October 25, 2010

Female student victimized on orders from the top: Karakoram University

By Nasira Parveen

KIU Chancellor President Zardari

The Karakoram International University (KIU) Gilgit, Pakistan, has finally admitted that some members of its administration were involved in victimization of innocent students on political, racial and sectarian grounds. 

“Nasira (this blogger) was victimized on orders from the top,” a high-ranking official of the KIU administration told my family on telephone the other day. My family has sought an apology in writing from the university.

After the leak-out of my brother Habib Sulemani's novel The Terrorland, the secret agencies had planned to "teach him a lesson". Being a woman, I was made the prime target in the traditional way of taking revenge. Some members of the KIU administration made a cock and bull story and tried to kill me on campus in the name of "honor" seven months back. When they failed in the first stage of a mass murder plan of our family, they tried to hide their crime. They stopped me from attending classes illegally. I had written about it to Pakistan's President and KIU Chancellor Asif Ali Zardari (Mr. President! I need justice in the Islamic Republic) but till this day, there is no response from the Presidency.

However, the KIU official (name withheld: moderators) said that members of the university administration were helpless to raise voice against the injustice with me. "Most of the high-ranking officials are contractual employees and they follow orders to keep their jobs going on—who can afford to lose a monthly salary of about Rs200,000 in these terrible times," he added.

"Yes there are allegations of corruption, nepotism and plagiarism against Vice-Chancellor Dr. Najma Najam," the KIU official said but denied that secret agencies were raising a new breed of Taliban on campus. However, he admitted that officers of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and Military Intelligence (MI) often visited the KIU as some of them were either friends or former students of the Vice-Chancellor. The official said that he didn't know that Dr. Najam was also ruining the psychological warfare cell of the ISI.

That was what the KIU official said. Now let me show you (readers of The Terrorland blogs) some evidences of active involvement of the ISI and MI in the affairs of the KIU. In my case, first of all read this "notification" issued by KIU Registrar Dr. Ahsanullah Mir (a medical doctor from the NGO sector famous for his reported links with the secret agencies).

The KIU admin with the help of Assistant Professor Manzoor Ali of the physics department (who is also president of the Ismaili Regional Council Gilgit and involved in honor-related crimes including the murder of a young girl Shila (I escaped death but she was killed) provoked my relatives and community, and then the KIU Registrar with his group bundled me in a van and dropped at my uncle's home so that some relative kills me in the name of "honor". After the character assassination campaign, they did this because they had failed to kill me on campus. But my family members and relatives knew the reality, so they protected me. This further frustrated the KIU admin and their collaborators in Islamabad as a result they issued the above so-called "notification" in the backdates to save their face. My family received this copy from an official of the ISI. 

Now see the next so-called "notification" issued by the KIU Additional Registrar:

This "notification" was issued in the same manner when my family members were trying to go to a local court in Gilgit. The KIU admin, which was furiously in contact with their collaborators in Islamabad (evidences withheld) first requested to my family to keep silent as it was a "matter of national security"! But when I refused to keep mum and wanted to knock the door of a court, an ISI official gave this copy to my family with verbal threats: "Now the doors of every university is closed on Nasira Parveen in Pakistan."

When the secret agencies saw my determination to seek justice, then they adopted an "arbitration" policy, saying that they would punish KIU Campus Director Karim Khan but "you should keep silent". But I along with my family members was seeking action against all plotters so that the future of our new generation could be protected from the criminals in the education department. Many students and their parents appreciated my display of courage in the male-dominated society. 

During this time, the Special Branch appeared with copy of a five-page disgusting letter in Urdu against Karim Khan. I was shocked seeing my name on it without my signature. The spies had written my name correctly but my roommate's father name and address had been faked as she was a very part of the criminal game.

The letter had been written by one Mukhtar Hussain of the Special Branch. It was reportedly sent to the high-ups in Gilgit including Force Commander Northern Areas (a serving major-general of the Pakistan Army), Deputy Director ISI, In-charge MI, Deputy Director Intelligence Bureau, In-charge Special Branch, In-charge Criminal Investigation Department (CID), Deputy Inspector-General Police, Superintendent Police, Deputy Commissioner, Deputy Director Press Information and In-charge Human Rights Commission of Pakistan in Islamabad.

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5

My family protested over this criminal act of writing and distributing a fake letter with my name. It was the last-ditch effort of the criminal gang to save their face. I'm so sorry for not being able to translate this bizarre document into English, which shows the sick mentality of our spymasters who are supposed to protect people in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Shame on you criminal intelligence agencies! You can't escape the wrath of God, no matter how smart you try to be! Army Chief Gen. Ashfaq Pervez Kayani and ISI boss Gen. Ahmad Shuja Pasha should keep this in mind besides the sacrifices of three generations of my family for this country (Pakistan: swinging between extremism & liberalism).

Anyway, in the meanwhile how my brother (real bone of contention) was attacked in Rawalpindi, that has been told in a previous blog by my youngest brother: Terrorism & the story of a brave teenager. Since then we're being tortured and harassed in different ways, and our way to justice has been blocked! My health has been deteriorated and so is the health of my brother (Mr. Sulemani) who is living in solitary confinement for the past seven months. His life is under threat from the ISI and its rogue outfits as they've declared him a traitor and American agent.

Everyone from my elderly parents to younger siblings is suffering as we've been isolated in the society. People are scared to contact us. We're facing oppression and tyranny while Pakistan's democratically elected Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani is still silent.


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  1. Google search for Prof. Dr. Najma Najam took me to a website about her: http://forgeriesinpu.150m.com

    It writes:

    Prof. Dr. Najma Najam is current Vice-Chancellor, Karakuram International University, Gilgit, Ex. Vice-Chancellor of Fatima Jinnah Woman University, Rawalpindi and former Director External Linkages, University of the Punjab, Lahore) and also first wife of Prof. Dr. Mujahid Kamran. She is involved in forgeries of serious kind. She is promoted to Professor Meritorious by her husband Prof. Dr. Mujahid Kamran despite of the fact that she is still in active service(Visit University of the Punjab website). She with the help of her husband was involved in tempering of official documents, producing fake documents to gain illegal benefits like" leave with pay" as well as various scholarships. Following are some facts of her forgeries.

    Letter by Registrar pointing a tempering in official letter(1982)

    Service Book Pages

    Following are some facts of Prof. Dr. Najma Najam's financial forgeries in Center for Clinical Psychology, University of the Punjab.

    Audit Report for Center for Clinical Psychology

    Following are some facts of Prof. Dr. Najma Najam's financial forgeries in Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi.

    Audit Report of Fatima Jinnah Women University

    In addition to academic and financial malpractices, Prof. Dr. Najma Najam has come to rescue of her group giving illegal benefits. Among the illegal beneficiaries are Umniya Khan and Sadia, who were removed from service of the University of the Punjab because of inefficiency/dicipline, were recruited on contract in the Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi. Within a period of six months, Umniya Khan was awarded scholarship with the active collaboration of Dr. Sohail H. Naqvi (Executive Director H.E.C) and was sent abroad within few months of their appointment.

    On the eve of Prof. Dr. Najma Najam retirement, she was given a pleasent gift by having another wife Ms. Shazia Qurashi by Prof. Dr. Mujahid Kamran (Step mother for his grown up children).

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