January 1, 2011

The Margalla Sunset — Happy New Year 2011

Photo by Sadaf Fayyaz © With permission.

Happy New Year to all those who read The Terrorland blogs by visiting our website, Google Group, Facebook, Twitter and other social media pages, or get the posts by email etc through different journalistic,  literary and civil society networks.

The last sun of  the tumultuous 2010 set in Islamabad with the echoes of obnoxious speeches made by some Parliamentarians! They were attacking each other's female family members in our "honor-conscious" tribal Pakistan. The "engineered" show was watched millions of people on the "free" media. Like the WikiLeaks, this nasty show also proved an eye-opener for our terrorized 170 million people!

No matter women are in the corridors of power or in the streets, they're being treated less than human beings! Not only the uneducated lot in rural areas, but the westernized and urbanized Parliamentarians also prefer to attack the womenfolk of their enemies in revenge! And this is a typical strategy of the Inter Service Intelligence (ISI) and its political heirs! The readers of our group blogs know how brutally the spies tried to play this cruel strategy in the Habib Sulemani case biggest mass murder plot exposed last year. 

Women face many social challenges in the world especially in our patriarchal society. The Terrorland Team (TTT) wants to celebrate 2011 as a Year of Women and Democracy for many reasons. Therefore, we'll focus on democracy and woman's issues. It's a very risky job in Pakistan where the liberals and conservatives both have joined the tyrants and oppressors willingly or out of fear!!

Although fragile, but The Terrorland will continue to play the role of a critic of government policies. We want our terrorized country out of the self-created mess so that there is peace and prosperity in the country. And the world starts respecting us as a civilized nation state. Pakistan shouldn't be a terrorland!—(TTT)

 Margalla Sunset

By Habib Sulemani

O tyrants of my land
The sun has set for you!
Do not err and refrain from adventurism
The Margalla ’ll never hide your Stalinism anymore
(Traitors can’t disguise as patriots in the dark)
The lush green hills are not your friend
 The season has changed!

There is no more space for a dictator in Islamabad
Islam has got rid of autocracy
Long live democracy!

© Habib R. Sulemani


  1. I replied to you but it did not go. Kindly post this on your group:

    Where is democracy? Democracy is "of the people, by the people for the people". If it is "of the feudals, by the feudals and for the feudals" would you still call it a democracy. Sir it is Feudocracy and nothing else. Lets not fool ourselves thinking we are enjoying democracy. If it was a decmocracy then the common man would have been sitting in the
    Parliament not the land lords who got lands from the Brits. for ghaddari against our own people. Richest of the richest cannot buy the
    amount of land they have. If you want to do something push for structural reforms. And that is first as a corner stone demolish feudalism. The only way to do is is introduce land ceiling and death duty in which half of land goes to the state. That is how you undo the injustice done to people. No body absolutely nobody will have no more than 60 acres per head. The excess land is distributed among the poor. See how we then have an ecomomic boom.

  2. Uninterruped secular democracy, changing schools'curriculum to secular international secular syllabus, reducing army budget by 50% and increasing education & sports budget 10 fold each, can bring desired results.

  3. I think all political parties must have rural land ceiling in their manifestos. Once that happens people will be relieved of bondage. They will be free to do what they want to do. And when land will be distributed among the poor a whole new generation of self employed people will come up. Of course we will have to help them with information, knowledge and finance. Microfinance will then be a reality in Pakistan too. Most important you will see common Pakistanies in the National and Provincial Assemblies.They will ensure law and order that will in turn bring out the entrepreneurship in the brilliant Pakistanis that they are. We will then beat India and China in the economic field.

  4. 1- Arif: "A cute poem."

    2- IK: "Thanks so much dear, the poem is really impressive. I appreciate ur thinking and salute u and ur knowledge. I am proud of u dear."

    3- Mr Nagri: "Happy NEW YEAR to you too and thank you for your beautiful poem."

    4- Tariq: "Very nice poem."

    5- YR: "Keep fighting."

  5. congrats for a brilliant idea to celebrating 2011 as a Year of Women and Democracy for many reasons. Raising awareness and educating masses for their rights with passage of time, with sure we people get ride frm certain parties and groups those demolish public rights...and yes it is risky goal but it is not impossible to achieve :)