November 4, 2010

Alas! Mr. Jinnah's Dawn is dead, long live Pakistan

Dawn is Pakistan's oldest and most widely read English-language newspaper. One of the country's two largest English-language dailies, it is the flagship of the Dawn Media Group, published by Pakistan Herald Publications, which also owns the Herald, a magazine and Spider, an information technology magazine. Pakistan's newspaper of record, it is considered to be something of a national institution.

It was founded in 1941 by Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah in Delhi, India. The newspaper has offices in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad, as well as representatives. The CEO of the group is Hameed Haroon. (Wikipedia)

October 4, 2010 was marked as a black day for journalism in Pakistan when Zaffar Abbas reportedly involved in a mass murder plot and attacks on journalist Habib R. Sulemani took over as Editor of the daily Dawn.

Mr. Sulemani is living in solitary confinement for the last seven months and his repeatedly demand for criminal investigation into the charges against Zaffar and his cronies along with the secret agencies ISI and MI has been ignored by the administration of the Dawn Media Group and government of Pakistan.  

This is for the first time in the journalistic history of the country that a man accused of criminal charges has taken over as the Editor of the prestigious newspaper founded by Mr. Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan.

Professional ethics are dead in the country, and intellectual dishonesty has crossed limits and has reached the stage of intellectual terrorism in the terror-hit country. 

Alas! Dawn is dead, long live Pakistan. 


  1. "Let Us Build Pakistan" says: unfortunately some Shias especially the Abbas Brothers are doing more harm to this minority community than anyone else... The "Uks secret brotherhood" under the ISI, reportedly led by daily Dawn's Editor Zaffa...r Abbas has turned the media against the elected govt... showing that it is led by "moron" Shias: President Zardari and Prime Minister Gilani as they see themselves super intelligent like Aristotle... to keep their jobs and get promotions, their colleagues say, they can do anything, even sacrifice national secrets... This point should always be kept in mind that there are enemies within!

  2. To get the Editorship of Dawn, Zaffar Abbas had started a campaign against his own boss, Abbas Nasir and even hit Hameed Haroon a year ago. The press pakistan google group archives are eyewitness to it. See this one I've never worked for Dawn group so i really don't know the actual situation.

    *True colours of Hameed Haroon (Daily DAWN) on display!*

    There is a general impression all over the country, especially among
    journalists, that Dawn is the only newspaper in Pakistan where self respect
    of workers is not injured, and where they are not subjected to forced
    labour. However, the ground reality is very different.

    For over 30 years, the arrogant perennial bachelor and Chief Executive of
    Dawn, Mr. Hameed Haroon, has been in the forefront in the exploitation of
    workers. Time and again, he has violated the rights of workers and, in fact,
    publicly claims to be the biggest litigant who excels in playing tricks to
    defy and deter court orders for long and indefinite periods, in order to
    deprive newspaper workers of their legitimate rights.

    The dilemma is that his evil genius has succeeded in defying orders of
    Supreme Court of Pakistan, resolutions adopted by all the four Provincial
    Assemblies, the National Assembly, the Senate and even the Federal Cabinet.
    By non-implementing the 7th Wage Award, he is depriving newspaper employees
    of their legitimate rights since July I, 2000, by securing a restraint order
    from the Sindh High Court, and is cleverly managing through
    misrepresentations to avoid notices to the other party, and its consequent
    appearance in court.

    Similarly, a masked forced labour camp has been set up by Mr Hameed Haroon
    where workers are made to work at much lesser wages than those laid down by
    the Wage Board Awards, and he also flouts labour laws.

    A majority of workers are shown as employees of fake companies to escape
    from payment of lawful wages and income taxes.

    Here I would like to mention my case, which is a glaring example of this
    brutality. I was employed in Dawn at Faisalabad on March 1, 1983, and was
    designated as Correspondent, whereas, as per functional duties assigned and
    performed by me, I should have been designated as a Special Correspondent.
    This was intentionally done to deprive me of my legitimate grade and
    allowances which were restored by the Implementation Tribunal for Newspaper
    Employees, after a long drawn litigation on 10-09-2009.

    The true colours of the unscrupulous Mr. Hameed Haroon have been displayed
    for the world to see and ponder upon. Unfortunately, Mr. Abbas Nasir (Editor
    DAWN) has chosen to blindly follow his instructions, thereby becoming a tool
    to propagate his savagery.

    *Shamsul Islam Naz*
    Cellular +92(0)300 8665523

  3. From press pakistan google group:

    Is Shamsul Islam Naz is so illinformed person? If I am not wrong - Mr. Shamsul Islam Naz, is a Secretary General of the Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) which is happened to be one of the leading and prime representative body of the newspaper employees all over the country. Furthermore, Mr. Naz
    claimed that he is in the profession for over three decades; one wonder he is
    not aware poor Mr. Nasir Abbas, Editor of Dawn is also being forced for
    "forced Labour” and compelled to look after DAWN News (Electronic channel)
    on the same pay and salary which is being given him as an Editor DAWN.

    Not only this, poor Chap - which Mr. Abbas Nasir is - also forced to sack over eighty senior journalists from DAWN News, by Mr. Hameed Herron & Mr. Abbas Nasir have to oblige him without any hesitation.

    Mr. Naz, what you are talking about Mr. Abbas Nasir, he himself needs help and support of the PFUJ - a number of the DAWN - journalists reportedly airing various stories about
    the helplessness of Mr. Abbas Nasir who has been literally made hostage by Mr. Haroon and forced to dance on his

    Mr. Abbas Nasir, according to the insiders of the DAWN, is virtually made a petty - subordinate or just a "Clerk", and supposed to forward all type of correspondences to
    Manager (HR). What a pity Mr. Abbas Nasir can directly sent a file or make
    recommendation of any editorial staff directly to mighty Haroon.

    Gone are days when late Mahmood Haroon or any of the Chief Executive of the DAWN had dared to call Dawn Editor - in his Office- What deterioration? Nowadays, Mr. Abbas Nasir -
    poor chap - with all his disabilities forced to move round the clock from one
    room to another for taking dictation from the petty Managers of Hammed Haroon -
    How much helpless Mr. Abbas Nasir can be judged from this fact that under the
    law and traditionally - too not single word "contents" can go to the
    press for printing (Publication) in the newspaper without prior permission and
    "go head single" from the Editor. But Mr. Abbas is so weak – that his
    own professional ability being editor openly criticized black and white in DAWN
    - which I would made public as and when my colleagues would so desire. So
    my dear Naz - if you are sincere with the cause of the media persons and genuine
    leader of the community you should also raise your voice for the "release
    of Mr. Aabbas Nasir from the prison of Mr. Hammed Haroon", and all the
    members of this group should also join for demand of the release of DAWN Editor
    and condemned the atrocities of Mr. Hameed Haroon, who has become a symbol of


  4. From press pakistan google group:

    An urgent - appeal to the Journalists ?

    Ms. Nazia - other day disclosed before this group that of Mr. Shamsul Islam Naz, SG PFUJ true trade union leader and sincere with the cause of the media persons he should raise voice for the "release of Mr. Aabbas Nasir from the prison of Mr. Hammed Haroon", and members of this group should also join for demand of the release of DAWN Editor and condemned the atrocities of Mr. Hameed Haroon, who has become a symbol of terror".
    This is just demeaned & irrespective of Mr. Naz or other journalists reservations about the actsof commission and commission of Mr. Abbas Nasir, if we are journalists and believeon human rights and rule of law then we must call for the release of Mr. Abbas Nasir from the prison of Mr. Hameed Haroon.
    It is really painful that the journalists are proceeding on eid holidays but Mr. Abbas Nasir is forced to look after the DAWN NEWS TV channel round the clock on these days too.So we must demand at least release of Mr. Abbas Nasir from the "clutches" of Mr. Haroon.

    Perveen Jan

  5. From press pakistan google group

    Mr. Abbas Nasir Editor “Dawn” & Publication of an indecent ad.

    There has been a perception for a long time now among Pakistan's media persons that DAWN is perhaps the only institution in the country where the Editor enjoys complete command over the editorial wing of the organization. And that the Editor is the one who takes all decisions regarding the editorial stuff and the editorial staff. And that not even an
    advertisement can appear in DAWN without the approval of the Editor.

    Some may also believe that the Editor is still the final authority in DAWN.

    This perception was a reality when icons of Pakistani journalism such as Ahmad Ali Khan, who followed and strengthened glorious traditions of the profession, was the Editor of DAWN.

    However, the accidental landing of Abbas Nasir in the seat of Editor DAWN has given a
    deadly blow to the institution of Editor which used to be a symbol of
    self-respect, credibility, prestige, intellectual honesty and commitment with
    the fraternity.

    Abbas Nasir got hold of DAWN only by chance and not by his hard work or by observing high professional standards. After occupying the seat of Editor DAWN, he unleashed a campaign of
    witch hunting against his colleagues by resorting to indecent and worker-unfriendly
    tactics which no other Editor of good standing ever did in the history of Pakistani media.

    It is a matter of grave concern that since his joining as Editor, he has converted the DAWN,
    which used to be a torch-bearer of independent journalism in Pakistan, into a state gazette through his conformist approach which is the hallmark of his earlier employer, BBC, as it is owned by the British Government and like any
    public sector media organization it can only follow the dotted line instead of following a free approach.

    Unlike the most respected Editor Ahmad Ali han, Mr. Nasir draws a hefty package but, unlike Ahmad Ali Khan, is rendering fellow colleagues jobless on flimsy grounds.

  6. From press pakistan google group:

    Date: Sun, 4 Oct 2009 05:58:56 -0700
    Subject: Re: "FACE OFF" DAWN Management
    (A leading English Daily of Pakistan)

    Dear Shams,


    Nasir Abbas has turned DAWN a pure BHAYA-SHIA newspaper.

    DAWN be disallowed in Punjab, Frontier, Sindh and Baluchistan

  7. What do u mean by = DAWN a pure BHAYA-SHIA newspaper ??????

  8. Yara, itna b ap ko nai pata? Pakistani ho?

    Dawn is openly known as a raciest newspaper in Pakistan which creates discrimination among employees. Only Urdu speaking Muhajirs people get job there. Others are just like salt in flour. Key positions always remain in the hands of the Muhajirs also known as Bhaya. A reporter friend once told me that Punjabis are the most hated people in the organization. Same is with other people. With laughter he said only those Punjabis and Pathans can work at Dawn peacefully who were married with the Urdu speaking women…..

  9. thanx 4 raising dis disgusting issue exposing da disgusting faces... hats off... u rock da tala'd...

  10. Nugget from Kala Kawa

    Dil Dil Pakistan says: Talat Hussain is a man of the ISI and according to a blogger member of a Freemason-like secret brotherhood, led by Zaffar Abbas of Dawn. So what can you expect from a dishonest puppet of the agencies.

    Ahmed Iqbalabadi says: Please do not insult the Free Masons! The Free Masons have included visionary people, not touts like the Abbas brothers, Talat Hussain and members of our ghairat brigade!

    Dil Dil Pakistan says: Sir, I totally agree with you. Talat Hussain and Zaffar Abbas and his brothers are really touts of the agencies but hardcore criminals… who can do anything to protect their jobs… just read this blog and you would be surprised:

    November 2, 2010 6:44 am

    omg this is amazing!! just serves to remind us that the call to pakistani patriotism and honor blah blah blah is rooted in misogyny and the desire to control women.

  11. I came across this message from a Dawn blogger, Sana Saleem: "Rehman Pakistani from the terrorland just informed me that Dawn is dead. Thank you Rehman Pakistani."!/sanasaleem/status/1562364944060417