October 4, 2010

Pakistan escapes but Dawn succumbs to coup d'état

By Ghulam Rehman

“Pakistan escaped but Dawn has succumbed to coup d'état,” said Habib Sulemani, when he came to know that Zaffar Abbas has "formally" taken over as editor of the conservative but influential newspaper of the country. “This is a black day for journalism in Pakistan.”

Mr. Abbas is the main accused in the three assassination attempts on Mr. Sulemani and "a plot to kill my entire family in a systematic way”.

Zaffar is a member of the influential "Abbas Brothers". His eldest brother is a serving general – Maj-Gen. Athar Abbas – and is the chief spokesperson of the Pakistan Army. Mazhar Abbas is an executive at the ARY TV and a leader of the Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) while Azhar Abbas is reportedly the highest paid employee of Geo TV. Mrs. Zaffar runs an NGO – Uks network – in Islamabad.
Zaffar Abbas

“I’ve nothing with his (Zaffar’s) family,” Mr. Sulemani says, “but I want to bring him along with other accused to justice. This is what I had requested to the federal government.”

Mr. Sulemani is perturbed by the action of the Dawn Media Group, which has stopped his salary and has appointed a man accused of criminal charges as editor of the newspaper, founded by Mr. M.A. Jinnah. He seeks protection as he is living in solitary confinement for the last over six months.

“I need immediate access to the Supreme Court of Pakistan, I’m fully convinced of getting justice,” he adds.

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  1. " “I need immediate access to the Supreme Court of Pakistan, I’m fully convinced of getting justice,” he adds. "

    Sure, why not. it's not like they are busy.

    Would the esteemed Mr. Suliemani like to offer evidence of Mr. Abbas's deviousness involvement?

  2. Mr. Justice Alpha Za! He may not appear in your honorable court as you have been doing enough media trail... lol!

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