October 7, 2010

Speaking truth in militarized & Talibanized society

The Terrorland group blogs received a comment by “Anonymous” on our post "Pakistan escapes but Dawn succumbs to coup d'état" on October 6, 2010 at 2:59am. After reading it, the moderators decided to publish it as a new post.

The comment starts in this frank way: “Habib, take it from me, you are now the laughingstock of the journalistic community. you don’t need justice, you need medication. it's funny how no one even knew who you were before you started this outrageous series of claims. even in your blog your writing style is so poor that I doubt you could ever get a publisher, even if they wanted to print your material as comedy.”

Someone pointed out that it should not be published but majority of the group agreed to publish it. Stopping it would have been against the principle stand of the group: freedom of thought and expression. Now, let's analyze the text and make some points clear.  

>> Habib, take it from me,

** Anonymous, Habib R. Sulemani may not! He has told this moderator that he’s ready to face the accused  anywhere, in a court of law or on the mass media.

>> you are now the laughingstock of the journalistic community.

** Only Zaffar Abbas and other accused can play this outdated trick—the inside news of the editorship of Dawn is now public although it’s still not in the “cartel-media” of Pakistan—allegedly controlled by the almighty Abbas Brothers. Newsroom and press club gossips about the Freemason-like gang and its "clandestine intelligence operations" suggest something else! Don't you know? 

>> you don’t need justice,

** This is what every criminal wishes after committing crimes. We can understand your frustration, honey!

>> You need medication.

** This is Zaffar Abbas, Farman Ali and Adeel Raza's traditional trick, we’ve learnt reliably. Sources say, ISI's psychological warfare cell's head Dr Najma Najam had used this trick in many places including on the Indian soldiers in Kashmir and Nato forces in Afghanistan, and now it was being used against innocent Pakistanis to hide their crimes...

>> its funny how no one even knew who you were before 

** Not the entire world or people all over Pakistan, but a lot of people knew Mr. Sulemani as an upright journalist and committed poet/writer. He had edited a book on the occasion of the Golden Jubilee of Pakistan, and another on the 2000-year history of Gilgit-Baltistan. Moreever, he had written to the Editor Dawn on April 8, 2010: “No one dares to reveal the inside story (at Dawn) although it is an open secret!” He dared and therefore has earned the silent respect of the terrorized country more than the influential accused. Who can stand in the face of oppression and tyranny like Mr. Sulemani and his helpless family in today’s militarized and Talibanized Pakistan? In a message a senior journalist, requesting not to be named, has declared him “the conscience of Pakistan”. 

>> you started this outrageous series of claims.

** Any person who seeks the help of a court certainly has enough evidences—he has solid evidences of the crimes of the accused, he has said in his blogs many time. 

>> even in your blog your writing style is so poor

** He has never ever claimed that he is a great writer. “A writer should be an intellectual layman,” he once said in his typical funny way. Yes, a blog is usually not supposed to be a piece of literature but a way of mass communication. In other words, blogs are literature-in-haste not literature! Do you understand our press-release-reporter turned editor!

>> that I doubt you could ever get a publisher,

** Mr. Sulemani has so far never contacted any publisher. He has never ever tried to become a published author. “I’ve been writing for almost three decades,” he once said, “I’m writing since my primary school days, and have nothing but boxes of manuscripts. I write for self-catharsis not for making money.”

>> even if they wanted to print your material as comedy.

** Let’s see what happens. Man proposes but God disposes!


  1. "Habib R. Sulemani is a Pakistani journalist who also writes poetry and fiction. His novel, The Terrorland, on which he had been working for years, has enraged the powerful establishment, which is trying to stop its publication."

    Um, doesn't this description go the contrary of whats been said above?

    I do agree that the writing style ought to be better. Particular if the man, is a professional journalist and has written those books.

    Is there a reason that the esteemed and unbelievable famous Mr. Suleimani doesn't just present the evidence? I mean, this is the internet after all.

    or better yet, present it to Pyala, and have them follow up on it. It might actually get taken seriously.

    See....I'm being nice and helpful.

  2. Dear Alpha Za aka Murtaza Jafri,

    Like the "official" mullahs, we can't issue a decree to declare your posts spam although many people have suggested to do so... we'll let you post here, whatever you want, with your ID or anonymously, as you do often... we respect you as a representative of the secret brotherhood under the ISI... hope you'll feel better in a court of law, after seeing the evidences, someday!


  3. Zafar Abass met the same fate.......his brither Athar Abass........last week.

    His brother Athar Abbas was among those ten maj. Generals awaiting for their promotions. 8 promoted last week except Athar....a brilliant Armored Corps officer common division.

  4. zaffar abbas is really a shameless man and so are the owners of dawn, hameed haroon and amber sehgel… if i were there, i would never ’ve allowed zaffar to take over as editor… or if i were the editor, i’d ve resigned from the editorship… but it seems as the time of zameer niazi is over… alas... but keep the fight up mr sulemani… we all r with u… but we r not as brave as u…

  5. @alpha, mr sulemani writes better than ur guru zaffar abbas. u r the only man pointing this out. see what ur own pyala had written about zaffar:

    Zafar Abbas analyses in the front pages were pretty shallow and those who edited his copy in the Herald will tell of how poor it was.


  6. @ Webmaster: For the record, I have never posted anonymously. And as your most (and perhaps only) consistent commenter, I would have thought that you'd notice that.

    As for the 'Many people' who've suggested that you delete my spam posts, please clarify how any of them can be considered as spam when they are all on topic?

    "we respect you as a representative of the secret brotherhood under the ISI"

    Thank you for your respect, it is indeed something I crave for every time I wake up, and even though I'm not a representative of the ISI (the Zionist, Haitians, Americans all pay better)I trust that I can retain that respect.

    What I find disingenuous, particularly coming from a journalist is the lack of forthrightness in the presentation of evidence. Alleging evidence without substantiation is just slander.

    I like that you want the courts, but what I don't understand is your insistence that others aka The dawn group, should file those cases on the esteemed Mr. Sulemani's behalf?

    @ Agha Jee Jee Julaibee Jubilee: I think you've been misinformed, I actually know nothing about Mr. Zafar Abbas, if you must know, I spend most of my reading time online on the Tribune and Business Recorder. It's just the multitude of allegations without providing any substance. oh and I thought that implying something untodo about his wife's NGO was particularly distasteful.