December 13, 2010

Tribalism — Aga Khan’s pluralism under threat in Gilgit-Baltistan

The Aga Khan with Pakistani President Zardari.–AKDN pic
TODAY is the 74th birthday (salgira) of Noor Maulana Shah Karim Al-Hussaini Hazir Imam, globally known by his hereditary title, the Aga Khan. He is the current 49th Imam (spiritual leader) of over 20 million Ismaili Shia Muslims after Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). A large number of Ismailis is living in Gilgit-Baltistan and Chitral mountainous regions of Pakistan.

The birthday would be celebrated in a simple manner due to Muharram mourning – the death anniversary of Hazrat Imam Hussain (AS), the grandson of the Prophet (PBUH) and Second Imam (the first was Hazrat Ali) of all sects within the Shia Islam including Asnashri, Ismaili, Bohri and Noorbakhshi. The Second Imam was martyred in Karbala, a city in the present day Iraq,1330 years ago by a tyrant Muslim ruler known as Yazid.

The Aga Khan was born on December 13, 1936 and became Imam on July 11, 1957. He is not a bearded typical spiritual leader but a moderate voice among Muslim leaders in the world. According to Wikipedia, “the Aga Khan is particularly interested in the elimination of global poverty; the advancement of women; the promotion of Islamic culture, art, and architecture; and promoting pluralistic values in society. He is the founder and chairman of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN), one of the largest private development networks in the world, which toils towards social, economic, and cultural development in Asia and Africa.”

We are presenting two blogs here and seek your feedback: positive or whatever. We wish our Ismaili brothers and sisters a Happy Salgira. Also, we hope people belonging to all sects and faiths will play their due rule in maintaining peace during the Muharram mourning processions. People should live in perfect harmony and defeat the retreating terrorists. We're with our Shia brothers and sisters in the protest against tyranny, oppression and persecution in society.

We seek pluralism and an atmosphere of coexistence in Pakistan as well as other parts of the world. There should be dialogue on controversial and taboo subjects – not only among different sects within Islam but other religions too – so that there is a peaceful and prosperous global village in the vast universe.—The Terrorland Team

Honor-related crimes on the rise among Ismailis

By Nasira Parveen

I was born to an Ismaili family in Gulmit, Gojal tehsil of Hunza. Among the Muslims, we are considered more progressive regarding the rights of women not only in Gilgit-Baltistan but the entire world. We never observe the veil and male and female almost enjoy the same worldly and religious rights. This is just because of the teachings of our Hazir Imam – a living spiritual leader and the direct descendant of the Holly Prophet (PBUH).

Unfortunately, for the last many years, after the 9/11 tragedy, there is a reverse change among the Ismailis in Gilgit-Baltistan especially Hunza valley, which borders with China. The secret agencies of Pakistan are promoting tribalism as a part of their “strategic” agenda. This thing is against the teachings of our spiritual leader, who always stresses on pluralism and coexistence in the world. The officials of the secret agencies are using some dishonest local community leaders for their nefarious design. 

Criminal on campus Manzoor Ali
One such notorious leader and government servant is Manzoor Ali – who is president of the Ismaili Regional Council Gilgit and assistant professor physics department at the Karakoram International University (KIU). With the help of the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) and Military Intelligence (MI), he has made a gang of Ismailis and is committing heinous crimes in the society since long. Due to the spy agencies, people can't say anything to him or any member of his gang.

According to sources, Manzoor Ali is a silent man but a criminal mind, who, last year, compelled a father to kill his young daughter in the name of honor in central Hunza (I escaped death but she was killed). He also incited a young boy to kill his sister, deplorably, when his father came to rescue his innocent daughter, he also got bullet injuries and died on the spot. This incident happened in lower Hunza. Ironically, the boy was first arrested on double murder charges but later on was freed on the orders of secret agencies. He is being painted as a "honorable hero" in the region nowadays and young people are asked to admire his courage!

God! We are going towards the medieval ages again ignoring the farmans (guidelines) of the current Imam, who interprets the Holly Quran according to the needs of the time.

Those who have read my previous blogs, know how the criminal gang tried to kill me on campus at the KIU. According to their scripted plan, Manzoor Ali tried to incite my brother (Habib R. Sulemani) to kill me eight months ago (ISI involved in "honor-killing" incidents). But, fortunately, my brother is a strong voice against tribalism and Talibanization of our Pakistani society. So the criminals failed.

Under the influence of the criminal gang, recently a young man from Gilgit-Baltistan reportedly killed his young sister in the name of honor. She was a nursing student at the Aga Khan University in Karachi. After the tragic incident, the SMS brigade of the ISI became active... As usual, the text messages supported the gruesome murder of the innocent girl, and warned other Ismaili girls to stay away from “temerity and shameful works”!!

Oh God, where are we destined to... and where our Imam wants to see us?

At the Karakoram International University (KIU) Gilgit, the gang of Manzoor Ali is harassing girl students after this latest incident. Taliban-style moral brigades are active on campus. Brushaski, Wakhi, Shina and Khuwar speaking boys have been told to keep eyes on the girls of their respective areas—so the KIU administration, a puppet of the ISI, has left the poor girls at the mercy of the bullies. 

“Due to these bullies, girls are always under pressure and can’t concentrate on their studies,” said a respected but helpless teacher of the KIU. “Prof Manzoor has gone to Islamabd to get a fake PhD degree from the Quaid-e-Azam University... but his moral brigade is still active on campus. They follow girls even to the library and always warn them to lower their eyes. They don’t allow them even to exchange notes with their male class fellows in the co-education system. The KIU campus has become North Waziristan for true teachers and students.”

I appeal to our community leaders and the youth to resist the criminal tribalism, which is a conspiracy not only against Ismailis but all communities of Gilgit-Baltistan, who have been coexisting peacefully for centuries. Please, try to understand the vision of the Imam and the trends of the cyber age.  Resist these criminals... they look powerful but actually they are cowards... sheep in the skin of tiger!

Race & religion being misused by Islamabad-based gang

By A Reporter 

The disgraced Farman Ali
The Wakhi people of Gojal, upper Hunza, are very innocent and peaceful. And their innocence is being misused by an Islamabad-based organized  gang, reportedly headed by Farman Ali Baig – the disgraced former News Editor of the daily Dawn and currently working for The Express Tribune. Other active members of the gang are said to be Safdar Ali and Gohar Abbas. 

Farman Ali is also head of an NGO, the Gojal Educational and Cultural Association (GECA). He is a famous chameleon who changes color according the atmosphere... he claims to be a communist, nationalist, Gojali, Shimashali, liberal and Ismaili according to the taste of the audience!

"To be frank Mr. Farman Ali can cash even his dirt through his shenanigans," said a member of the NGO. "I've never seen such a visionless person in my entire life, and am surprised how the newspapers accommodate him... may be therefore our press is considered the most irresponsible in the world."

Recently his "occupied" organization, GECA, held a public gathering at the Lok Versa Islamabad (his favorite place... people know the reason!) on the occasion of Eidul Fitr. It was a shock for the people that there was music and other programs but not a single female was among the participants! This was against the spirit of the Imam, who works for gender equality in the world.

When the news about the program appeared in a regional website, Pamir Times, a daring girl, Marina Begum, protested against the criminal behavior of the organizers in her comment on the website. She wrote: "It's nice to celebrate such days but more like Talibanization look… because only boys and men had occupied the stage but what (about) the ladies. I think very intellectuals and professional ladies of Gojal are in Islamabad but still need a connect from so called men to come in front??????”

Our bloggers have written from the very beginning that under the ISI’s direction Dawn’s Zaffar Abbas allowed his subordinate Farman Ali to takeover charges of the NGO to control the people of Gojal so that when the assassination plot of Habib R. Sulemani and his family members is completed no-one could raise their voice in their native region.

Sources say that in those days the coverage of news of Giglit, the capital city was ignored but Gojal was increased... also some contributors from Gojal were accommodated in Dawn's Metro section ("it's against the nature of Farman") to get the confidence of the Wakhi and Ismaili people.

"At that time Manzoor Ali was active in Gilgit and he was in direct contact with Farman Ali," a source said. "Now they both are in Islamabad and run the affair of the terrorized people with the help of the ISI and MI. Farman also claims to be in direct contact with President Zardari through presidential spokesperson Farhatullah Babar." 

One Aftab says: “Nice effort by GECA… I really enjoyed the program… such events should b organized to entertain and to gather the people… but one thing is noticeable that the so-called Gojal Educational and Cultural Association (GECA) is paying more attention on the music rather than education … it will be great pleasure if GECA will change its course a bit towards education… instead of wasting thousands of funds on musical aspects of GECA. It will be great achievement if it will pour some money on needy students… in previous program we observed that huge amount was wasted on gathering artists from far-flung areas.” 

Sources say that Farman Ali is not even a graduate so how can he concentrate on education? His aim is to fulfill his monetary needs. About his financial corruption, the Pamir Times had published a courageous article with bold comments last year. This blog had given a link to that article but after reported threats from Farman Ali and his gang through the spy agencies, it has been deleted. (Fortunately, The Terrorland Google Group has archived that article, a link is being given at the end of this blog). This is the level of intellectual dishonesty and criminal activities under the guise of journalism and NGO. 

Along with others, this gang is also involved in the threat calls and messages to Mr. Sulemani and his family members. "These criminals are really cowards. If you don’t believe me then just look in their eyes, read their facial expressions and observe their body language—you will understand that they're in their final stage. Peace and prosperity is our future. God is not disappointed of mankind as yet!," said an artist who was discredited at the NGO function last year. 
Awake youth and resist tribalism and Talibanization of our society and Pakistan. It’s not too late! If nothing your one email or blog can do miracles for our communities, society, country and humanity. Just take the courage to fight intellectual dishonesty and terrorism with the keyboard! The Imamat Day is a self-accountability day! May God bless you, our country and humanity. Amen. 

6- Pamir Times:

Tribalism versus pluralism: watch Hazir Imam's interview


  1. Almost everything associated with a land that is constitutionally and politically orphaned diminishes with the passage of time leaving behind only chaos and resentment. I wont comment on the word 'pluralism' as it is a deputed term. What ab...out the language, culture, norms, identity, basic civic and human rights that are bulldozed as if an illegal slum in a posh locality every other day.
    In societies like ours where education means 'government receipt of wasting 16 years in educational institutions dominated by fundamentalists (what is generally known as degree), where liberalism means ruthless urbanization and mingling with and having a mad obsession and affiliation with the taliban mindset 'pathans' and 'punjabis' and where symptoms of identity crises as not being able to speak one's mother tongue are considered a strength instead of weakness ..... (n the list goes on) such things are a common norm.

  2. Subject: Nobody has threatened Pamir Times to delete anything

    Dear Habib Sulaimani

    It is unfortunate that the you are twisting facts and creating stories to create rifts among the Gojali community.

    You had never played any good role for the development of Gojal and it seems that you will not do anything at all, in the future also!

    Farman bhai, no matter what you say, has been more supportive towards me and Pamir Times. He helped me get published not only in DAWN but also Express Tribune. He has been more generous in sharing his skills and capacities than you.

    When you were approached for guidance with respect to improvement of Pamir Times you refused to do so, saying that you would not write for "local" papers, and instead choose International Publications. That shows your level of dedication and support for young writers like me and the rest of PT team members.

    Farman bhai has neither threatened us nor bribed us nor coerced us into doing anything.

    He may not be even aware that the post has been removed. I have removed it myself because I feel that the article does not tell the complete reality.

    You are requested to not drag me or Pamir Times into this matter.



  3. This guy makes baseless arguments....May be looking for some support to get foreign asylum.

    He said, Prof Manzoor has gone to Islamabad to get his fake PhD degree.

    If that is true, then its an open challenge, to vet his three years course work and dissertation writing and recent publications to international journals. And,One should consult Manzoor's supervisor at Quaid-i-Azam university.

    If its wrong, then this blog which disseminates wrong messages and propaganda for some hidden sources should be condemned.

    Common is not ignorant as it was couple of years we live in a time of informed world, one can prove and disprove on the grounds of evidence...

    For you, Pakistani agencies, government, institutions, local community their norms and even individuals are fake ....OMG....get some sense...



  5. Nasira perveen has depicted only one side of the story... i have observed that girls( ismaili) specially from GB have decended from there moral values.. there is a great difference between decent modernism and vulgurism.. ismaili girls think that rights and freedom given to them in ISMAILISM can be enjoyed anywhere in the society...we have to think about it . honour killing s are just a reflex action of what girls are doing

  6. farhan, actually the ismaili girls don't wear veil... and talk to men with confidence... that is why they are maligned... I have married an ismaili girl and the only problem in my family now is the veil...

  7. @ Farhan Mehdi - How many of the dancing girls and prostitutes of Swat, Lahore and Karachi are Ismaili?

    How many of the girls-from-higher-tier-of-the-society supplied in guest-house brothels in Islamabad are Ismailis?

    How many of the the girls eloping with class fellows at the schools, colleges and universities of Pakistan are Ismailis?

    Fact of the matter is that just like an Ostrich the Sunnis and Shias forget the dirt on their own back and malign the Ismaili girls, just because they are confident, bold and more educated.

    There are hundreds of stories of girls belonging to other sects of Islam (hailing from GB) that can be brought to fore with documentary evidence. That the Ismaili youth refrain from mud-slinging despite of being fully aware of how "pure" other girls and women are does not mean cowardice; it rather means a higher moral standing that you fail to understand.

    Get a life and shun your ghetto mentality!!

    Live and let live

  8. Among those who comments here may be some agents of the secret agencies who project tribalism and want to creates rifts among the people of GB on sectarian and racial bases so that they could forget their struggle for political rights in Pakistan.

    Beware brothers and sisters

  9. Dear All,

    Who ever you are, what ever you do, please look in to your own soul; you will find more dirt there. So please stop blamming each other and start doing some work that can make a good change in you and your surrounding!

  10. I saw these tweets of 'PakistanAtWar Jat Zameendar' today:

    PakistanAtWar Jat Zameendar
    @TheseLongWars Ok. Let's talk about the political class. Feudals, Ismaili Super Begmaat, UP Walay Thugs. Racist ANP. Anti- JAT Nawaz League

    PakistanAtWar Jat Zameendar
    @TheseLongWars Our Political Class Should Face The Gallows. We Have To Clean Pakistan of This So Called Political Class.

    PakistanAtWar Jat Zameendar
    @TheseLongWars Waiting for the General, Who Would Snatch Every Patch of Land From Feudals & Every Penny From Jamaat Khana Wala Capitalists.!/PakistanAtWar

  11. Ali Hunzai says:

    My all brothers and sisters of Gilgit Baltistan Assalam-o-alaikum.
    maximum of the comments which you people read above are not written by the actual and true Locals (shia, sunni, ismaili etc), actually it is a suspicious criminal group which comments from both sides and tries to start a Hot discussion by addressing sensitive issues,which result in inculcating Hate for each others in the local people of GB...we, the simple locals, understand each other very well, and are living here peacefully since centuries...i request all brothers and sisters of GB not to contribute in the Barking voices of this group...ths is a alert

  12. Interesting post at least I think so. Thnx a lot for enlightning that information.

    Greg Franplou
    gps car jammer

  13. bull shit pig eating bustard look before you leap mf


    The poor common Ismailis know nothing about politics in Gilgit-Baltistan. but people openly say the chief of Ismaili Council in Gilgit Prof Manzoor Ali is completely in the hands of the ISI which uses it against the preachings of the Agha Khan. read these two eye-opener articles: a- Tribalism — Aga Khan’s pluralism under threat in Gilgit-Baltistan: b- Cyber Age challenges & Ismaili Muslims:


    Dear, Who ever your are , The blog is absolutely rubbish run by some , dillusional Salman. Who had personal enmity with council and the leaders for his personal and home issue. which was dealt by Council. Please get to know about 'Global center for Pluralism ' which talk about unity and peaceful co existence .Secondly this country is emotional driven , and conspiracy theory as if every one is sold to cia , mossadd or raw, recent killings were accepted by judallah a sunni banned outfit active in sistan Iran . This blog(terror island) is absolutely rubbish and sickness of mental attitude to limits, this guy has gone nuts. before passing any judgement and citing any blog you must have prior knowledge of Ismaili communit , Imam is the central authority in Shii school in general including Shia ismaili school of Islam . Our Imam has always told us , given us guidance of loyalties and commitment to state where ever there are , ....before giving the link of this rubbish blog , you should have read the articles and excerpts of Aga Khan III and Aga Khan IV. If you want to know Ismailies see the guidance to Imam of TIme , We say Labiak to our Imam unconditionaly .You said poor Ismaili donot know about the politics and all the stuff, I must say we are the most enlightened and aware community of NOt only Pakistan where ever we are in 25 countries around the world , we are seeking towards the knowledge society , this word poor is more appropriate to those literate class who still believes in such rubbish stuff by this blog terroisland and Ummat news . and feel extremely sorry to those religious bigots who constantly keep their follower is ignorance and conspiracy .


  16. i have reached to a conclusion after reading many articles on this site, i belive this website is a total crap and the wroter's opinion is totally false and biased, and just trying to spread hatred and strife in the region and among people of different sects, there are many contradictions in it and he is commenting from both sides, im sure this is acriminal group and its intentions are totally negative, just for the information of the people,i dn tbelong to any group or isi the way he i ssaying that evrybody is isi and evrybody i bribed and evrythign is a conspiracy, this is total bullshit, this guy should get his head checked, i have many ismaili and shia frends from gilgit region and there is nothing like what he is trying to spread, i would advise people not to waste their time here,like i did, id rather listen to some rock music.

    1. this blog has exposed those who use race, religion and faith for their personal agenda... but one thing... i observe that some commentators like stress on that they are not "ISI agents" or "from G-B"... why? is there something fishy fishy... :)))

  17. I think nobody should post these kind of comments on this website which is not a reality. Girls from GB are very licky and have enough freedom to study and work in any field. Girls should not use mis use of freedom. Morality is a personal thing and every girl should take care of themselves what to do and what not to do. Always a man cannot protect a women and its a matter of self respect.

  18. majority of prostitutes ismailis in gilgit, and ismaili council is aware of these brothal houses.
    Ismaili council is actively involved in Human trafficking, these people traffick ismaili girls to Afghanistan and canada.