December 6, 2010

A tyrant has neither life nor a burial place in the changed world!

Mr. Habib Sulemani was supposed to write a blog for us but he could not fulfill his promise. He is facing death threats and is being harassed in different ways. However, a member of The Terrorland Team (TTT) was able to get a fresh poem, which Mr. Sulemani has written recently. He was not ready to give it for publication. 

"It's not fully cooked yet," he said, "give me some time to make it a delicious dish for the poor and hungry!"

"It would be okay after publication!" our stubborn member answered.

We have given the blog a caption but the actual title of the poem is: The lifeless tyrant. So here is the food for thought fresh from the oven.—TTT

The lifeless tyrant

By Habib Sulemani

The tyrant lit the fire of oppression
intending to burn the innocent alive
(the price for thinking independently
and expressing their feeling freely
which is a serious crime
in the conformist tribal society!)

But it has gone the other way round!
Now, the tyrant will burn to ashes
in the fire of barbarism…

Oh, really? 

O’ yeah!

Can't believe it!

It’s not a damn poem!

But where the ashes would be scattered?
over the Karakoram mountaintop
sacred Ganges, poetic Thames
deep Atlantic or
in New York's Central Park?

None of these places at all!


A tyrant has neither life nor a burial place
in the changed world!


The ashes would be flicked into the
gutter-lines of the gutter…
then mother earth would be clean and free!
© Habib R. Sulemani


  1. Mr. Sulemani, It would truly be an honor to really know you as a friend. I can only try to grasp the realities of you situation. Your poem is beautiful art that makes us think. Please be safe but do not give up or give in ... it is a crime that your intellect, your thoughts, your art are written under such circumstances. You are a hero, sir. You have much strength and honor and I am truly humbled by your courage. Thank you for sharing your poem.

  2. Thank you for your words as they are beautiful as they are true. I am a member of Peace Maker Society in the Dominion of Canada. We are a human rights education NGO and self governing.

    Please feel free to keep in touch with us about your experiences or anything you or your group would like to share about what is going on in your country with the people in the Dominion of Canada or commonly thought of as Canada.

    Nameste and be safe.
    Marcel of the family Bessette

  3. You may reach us at We have a group on facebook as well. Thanks again for all you guys are doing.

  4. Quite surprised to read such a fine piece coming out of Pakistan.

    Pakistanis including myself have compromised or given up very long time ago, we force ourselves to write not about our immediate dilemmas and realities instead we try to cover them up. Which is actually distortion of self, truth, reality and our beliefs and that is why we are quite confused intellectually.

    The sin of Mr.Sulemani is really only this that he tries to write the way he see things. The poem has really made me uncomfortable and I like it resistance is alive inside me and many others but we lack in courage.

    Thank you Habib for lending your courage to others and sharing it. Bravo!!

  5. Why Habib is under house arrest. It is not so much about what he has written... it is about to silence the voices that might dare to speak as well.

    A poem

    The paranoia walks with us,
    We look towards our children,
    Our families and the burdens of daily life
    Live a shut up life
    It makes me laugh...
    Which mask suites me?
    The religious one,
    the patriotic one
    Liberal is bad,
    But damn it who am I
    Show me the real self...
    and silence follows
    It is too much to confront
    We are not aloud to be humans
    We can be anything else...
    The Pakistanis are afraid of their shadows


  6. @ Marcel of the family Bessette -- Thank you very much for the comment. We are really impressed by the Peace Maker Society. Reading our group blogs and Facebook Edition, you will come to know our objectives clearly. Hope you will give your feedback in the future as well.

    @Ms M. Khan -- Thanks for the comment.

    @Beth -- We are really sorry for stopping Mr Sulemani's words of thanks for the sentiments your have expressed about his work. We will publish it as a blog in the coming days. Hope you will bless us with your wisdom in the future as well.

    @Farrah Mazhar -- As someone in a comment on your blog had said that you are "a gifted writer". We hope you will write for us in the future as well. Mr Sulemani's words of thanks will appear as a new post soon.