December 22, 2010

An ode to my love

By Habib Sulemani

I wanna be with you,
          my love!
          But I don’t know
          who are you,
          and where are you!

Being a realist,
          sometimes I doubt your existence!
          It seems nothing
          but a daydream!

Then there is a sudden image of you,
          a pretty one
          as a picture can be!
I don’t know why but
          there is an air of easy assurance that
          I’ll find you someday!

I don’t know why but I'm sure
          I’ll discover you.
          I'm as sure as eggs is eggs!

                               © Habib R. Sulemani


  1. What a wonderful surprise. When in the middle of strife, we sometimes forget the simple things in life that we seek. We need our dreams to keep us going, to remind us of what is real, to give us hope for a better future. I'm sure as eggs is eggs that you will find what you seek. Peace to you my friend, Beth Van Velkinburgh

  2. Bacha kharab ho giya... :-)