, even if they wanted to print your material as comedy.”

Someone pointed out that it should not be published but majority of the group agreed to publish it. Stopping it would have been against the principle stand of the group: freedom of thought and expression. Now, let's analyze the text and make some points clear.  

>> Habib, take it from me,

** Anonymous, Habib R. Sulemani may not! He has told this moderator that he’s ready to face the accused  anywhere, in a court of law or on the mass media.

>> you are now the laughingstock of the journalistic community.

** Only Zaffar Abbas and other accused can play this outdated trick—the inside news of the editorship of Dawn is now public although it’s still not in the “cartel-media” of Pakistan—allegedly controlled by the almighty Abbas Brothers. Newsroom and press club gossips about the Freemason-like gang and its "clandestine intelligence operations" suggest something else! Don't you know? 

>> you don’t need justice,

** This is what every criminal wishes after committing crimes. We can understand your frustration, honey!

>> You need medication.

** This is Zaffar Abbas, Farman Ali and Adeel Raza's traditional trick, we’ve learnt reliably. Sources say, ISI's psychological warfare cell's head Dr Najma Najam had used this trick in many places including on the Indian soldiers in Kashmir and Nato forces in Afghanistan, and now it was being used against innocent Pakistanis to hide their crimes...

>> its funny how no one even knew who you were before 

** Not the entire world or people all over Pakistan, but a lot of people knew Mr. Sulemani as an upright journalist and committed poet/writer. He had edited a book on the occasion of the Golden Jubilee of Pakistan, and another on the 2000-year history of Gilgit-Baltistan. Moreever, he had written to the Editor Dawn on April 8, 2010: “No one dares to reveal the inside story (at Dawn) although it is an open secret!” He dared and therefore has earned the silent respect of the terrorized country more than the influential accused. Who can stand in the face of oppression and tyranny like Mr. Sulemani and his helpless family in today’s militarized and Talibanized Pakistan? In a message a senior journalist, requesting not to be named, has declared him “the conscience of Pakistan”. 

>> you started this outrageous series of claims.

** Any person who seeks the help of a court certainly has enough evidences—he has solid evidences of the crimes of the accused, he has said in his blogs many time. 

>> even in your blog your writing style is so poor

** He has never ever claimed that he is a great writer. “A writer should be an intellectual layman,” he once said in his typical funny way. Yes, a blog is usually not supposed to be a piece of literature but a way of mass communication. In other words, blogs are literature-in-haste not literature! Do you understand our press-release-reporter turned editor!

>> that I doubt you could ever get a publisher,

** Mr. Sulemani has so far never contacted any publisher. He has never ever tried to become a published author. “I’ve been writing for almost three decades,” he once said, “I’m writing since my primary school days, and have nothing but boxes of manuscripts. I write for self-catharsis not for making money.”

>> even if they wanted to print your material as comedy.

** Let’s see what happens. Man proposes but God disposes!

October 4, 2010

Pakistan escapes but Dawn succumbs to coup d'état

By Ghulam Rehman

“Pakistan escaped but Dawn has succumbed to coup d'état,” said Habib Sulemani, when he came to know that Zaffar Abbas has "formally" taken over as editor of the conservative but influential newspaper of the country. “This is a black day for journalism in Pakistan.”

Mr. Abbas is the main accused in the three assassination attempts on Mr. Sulemani and "a plot to kill my entire family in a systematic way”.

Zaffar is a member of the influential "Abbas Brothers". His eldest brother is a serving general – Maj-Gen. Athar Abbas – and is the chief spokesperson of the Pakistan Army. Mazhar Abbas is an executive at the ARY TV and a leader of the Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) while Azhar Abbas is reportedly the highest paid employee of Geo TV. Mrs. Zaffar runs an NGO – Uks network – in Islamabad.
Zaffar Abbas

“I’ve nothing with his (Zaffar’s) family,” Mr. Sulemani says, “but I want to bring him along with other accused to justice. This is what I had requested to the federal government.”

Mr. Sulemani is perturbed by the action of the Dawn Media Group, which has stopped his salary and has appointed a man accused of criminal charges as editor of the newspaper, founded by Mr. M.A. Jinnah. He seeks protection as he is living in solitary confinement for the last over six months.

“I need immediate access to the Supreme Court of Pakistan, I’m fully convinced of getting justice,” he adds.

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October 3, 2010

In the face of oppression & tyranny

By Karim Rehman

"Let's bring those people to justice who use religion, race and nationalism as weapons against humanity, and those criminal minds who want to make planet earth a terrorland in the universe," says Habib R. Sulemani, yes, my eldest brother. This is the latest photograph of him in solitary confinement. I had taken a lot of phtotographs yesterday at our home in Rawalpindi, Pakistan.