December 27, 2010

Who killed Benazir Bhutto—Zardari or Kayani ?

By Habib R. Sulemani

East's helpless daughter Benazir
Today is the third death anniversary of Benazir Bhutto. She was leader of the ruling Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and the first Muslim female Prime Minister of the world. Unfortunately, she was assassinated at the age of 54 during an election campaign on December 27, 2007.

After the election, military dictator Gen. Pervez Musharraf allowed the PPP to form government. Thus Yousif Raza Gilani became Prime Minister. Subsequently, Ms. Bhutto’s husband Asif Ali Zardari was elected as President of the country on the departure of the dictator.

After coming into power, the PPP leadership had promised to bring the assassins of Ms. Bhutto to justice but, until now, it has failed to fulfill its promise. This has frustrated the committed workers of the party. The “unfriendly" media-cartel is exploiting it for sheer "rating" or to appease the powerful establishment, which since day-one is trying to bring down the elected government. In this regard, the media gurus of the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) and  Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) have tried all tactics of Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels and have brought the country on the brink of collapse! However, so far, they've failed to force out the civilian government.

The family-centric characteristic of the PPP has brought an end to the era of the Bhuttos in Pakistan. Gen. Zia hanged Ms. Bhutto’s father (Z. A. Bhutto, who was a former premier and president) after a military coup in the 1970s. Her youngest brother (Shah Nawaz Bhutto) died in mysterious circumstance in the 1980s when the ruthless military dictator was still in power. Another brother (Murtaza Bhutto) was killed on road by security officials in the 1990s when Ms. Bhutto was apparently Prime Minister of the country.

Now, the PPP and Pakistan both seem at the mercy of the Zardaris. Let's see what happens with the Zardaris in the fight for absolute power in the battleground, globally known as the Islamic Republic of Pakistan!

Looking back, I think, as chief executive of the country, Ms. Bhutto was as helpless as her husband, Mr. Zardari seems today as the civilian Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces. Soon after the murder of her second brother, her husband was accused of the murder and corruption, and the PPP-led government was dismissed by no-one but her own hand-picked President, whom the cunning establishment had controlled in its typical way! Her husband was put in jail while she went into self-exile. On return she was killed mercilessly.

Mr. Bhutto’s tragic death has become another mystery in the checkered history of Pakistan. There are two camps in the corridors of power: the fragile elected civilian government (led by President Zardari) and the mighty establishment (led by Army Chief Gen. Ashfaq Pervez Kayani). They both are engaged in a cold war to become king of the republic! The later is rather being accused of trying to topple the government by hook or crook!

President Asif Ali Zardari
The released WikiLeaks speak volumes about the relationship between the President and Army Chief. Though not directly, especially in the media, but privately through their slavish stooges, the government and establishment both accuse each other for the murder of Ms. Bhutto. Mr. Zardari uses the term “political actor” for Gen. Kayani — who calls the shots in Pakistan after the departure of Gen. Musharraf — not a hippopotamus-like journalist! 

There are four hypotheses about the death of Benazir Bhutto, who was proud to call herself Daughter of The East

The military regime: The ISI was responsible for the assassination of Ms. Bhutto. The premier spy agency had also planned to kill Nawaz Sharif (another two-time premier and leader of the Pakistan Muslim League) on the same day but luckily he survived. Earlier Gen. Musharraf had announced that the two exiled leaders of the two major political parties would not return to the country. But unexpectedly in unexplained circumstances, they both returned before the general election.

Ms. Bhutto and Mr. Sharif were archrivals for over a decade, and their typical rivalry destroyed the country's economy and global reputation. However, during exile, they had signed an agreement to strengthen democracy on their return to Pakistan. This "Charter of Democracy" had given the military dictator sleepless nights. Therefore, the ISI was mobilized!

When President Zardari says he knows the assassins of his wife, actually he means the ISI chief who is now the army chief! Those who favor this perception, say that the current fragile civilian government is unable to bring the "culprits" to justice as they had "evaded" even the investigation of the United Nations! The critics of the military leadership claim that Gen. Kayani had deceived even his former boss Gen. Musharraf!

Insider's job: This is being discussed mostly by the opponents of the ruling PPP. It says that the marital relationship between Ms. Bhutto and Mr. Zardari had become "painful" and a proposal of divorce was on the table when the tragic incident happened. Ms. Bhutto wanted to get rid of corruption charges (her husband was known as Mr. 10 Percent when she was in power) as the third-time premier—she had been assured in this regard! Those who subscribe to this view say that Mr. Zardari benefited from the murder of his wife, he enjoys power today and keeps mum about the "terrorist attack".

Joint venture: The military regime (along with allies PML-Q and MQM) and Mr. Zardari (with current Interior Minister Rehman Malik and Law Minister Baber Awan) were on board regarding the assassination plot of Ms. Bhutto. Mr. Zardari's release from jail under suspicious circumstances was a part of this joint venture. The military regime had allowed him to go out of the country to join his family in exile according to the criminal strategy

The global players: This traditional conspiracy theory relates to the role of the CIA, RAW and Mossad in the assassination of Ms. Bhutto. According to this hypothesis, the international players, who wanted to disintegrate Pakistan, actually killed Ms. Bhutto. She had spoken publicly against the "Balkanization" of Pakistan before her assassination.

Gen Kayani and Gen Musharraf
Whatever may be the truth, one thing is certain that there is no government, no law and order in Pakistan today. When an elected civilian government is unable to investigate the assassination of an ex-premier, how can it register cases against those who attacked my sister and me (President, PM, army & ISI chiefs to be responsible if…). Due to threats, I'm locked inside my house for the last nine months but the government is still silent.

To be frankly, there is no government in Pakistan. Gangs are ruling different regions and government departments in the country. Democracy has become a joke with a rubber-stamp Parliament and politicians have assumed the status of second-class jokers! The print and electronic media is totally under the clutches of the establishment. Thus an historic Constitutional amendment in the Parliament can’t get due coverage which trivial incidents and engineered events often get! The marriage of a tennis star in this regard has become a historic example of media manipulation.

Believe it or not, the current Parliament is weaker than the remote-controlled house of Gen. Musharraf. It can’t do anything for the over 170 million people of Pakistan but parliamentarians keep amusing the establishment and get rewards for this sleazy job! Long live fraudulent democracy in the militarized and Talibanized Pakistan!

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December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas from your Muslim brothers & sisters


Cross & Crescent by TTT
Merry Christmas to our Christian brothers and sisters around the world including Pakistan. Today you're commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ and our best wishes are with you.

Jesus is also a Holly Prophet of us—the over one billion Muslims of the world. Any person can't be a Muslim unless s/he accepts Jesus as the Prophet of God.

Jews, Christians and Muslims are followers of the Abrahamic faith but our religious and political leaders often forget the commonalities! The mainstream media, at least in our country, ignores to highlight our common human heritage. Rather it's promoting tribalism: We and They!! Our media persons face intellectual bankruptcy like people of other fields. However, the social media is bringing a silent revolution, and now is influencing the mainstream media even. There's a ray of hope for betterment!

Let’s tell you on this auspicious occasion that Muslims especially the people of Pakistan are not terrorists, but yes, there are terrorists who were born to Muslims as the German dictator Hitler was born to a Christian family. So we can't generalize communities!

Mr. Jinnah, Google image
Today is also the 134th birth anniversary of the founding father of Pakistan, Mohammad Ali Jinnah (1876–1948), commonly known as the Quaid-i-Azam or the Great Leader. He was a liberal Muslim who wanted to see Pakistan a liberal Muslim country.

"You're free to go to your temples; you're free to go to your mosques or to any other place of worship in this state of Pakistan. You may belong to any caste or creed, that has nothing to do with the business of the state," Mr. Jinnah had said while laying the foundation stone of Pakistan.

Then this fuss—terrorism! Why the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, sectarian, racist and nationalist extremists are spreading terrorism beyond Pakistan?

Good question! Unfortunately, there are some of the masterminds of global terrorism within our government and military establishment, who, for the sack of personal gains, have made our country a "security threat" to the world. These criminal minds are following the "jihadist policies" of the doomed ex-military dictator Gen Zia (1924–1988) even today. They're chameleons and deceive not only their own terrorized people but the global leaders as well.

The WikiLeaks have exposed the despot ruling class of Muslim countries including our dishonest Pakistani leaders who consider themselves the "atomic (begging) power" of the Muslim world. According to Habib Sulemani, they tell lies and lies to everyone! They're born liars and never tell truth to anybody! And still many global leaders take their lies as the ultimate truth! Very strange!  

"So the common citizens of Pakistan and other Muslim nation states are innocent," Mr. Sulemani says. "They're facing ruthless regimes, and are helpless to show their talent in in a creative way, especially in the sciences and arts like their forefathers: Rumi, Tusi, Abu Hanifa, Avicenna etc. There is anger and frustration among the Muslim youth due to the ongoing injustices, and they're not allowed to use their anger in a creative way by employing freedom of thought and freedom of expression. The only way left, thus, is suicide attacks! And the cunning rulers use this thing against their political rivals and the West through their brigades of intellectual terrorists!"  

The secret agencies and military establishment use terrorist organizations as a satanic strategic asset! In Pakistan innocent citizens feel threat from no-one but their own so-called security agencies, which are, actually, a legal source of employment for professional criminals.

Whenever there is a terror attack in the country, not only the intellectuals but also common people from the streets say: “It’s a traditional action of our spy agencies to secure highest number of causalities, and get more grants from the West!” Thus innocent citizens become victims of terror attacks by their own unscrupulous security officials. What a shame. But it's also shameful that global powers are equipping these brutal agencies to fight terrorists! What an intellectual failure! 

As our bloggers have been exposing the nefarious designs of the criminal minds within and outside the spy agencies. Thanks God, now the people of Pakistan are also getting wiser—yes—that is why this year no Shia-Sunni clash or typical terrorist attack on the minority Shia Muslim community  happened during the Muharram mourning processions. It's a good sign. But be careful our countrymen and global community!!

Peace and normalcy can return to our country if global leaders keep pressure on our civilian government and military establishment—the two scuffling forces in Pakistan. The global leaders particularly donors should keep in mind if some leader tell lies and deceive their own people, how can they be sincere with others!

Whatever the result—we will continue our job to present the true picture of our poor country and helpless people until we're stopped by the Inter Services Intelligence, Military Intelligence or any other Cheka-like agency directly or indirectly! We want a just Pakistan, the dream of Mr. Jinnah.—The Terrorland Team (TTT)

December 24, 2010

End of sectarianism: Shia leader makes historic statement

Gilgit-Baltistan has been facing sectarian terrorism since 1988, when military dictator, Gen Zia, sent "Afghan jihadists" to the region for ethnic cleansing of Shia Muslims. The 72,000 sq/km area, with a population of over 2 million, borders with China and India. Over the years hundreds of thousands of innocent people have been killed mercilessly especially the educated lot from Shia and Sunni sects of Islam.

Today I read this historic statement of a topmost Shia Muslim leader, saying that he was ready to offer prayers with his Sunni Muslim brothers. The mainstream media of Pakistan ignores such statements and only follows the spy agencies' given statements! What a deplorable sate! 

However, a regional website, Pamir Times, run by a team of devoted young people from the region, has published the heroic Shia leader's statement. This can bring an end to the years of sectarian violence, not only in Giglit-Baltistan region but also in other terror-hit parts of Pakistan, especially in Jhang (Punjab) and Parachinar (Pakhtunkhwa). 

Allama Agha Rahat Al-Hussaini, prayer leader of the Central Imamia (Shia) Mosque Gilgit, said that he was ready to say prayers behind a Sunni prayer leader (the major source of conflict for centuries between the two sects). He proposed that on one Friday Shias could pray behind a Sunni Imam (prayer leader) and on another Friday the Sunnis could pray behind a Shia Imam as a symbol of Islamic brotherhood.

“If Shias and Sunnis can say their prayers behind one Imam in Saudi Arabia, why can’t they do so in Gilgit,” Mr. Hussaini said while addressing a religious gathering in the Napura locality of Gilgit, the capital city of the "de facto" province of Pakistan.

Personally, I think this statement should be appreciated at every level. If the government wants to end terrorism, then such religious leaders should be encouraged. This year was a unique one that during the recent Muharram processions, no incident of terrorism occured in the region. And now this statement from a Shia leader will help to bring normalcy in the terrorized region. 

After the 9/11 tragedy, tourism, the main source of income in the region has been reduced and young people are jobless. The end of sectarian violence will lead to economic stability in the region. It would also bring an end to the 63-year long ambiguity regarding the Constitutional status of Gilgit-Baltistan within Pakistan.
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December 23, 2010

War and Peace — Tolstoy's 100th death anniversary!

By Nasira Parveen

Leo Tolstoy, by Tennyson Samraj
LAST WEEK a bloger friend came to inform me that I must visit her house along with my family members on the occasion of Christmas. In a time when our own Muslim relatives and friends are afraid of the  Pakistani secret agencies to contact us, this Christian family celebrated Eid with us and now we will celebrate Christmas with them. 

When she came to me, I was busy with reading a novel. During conversation she asked me which novel I was reading. “Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace,” I said. She was surprised.

“I couldn’t read it,” she said. “It’s really a bulky one—how you started reading it?”

No doubt, it’s not fun to touch the 1352-page Russian classic. But once I touched it, now I can’t leave it either. ‘War and Peace’ is one of the finest and most famous novel in the world. So I picked it and have finished the part one of it.

It's 100 years since Leo Tolstoy (1828-1910) left this world physically but his literary works have never let him die. His intellectuality is benefiting human beings all over the world even today. I think he is physically not with us but his creativity writing is forcing us to treat him as a living legend!

Now Tolstoy is more famous than he was in his lifetime. Those who could not read his epic, they feel something lacking in their lives—even after becoming presidents and prime ministers! This is the level of his art. But just think—he could not win the Nobel Prize in Literature, being given to living legends every year since 1901. 

I like Tolstoy’s life-story besides his work. This novelist, dramatist and moral philosopher spiritually influenced Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948) who shaped South Asia along with Mohammad Ali Jinnah. Tolstoy was born to an aristocrat family in central Russia. However, his artistic nature didn’t allow him to become an exploiter of the poor. This behavior brought him miseries from outside as well as within the family.

Here is a paragraph, from his novel, which I want to share with my blog-readers.

“Well, now, good-bye!" He gave his son his hand to kiss, and embraced him. "Remember this, Prince Andrew, if they kill you it will hurt me, your old father…"

He paused unexpectedly, and then in a querulous voice suddenly shrieked: "But if I hear that you have not behaved like a son of Nicholas Bolkonski, I shall be ashamed!"

"You need not have said to me, father," said the son with a smile.

The old man was silent.

"I also wanted to ask you," continued Prince Andrew, "if  I’m killed and if I have a son, do not let him be taken away from you-as I said yesterday… let him grow up with you please.”     

I’m moved by this paragraph! It shows the feelings which a father is having for his son, and the son about his expected son before going to join the army! 

December 22, 2010

An ode to my love

By Habib Sulemani

I wanna be with you,
          my love!
          But I don’t know
          who are you,
          and where are you!

Being a realist,
          sometimes I doubt your existence!
          It seems nothing
          but a daydream!

Then there is a sudden image of you,
          a pretty one
          as a picture can be!
I don’t know why but
          there is an air of easy assurance that
          I’ll find you someday!

I don’t know why but I'm sure
          I’ll discover you.
          I'm as sure as eggs is eggs!

                               © Habib R. Sulemani

December 20, 2010

Intellectual dishonesty 2010 (Part 3)

AFTER the mainstream media, now the blogosphere has also been conquered by the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) and other Cheka-like agencies in Pakistan. Through their many brigades of agents in the media – some are hardcore Taliban, some wearing liberal faces and many other chameleons – they have made the life of honest journalists miserable in our country. Every true journalist and writer is living with fear of harassment, torture, abduction or murder.

Over the time, our liberal founding father Mohammad Ali Jinnah’s Pakistan is gradually becoming a fascist nation state in South Asia. In today's Pakistan, the offspring and followers of Dr. Joseph Goebbels – Nazi propaganda minister – have created an atmosphere of the time when fascist dictator Hitler was ruling Germany.   

Our group blog, The Terrorland, is trying to propagate the liberal views of Mr. Jinnah and this has enraged authorities within the government and establishment. Due to our global reach and appreciation, now they’ve started a new campaign against our website and bloggers. But they lack the moral courage to come in the open or write directly! Shame on you, disgusting creatures!

Here is the latest post of an anonymous blogger: These Long Wars (TLW). This post has also been published by the Critical Supporters of the (ruling) Pakistan People's Party web page. With compliments, we’re publishing it here without any comment, allowing our readers to read the sick mind of our sick secret agencies and their snobbish puppets.—The Terrorland Team  

Abbas Brothers II – Why I Wrote on Them


I am a questioning sort of person. I question that which makes me curious, or that which piques my interest, yet I do not understand. And a certain blog piqued my interest. Reader Murtaza Jafri is a google follower of this blog by a certain, former employee of Dawn.

The blog, aside from tapping into the massive trope of Pakistan being nothing but a “land of terror” (which plays into a deeply impoverished view of Pakistan, reducing a much, much more complex land into the bare idea of angry bearded Muslims, and non angry, non bearded Muslims), made a swiping reference in every other post about a man whom I would presume was the writer’s former boss, Zafar Abbas. And every third or so post would make reference to Mr Zafar Abbas being the brother of General Athar Abbas of Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR- the military’s PR department).

That blog, and that employee were, to put it politely, a few cards short of a full deck. It is the policy of this writer and this blog, when one comes across what could be real out and out psychological damage, to keep quiet and back away slowly. Which is what I did. The author of that blog even referenced his own psychological situation, confirming what one suspected about him as a mentally damaged human being. That blogger even admitted being in such a precarious psychological state, and described his current conditions as that of a classic shut-in. So I skimmed and backed away slowly. And I realised as I closed the browser window that this lunatic had 34 google followers, and all I could muster were 6. Wow; even an out and out nutjob had more readers than me.

Or maybe it was just that he was realising the situation of current mainstream middle class Pakistan. Quoth Nadeem Farooq Paracha’s twitter: Conspiracies theories are not theories, but a fact in Pakistan. Elvis is alive in Waziristan – thus the drone attacks.

I’m afraid that Nadeem Paracha may be too close to the truth.

As for this gentleman and his blog, they shall remain unnamed. I don’t want any strange google results for/from him leading to me. If you have any doubts about how annoying skewed Google results are, ask the folks at Five Rupees blog about their “Aunty” problem someday. I do not wish to skew my google results into any acknowledgement of this man’s batshit lunacy. For all I know, he may have gotten fired from Dawn because his English writing skills stink. Seriously speaking, the grammar of his blogposts was atrocious, and this was a man who claimed to have been employed by what could be called Pakistan’s premier English daily. Standards of grammatical correctness had been slipping at Dawn, but he who shall remain unnamed used some really lousy English on his blog.

Moving beyond this man who was singularly obsessed with the Abbas brothers, and their “possible” role in getting him fired, many people had randomly mentioned this band of brothers who seemed to have reached top journalistic positions in one industry at the same time. Random comments on the Cafe Pyala page, conspiratorial ones on the LUBP page, and random tweets on this subject. Cafe Pyala, I especially feel sorry for, because as anonymous journalists writing about the media industry from inside it, they probably got too many requests to write on more than they even wished to broach. And since there is so much overt and covert corruption in Pakistan, there is sadly no dearth of negatively painted stories for them to cover. Why cover an obscure bunch of brothers who had a massive coincidence of luck, where all of them occupy important positions in various media producing groups (even the ISPR counts as this) at the exact same time in history. Better to go after their bosses, especially as working journalists, the Cafe Pyala-walas actually have an easier time getting dirt on the media owners that a “civilian” could not easily come by.

But that still leaves this very interesting story of these brothers in high positions across media companies at the same time...

So last weekend, I found myself home from a social engagement that had ended a little too early and I was feeling a little p-o’ed about.

Maybe writing would help. So I did. And then the idea of taking Critical PPP on their offer to publish anything if it was worth it popped into my mind. And all those very interesting internet comments on the Abbas Brothers looked like a question worth asking about.

So why not be original? A critical look into the ethical implications of hiring a group of brothers into senior positions in a somewhat influential media industry, whilst their brother is in charge of the establishment’s military media mouthpiece, in the middle of a war?

Sounded nice. And I think it was.

And in the back of my mind there was a voice that said some part of it won’t fit into the story. What part? Oh yeah, the one about the crazy ex-employee. Let’s just focus on the bosses. And in an evening’s haze of exhaustion, to keep it simple that is what I did.

But you the reader, I believe deserve to know about the unhinged employee and his blog that is out there. I will not link directly to it myself. But you can go search for it yourself. As for me, the depressing story of the Abbas brothers ends here. I’ve had enough of trying to dissect psy-ops. It’s back to the messiness, of real blood and guts ethnic warfare in Pakistan for me.

I’ll leave the propaganda and counter propaganda to the hacks, shrinks and various headjobs of the world.

A commentator, Raza says: “A critical look into the ethical implications of hiring a group of brothers into senior positions in a somewhat influential media industry, whilst their brother is in charge of the establishment’s military media mouthpiece, in the middle of a war?”

Are you joking? Those (the real puppet masters) who do not care for human life will care for ethical implications?

December 17, 2010

Jesus and Hussain

By Habib Sulemani

It’s a cold December.
This year,
two opposing calendars
have met
at a common point,
showing a
high degree of commonality!

This meeting of the Gregorian and
Islamic calendars has brought
two oppressed historic characters together,
and December has become vindictively hot!

Jesus of Nazareth is a prophet
of the Muslims. For the Christians, 
his legendary fatherless birth
makes him the son of no-one but God!
Hussain of Karbala is the persecuted
beloved grandson of Prophet Muhammad.
For some Muslims. Others believe 
he's a spiritual leader, and savior of the faith.

Whatever. Both preached virtues of humanity
to the common people of their times,
which threatened the cunning power players!

The ISI in those tumultuous times
considered Jesus and Hussain
threats to its traditional tyrant rule! Thus

General Guls, Kayanis and Pashas
tried to eliminate them 
through the ancient version of the Taliban!

However, they failed miserably.
Centuries have passed since then,
Jesus and Hussain are still alive!

© Habib R. Sulemani

December 13, 2010

Tribalism — Aga Khan’s pluralism under threat in Gilgit-Baltistan

The Aga Khan with Pakistani President Zardari.–AKDN pic
TODAY is the 74th birthday (salgira) of Noor Maulana Shah Karim Al-Hussaini Hazir Imam, globally known by his hereditary title, the Aga Khan. He is the current 49th Imam (spiritual leader) of over 20 million Ismaili Shia Muslims after Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). A large number of Ismailis is living in Gilgit-Baltistan and Chitral mountainous regions of Pakistan.

The birthday would be celebrated in a simple manner due to Muharram mourning – the death anniversary of Hazrat Imam Hussain (AS), the grandson of the Prophet (PBUH) and Second Imam (the first was Hazrat Ali) of all sects within the Shia Islam including Asnashri, Ismaili, Bohri and Noorbakhshi. The Second Imam was martyred in Karbala, a city in the present day Iraq,1330 years ago by a tyrant Muslim ruler known as Yazid.

The Aga Khan was born on December 13, 1936 and became Imam on July 11, 1957. He is not a bearded typical spiritual leader but a moderate voice among Muslim leaders in the world. According to Wikipedia, “the Aga Khan is particularly interested in the elimination of global poverty; the advancement of women; the promotion of Islamic culture, art, and architecture; and promoting pluralistic values in society. He is the founder and chairman of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN), one of the largest private development networks in the world, which toils towards social, economic, and cultural development in Asia and Africa.”

We are presenting two blogs here and seek your feedback: positive or whatever. We wish our Ismaili brothers and sisters a Happy Salgira. Also, we hope people belonging to all sects and faiths will play their due rule in maintaining peace during the Muharram mourning processions. People should live in perfect harmony and defeat the retreating terrorists. We're with our Shia brothers and sisters in the protest against tyranny, oppression and persecution in society.

We seek pluralism and an atmosphere of coexistence in Pakistan as well as other parts of the world. There should be dialogue on controversial and taboo subjects – not only among different sects within Islam but other religions too – so that there is a peaceful and prosperous global village in the vast universe.—The Terrorland Team

Honor-related crimes on the rise among Ismailis

By Nasira Parveen

I was born to an Ismaili family in Gulmit, Gojal tehsil of Hunza. Among the Muslims, we are considered more progressive regarding the rights of women not only in Gilgit-Baltistan but the entire world. We never observe the veil and male and female almost enjoy the same worldly and religious rights. This is just because of the teachings of our Hazir Imam – a living spiritual leader and the direct descendant of the Holly Prophet (PBUH).

Unfortunately, for the last many years, after the 9/11 tragedy, there is a reverse change among the Ismailis in Gilgit-Baltistan especially Hunza valley, which borders with China. The secret agencies of Pakistan are promoting tribalism as a part of their “strategic” agenda. This thing is against the teachings of our spiritual leader, who always stresses on pluralism and coexistence in the world. The officials of the secret agencies are using some dishonest local community leaders for their nefarious design. 

Criminal on campus Manzoor Ali
One such notorious leader and government servant is Manzoor Ali – who is president of the Ismaili Regional Council Gilgit and assistant professor physics department at the Karakoram International University (KIU). With the help of the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) and Military Intelligence (MI), he has made a gang of Ismailis and is committing heinous crimes in the society since long. Due to the spy agencies, people can't say anything to him or any member of his gang.

According to sources, Manzoor Ali is a silent man but a criminal mind, who, last year, compelled a father to kill his young daughter in the name of honor in central Hunza (I escaped death but she was killed). He also incited a young boy to kill his sister, deplorably, when his father came to rescue his innocent daughter, he also got bullet injuries and died on the spot. This incident happened in lower Hunza. Ironically, the boy was first arrested on double murder charges but later on was freed on the orders of secret agencies. He is being painted as a "honorable hero" in the region nowadays and young people are asked to admire his courage!

God! We are going towards the medieval ages again ignoring the farmans (guidelines) of the current Imam, who interprets the Holly Quran according to the needs of the time.

Those who have read my previous blogs, know how the criminal gang tried to kill me on campus at the KIU. According to their scripted plan, Manzoor Ali tried to incite my brother (Habib R. Sulemani) to kill me eight months ago (ISI involved in "honor-killing" incidents). But, fortunately, my brother is a strong voice against tribalism and Talibanization of our Pakistani society. So the criminals failed.

Under the influence of the criminal gang, recently a young man from Gilgit-Baltistan reportedly killed his young sister in the name of honor. She was a nursing student at the Aga Khan University in Karachi. After the tragic incident, the SMS brigade of the ISI became active... As usual, the text messages supported the gruesome murder of the innocent girl, and warned other Ismaili girls to stay away from “temerity and shameful works”!!

Oh God, where are we destined to... and where our Imam wants to see us?

At the Karakoram International University (KIU) Gilgit, the gang of Manzoor Ali is harassing girl students after this latest incident. Taliban-style moral brigades are active on campus. Brushaski, Wakhi, Shina and Khuwar speaking boys have been told to keep eyes on the girls of their respective areas—so the KIU administration, a puppet of the ISI, has left the poor girls at the mercy of the bullies. 

“Due to these bullies, girls are always under pressure and can’t concentrate on their studies,” said a respected but helpless teacher of the KIU. “Prof Manzoor has gone to Islamabd to get a fake PhD degree from the Quaid-e-Azam University... but his moral brigade is still active on campus. They follow girls even to the library and always warn them to lower their eyes. They don’t allow them even to exchange notes with their male class fellows in the co-education system. The KIU campus has become North Waziristan for true teachers and students.”

I appeal to our community leaders and the youth to resist the criminal tribalism, which is a conspiracy not only against Ismailis but all communities of Gilgit-Baltistan, who have been coexisting peacefully for centuries. Please, try to understand the vision of the Imam and the trends of the cyber age.  Resist these criminals... they look powerful but actually they are cowards... sheep in the skin of tiger!

Race & religion being misused by Islamabad-based gang

By A Reporter 

The disgraced Farman Ali
The Wakhi people of Gojal, upper Hunza, are very innocent and peaceful. And their innocence is being misused by an Islamabad-based organized  gang, reportedly headed by Farman Ali Baig – the disgraced former News Editor of the daily Dawn and currently working for The Express Tribune. Other active members of the gang are said to be Safdar Ali and Gohar Abbas. 

Farman Ali is also head of an NGO, the Gojal Educational and Cultural Association (GECA). He is a famous chameleon who changes color according the atmosphere... he claims to be a communist, nationalist, Gojali, Shimashali, liberal and Ismaili according to the taste of the audience!

"To be frank Mr. Farman Ali can cash even his dirt through his shenanigans," said a member of the NGO. "I've never seen such a visionless person in my entire life, and am surprised how the newspapers accommodate him... may be therefore our press is considered the most irresponsible in the world."

Recently his "occupied" organization, GECA, held a public gathering at the Lok Versa Islamabad (his favorite place... people know the reason!) on the occasion of Eidul Fitr. It was a shock for the people that there was music and other programs but not a single female was among the participants! This was against the spirit of the Imam, who works for gender equality in the world.

When the news about the program appeared in a regional website, Pamir Times, a daring girl, Marina Begum, protested against the criminal behavior of the organizers in her comment on the website. She wrote: "It's nice to celebrate such days but more like Talibanization look… because only boys and men had occupied the stage but what (about) the ladies. I think very intellectuals and professional ladies of Gojal are in Islamabad but still need a connect from so called men to come in front??????”

Our bloggers have written from the very beginning that under the ISI’s direction Dawn’s Zaffar Abbas allowed his subordinate Farman Ali to takeover charges of the NGO to control the people of Gojal so that when the assassination plot of Habib R. Sulemani and his family members is completed no-one could raise their voice in their native region.

Sources say that in those days the coverage of news of Giglit, the capital city was ignored but Gojal was increased... also some contributors from Gojal were accommodated in Dawn's Metro section ("it's against the nature of Farman") to get the confidence of the Wakhi and Ismaili people.

"At that time Manzoor Ali was active in Gilgit and he was in direct contact with Farman Ali," a source said. "Now they both are in Islamabad and run the affair of the terrorized people with the help of the ISI and MI. Farman also claims to be in direct contact with President Zardari through presidential spokesperson Farhatullah Babar." 

One Aftab says: “Nice effort by GECA… I really enjoyed the program… such events should b organized to entertain and to gather the people… but one thing is noticeable that the so-called Gojal Educational and Cultural Association (GECA) is paying more attention on the music rather than education … it will be great pleasure if GECA will change its course a bit towards education… instead of wasting thousands of funds on musical aspects of GECA. It will be great achievement if it will pour some money on needy students… in previous program we observed that huge amount was wasted on gathering artists from far-flung areas.” 

Sources say that Farman Ali is not even a graduate so how can he concentrate on education? His aim is to fulfill his monetary needs. About his financial corruption, the Pamir Times had published a courageous article with bold comments last year. This blog had given a link to that article but after reported threats from Farman Ali and his gang through the spy agencies, it has been deleted. (Fortunately, The Terrorland Google Group has archived that article, a link is being given at the end of this blog). This is the level of intellectual dishonesty and criminal activities under the guise of journalism and NGO. 

Along with others, this gang is also involved in the threat calls and messages to Mr. Sulemani and his family members. "These criminals are really cowards. If you don’t believe me then just look in their eyes, read their facial expressions and observe their body language—you will understand that they're in their final stage. Peace and prosperity is our future. God is not disappointed of mankind as yet!," said an artist who was discredited at the NGO function last year. 
Awake youth and resist tribalism and Talibanization of our society and Pakistan. It’s not too late! If nothing your one email or blog can do miracles for our communities, society, country and humanity. Just take the courage to fight intellectual dishonesty and terrorism with the keyboard! The Imamat Day is a self-accountability day! May God bless you, our country and humanity. Amen. 

6- Pamir Times:

Tribalism versus pluralism: watch Hazir Imam's interview

December 10, 2010

Human Rights Day: how helpless God is today!

TODAY the Human Rights Day is being observed across the world. But, unfortunately, the government of Pakistan has done nothing to take action against those powerful accused, who along with the secret agencies, hatched assassination plot and attacked journalist Habib R. Sulemani.

Besides the government, the so-called Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists and representatives of other rights bodies in Islamabad are also silent. The reason is obvious! The accused are very powerful people. Among them are the Editor of Dawn newspaper, Vice-Chancellor Karakoram International University Gilgit, and officials of the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) and Military Intelligence (MI).  

Meanwhile, with an accused criminal as its editor, the daily Dawn has published an article on human rights to deceive the world. A chameleon nation state we have become in the world due to the criminal behavior of our ruling class!
People are being threatened to keep mum... so they're afraid to raise their voice in favor of Mr. Sulemani inside Pakistan. However, the terror of the authorities couldn't silence the whole world in this Cyber Age! So the free people are speaking according to their conscience. Among them are two very civilized ladies, Beth and Farrah – a combination of East and West!!

After reading their comments in our group blog, Mr. Sulemani had responded with a spontaneous poem! Instead of publishing it in the comments section of our blog, we've made it a new post here. Hope with reference to the tragic story of Mr. Sulemani and his family members (please see previous blogs for detail), this new poem will also make the world think about our government and military establishment’s criminal actions in Pakistan!! Our ruling elite is violating human rights and gives a women no more value than a pair of shoes.—The Terrorland Team

A poem for Beth & Farrah

By Habib Sulemani

Woman is the greatest of all artists
in the world we live in today!

Woman has given birth to man
who has gone astray
he has become a Frankenstein’s monster!

Woman’s created art includes artists,
poets, writers and intellectuals.
Prophets, saints and men who
announced their deity
(claiming that they had actually created
the mythical motherless Adam...)
were also the artwork of woman!

But woman has never objected to lies of men!
She has never waged any war on physical
strength or metaphysical speculation…

Like a true artist
she goes on with the pain  
creates new pieces of art
in the hope to create a peaceful
prosperous and better world one day!

If there was no woman
life on earth was impossible
as they say: woman gave birth to God
but, look, how helpless God is today!

© Habib R. Sulemani

December 6, 2010

A tyrant has neither life nor a burial place in the changed world!

Mr. Habib Sulemani was supposed to write a blog for us but he could not fulfill his promise. He is facing death threats and is being harassed in different ways. However, a member of The Terrorland Team (TTT) was able to get a fresh poem, which Mr. Sulemani has written recently. He was not ready to give it for publication. 

"It's not fully cooked yet," he said, "give me some time to make it a delicious dish for the poor and hungry!"

"It would be okay after publication!" our stubborn member answered.

We have given the blog a caption but the actual title of the poem is: The lifeless tyrant. So here is the food for thought fresh from the oven.—TTT

The lifeless tyrant

By Habib Sulemani

The tyrant lit the fire of oppression
intending to burn the innocent alive
(the price for thinking independently
and expressing their feeling freely
which is a serious crime
in the conformist tribal society!)

But it has gone the other way round!
Now, the tyrant will burn to ashes
in the fire of barbarism…

Oh, really? 

O’ yeah!

Can't believe it!

It’s not a damn poem!

But where the ashes would be scattered?
over the Karakoram mountaintop
sacred Ganges, poetic Thames
deep Atlantic or
in New York's Central Park?

None of these places at all!


A tyrant has neither life nor a burial place
in the changed world!


The ashes would be flicked into the
gutter-lines of the gutter…
then mother earth would be clean and free!
© Habib R. Sulemani