December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas from your Muslim brothers & sisters


Cross & Crescent by TTT
Merry Christmas to our Christian brothers and sisters around the world including Pakistan. Today you're commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ and our best wishes are with you.

Jesus is also a Holly Prophet of us—the over one billion Muslims of the world. Any person can't be a Muslim unless s/he accepts Jesus as the Prophet of God.

Jews, Christians and Muslims are followers of the Abrahamic faith but our religious and political leaders often forget the commonalities! The mainstream media, at least in our country, ignores to highlight our common human heritage. Rather it's promoting tribalism: We and They!! Our media persons face intellectual bankruptcy like people of other fields. However, the social media is bringing a silent revolution, and now is influencing the mainstream media even. There's a ray of hope for betterment!

Let’s tell you on this auspicious occasion that Muslims especially the people of Pakistan are not terrorists, but yes, there are terrorists who were born to Muslims as the German dictator Hitler was born to a Christian family. So we can't generalize communities!

Mr. Jinnah, Google image
Today is also the 134th birth anniversary of the founding father of Pakistan, Mohammad Ali Jinnah (1876–1948), commonly known as the Quaid-i-Azam or the Great Leader. He was a liberal Muslim who wanted to see Pakistan a liberal Muslim country.

"You're free to go to your temples; you're free to go to your mosques or to any other place of worship in this state of Pakistan. You may belong to any caste or creed, that has nothing to do with the business of the state," Mr. Jinnah had said while laying the foundation stone of Pakistan.

Then this fuss—terrorism! Why the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, sectarian, racist and nationalist extremists are spreading terrorism beyond Pakistan?

Good question! Unfortunately, there are some of the masterminds of global terrorism within our government and military establishment, who, for the sack of personal gains, have made our country a "security threat" to the world. These criminal minds are following the "jihadist policies" of the doomed ex-military dictator Gen Zia (1924–1988) even today. They're chameleons and deceive not only their own terrorized people but the global leaders as well.

The WikiLeaks have exposed the despot ruling class of Muslim countries including our dishonest Pakistani leaders who consider themselves the "atomic (begging) power" of the Muslim world. According to Habib Sulemani, they tell lies and lies to everyone! They're born liars and never tell truth to anybody! And still many global leaders take their lies as the ultimate truth! Very strange!  

"So the common citizens of Pakistan and other Muslim nation states are innocent," Mr. Sulemani says. "They're facing ruthless regimes, and are helpless to show their talent in in a creative way, especially in the sciences and arts like their forefathers: Rumi, Tusi, Abu Hanifa, Avicenna etc. There is anger and frustration among the Muslim youth due to the ongoing injustices, and they're not allowed to use their anger in a creative way by employing freedom of thought and freedom of expression. The only way left, thus, is suicide attacks! And the cunning rulers use this thing against their political rivals and the West through their brigades of intellectual terrorists!"  

The secret agencies and military establishment use terrorist organizations as a satanic strategic asset! In Pakistan innocent citizens feel threat from no-one but their own so-called security agencies, which are, actually, a legal source of employment for professional criminals.

Whenever there is a terror attack in the country, not only the intellectuals but also common people from the streets say: “It’s a traditional action of our spy agencies to secure highest number of causalities, and get more grants from the West!” Thus innocent citizens become victims of terror attacks by their own unscrupulous security officials. What a shame. But it's also shameful that global powers are equipping these brutal agencies to fight terrorists! What an intellectual failure! 

As our bloggers have been exposing the nefarious designs of the criminal minds within and outside the spy agencies. Thanks God, now the people of Pakistan are also getting wiser—yes—that is why this year no Shia-Sunni clash or typical terrorist attack on the minority Shia Muslim community  happened during the Muharram mourning processions. It's a good sign. But be careful our countrymen and global community!!

Peace and normalcy can return to our country if global leaders keep pressure on our civilian government and military establishment—the two scuffling forces in Pakistan. The global leaders particularly donors should keep in mind if some leader tell lies and deceive their own people, how can they be sincere with others!

Whatever the result—we will continue our job to present the true picture of our poor country and helpless people until we're stopped by the Inter Services Intelligence, Military Intelligence or any other Cheka-like agency directly or indirectly! We want a just Pakistan, the dream of Mr. Jinnah.—The Terrorland Team (TTT)


  1. I do not think it is appropriate to apply the hackneyed term "liberal" to Muhammad Ali Jinnah. He stood for true human values, all of which were derived from Islam.

    It is a great pity that what we have in Pakistan today is Anti-Islam, a hideous distortion of true Islam that Jinnah upheld. Those who can read Urdu will benefit from reading this article published in
    'Jang' today.

    The second part will probably be published in tomorrow's edition of the newspaper.

  2. Dear Webmaster,

    You guys sound like Mossad blaming acts of terror on your fellow muslims while everyone knows 9/11 was an inside job.

    Dear All,

    You may not have seen this information as the mainstream news media owners don’t want you to know about it. However, it is widely available through the still brave & free Internet. If Arabs/Muslims had actually managed to pull off 9/11, they all would have been rounded up by the military - as happened to the Japanese following the attack on Pearl Harbor. But they weren't rounded up nor deported wholesale, which tells us they didn't do 911. It IS that simple. The bold-faced liars that wrote Project for a New American Century (PNAC = NeoCON = ZioNAZIm warmongers) told us a "new Pearl Harbor was 'needed', plus there was to be a shortage of 'Peak Oil' - two years beforehand didn't they? So - the 'new Pearl Harbor on 911 happened and the GULF GUSHER has proven there will be no shortage of oil, but Iraq was invaded to stop the selling of oil in Euros plus Afghanistan was occupied to control the opium and plunder its vast mineral wealth to boot. Neither were involved in 9/11 but the pundits and boffins lied and SAID they were. The courts have ruled in 'FAUX NOOSE -vs- Human Growth Hormones' "that Fox News had no obligation to report truthfully," Imagine that.

    (Via email)

  3. Alex,

    You may have got the wrong impression from reading Pakistan's English language press (e.g 'Dawn'). The vibrant Urdu press is quite different - people know the reality of 9/11 but they are shouted down and made fun of by the resourceful American presence in Pakistan and its local collaborators, a veritable army of heavily bribed and blackmailed English-educated Pakistanis.

    My blog, Reality and Illusion, deals with the post-2000 unreal world where lies and deception and "manufacture of facts" have created an illusion of reality while Reality itself lies hidden under the thick smoke of shrill US propaganda about "conspiracy theories". Here is an extract from comments at my blog a year ago:

    "The Americans can’t agree among themselves where the jinn Osama is and no one has produced a shred of evidence about his whereabouts. In any case, that jinn is only a distraction to cover up the evil designs of successive American administrations.

    Just answer the following questions:

    1. Why did the USA have to invade Iraq on the pretext of that country possessing “weapons of mass destruction”?
    2. Why did the USA stage the farce of 9/11 and invade Afghanistan? The USA government has destroyed all evidence of the “attack on the USA” by “men living in remote Afghanistan”: the aircraft remains, the black boxes, the collapsed buildings and their contents, etc. Why destroy evidence of a criminal act if you have nothing to hide? No wonder there hasn’t been a single case of anyone ever having been found guilty of participation in the 9/11 atrocity. I am told even the FBI website does not accuse Osama bin Laden of involvement in the 9/11 farce.

    Have you never heard of the book “9/11 Revealed” by the investigative journalists Ian Henshall and Rowland Morgan, or of other more heavyweight books by many others? Or of such websites as ?

    As for Pakistan, we did not have a Taliban problem until the Americans-in-Afghanistan exported it to Pakistan in 2004/05 – some 3 years after they defeated the Taliban government of Afghanistan and occupied that country for selfish economic reasons (oil, gas and natural resources of Central Asia).

    A general perception is that, having allowed some 3,000 of their own people to be sacrificed on 9/11, the Americans’ subsequent actions have resulted in the destruction of almost 3 million lives in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. The convoluted, incredible conspiracy theory that the discredited Bush government gave the world for the 9/11 atrocity simply does not fit the facts."

    1. Pak is a land of saints - St. Hafeez Saeed (JuD), St Masood Azhar (JeM), St Salahuddin (UJC), St Haqqani of Haqqani Network, not to forget two of the greatest saints late St Osama bin Laden and St. Mullah Omar. All trouble in Pak is the handiwork of R&AW and CIA in collaboration with Zionists. The same fairy tale is narrated from generation to generation like Arabian Nights ensuring that almost the entire Pak society actually believes this to be gospel. People like Sakib sitting in England narrate these fictions to their progeny so that there can be no peace for those blokes as well as for their neighbours. It is high time the world gets rid of Sakibs and Anjam Choudharys and other radicals who masquerade as peace-loving citizens of the world.
      Pak's nemesis

  4. I have been in a Muslim home, only once, for a dinner by a tour guide, in India. Very nice fellow. Shame that we cannot all get along.

    However, we cannot get along for very long, if gays and lesbians continue to be treated as criminals in Muslim countries, are imprisoned, or killed.

    Gays around the world would eventually band together in a kind of "pan-nationalism", like members of Arab countries, and conspire to bring change by inflicting unbearable harm
    with nuclear weapons of mass destruction or sabotage of nuclear power plants.

    Brotherhood, or least peaceful coexistence, is possible. Mutual annihilation is possible. But it would be one of those two, mutually exclusive choices that we would strive to
    force as reality, not an in-between where we continue to merely endure life in a state of degradation.

    The best that can be done in poetry or prose is to attempt to make those choices mentally vivid and imaginable.


    Tom Keske


    Colonel Edmund J. Burke said

    A Mussie would cut off yer head for being a queer, Tom.