February 4, 2011

A blasphemy case in the court of God

for Salman Taseer (1944-2011). As Governor Punjab, he went to a jail to see Asia Bibi, a Christian woman, sentenced to death in a case of blasphemy, and called for amendment to Pakistan’s blasphemy law. This infuriated a section of the society and a team of clerics issued an edict, declaring the Governor a ‘blasphemer,’ punishable by death. Then a policeman, appointed as his security guard, reportedly shot him dead in Islamabad on this day last month.

By Habib Sulemani

You were a victim of the martial law,
and naturally rude to General Zia,
who, had tailored the Constitution
to the needs of his wicked regime... 

All is silent! But a couple of your daring friends say:
You were a true lover of the Holly Prophet (PBUH).
The internet – especially YouTube, Facebook,
Twitter and other interactive media – is presented as evidence...

Liberalism is the name of tolerance;
but it’s being abused like women in the male-dominated world.
Liberalism is nothing but reasoning with all due respect.

How’d a sane person behave like an insane body?
How’d a normal person commit blasphemy?
A crime punishable by death in our country. 

Criminal charges were framed against you. And they got you killed
in a systematic way to show: Barelvi, Deobandi, Wahabi, Sunni and
Shia—all Muslims are extremists, and then use it for bargaining...

With criminal skills, they can turn friends into foes overnight. Laws and morals
are trivial things. They can arm your security guard with a 'cause' 
but keep with their guards a relationship as if married for life...

The masterminds are a bunch of fools having infinite power...
They use anchor-persons and clergymen for their criminal designs.
They’re exposed. Boys, you’ve failed very badly!

People know: Islam has nothing to do with terrorism.
Confess it now: acts of terror attract dollars,
which diplomacy can’t achieve...  

Terrorism is also the pet method of the power-players
to get political mileage in the
Islamic Republic of Pakistan!   


As you're no more in this world physically,
your shattered family wants to hear your frank and healing voice...
Others can’t heal their deep wound in a merciless society!

How’re you there? Did you see your father—
what did Dr. Taseer say?
Your English mother’d be dumb silent!

The fire-spitting cleric’d be in a state of shock—
what did Bukhari say?
What about the military dictator with dragon-teeth?   

What was the reaction of Mr. Jinnah?
Did Iqbal write a eulogy for you?
The founding and ideological fathers’d be hiding their faces!

What's happening in their dreamland today
was neither their aim nor the poetic theme...
(This is a reflection of the confusing mainstream!)

The merciful Prophets’d be beside you,
pleading before the court of the merciful Lord.
(The era of satanic lords is going to finish on land!)

The Judge and panel of Juries’d be awaiting the culprits in the heavens,
and you for the celestial trial...
People’ve fewer expectations from any earthly trial...

The country has been divided into segments:
The enemies of tyranny versus the enemies of liberty.
Here is nothing but fearful slogans of the sham democracy!

Your assassin has yet to name those who triggered his gun!
However, the military’s mullah brigade had a rally in Karachi;
it was in favor of the military's assumed version of democracy!

The game of terror is going on...
The criminal generals and corrupt politicians are fighting like cats and dogs—
everyone of them wants maximum power.

The billionaire opposition leader 
and street-hawker are levied equal amount of taxes...

The gang of rogues succeeded to stun the world again!
Our poverty-stricken people and helpless security forces have 
become a whipping boy. They're treated like a cheap Chinese toy!


When you fell to the ground, the media managers franchised the pet
religious term: martyr! They sent waves of terror across the country.
Peaceful citizens can't take (even) the name of God in the society...  

There is terror in the air!
Exclamation mark has replaced full-stop in writings...
Even the clergymen hesitate to touch Sacred Scriptures
as if they’re high explosives, or suicide bombers!

People are frightened of allegations of blasphemy.
Someone can accuse anyone of the serious crime to acquire their property. 
Anyone could be killed in the hope of getting a promised plot in the 
Garden of Eden, or just to become a glorified killer in a callous society!

The batch of westernized Taliban has graduated (they've
new schools besides the Karakoram International University!).
The new warriors meet demands of the cyber community...
Now, they're active to bring the liberals down. They’re everywhere, 
not only at the camouflaged daily Dawn!

I don’t know what’ll happen to these new warriors at the end...
Nevertheless, the generals are very happy!
The future of their generations has been secured—
but the unfortunate nation is losing every golden opportunity! 

The previous terror merchants are gradually becoming extinct. 
After the Red Mosque and Taliban butchery, Mr. Khwaja
and Colonel Imam are also among the victims of terrorism...
General Baig, Gul and the ghost of Zia are still playing well!

Democracy is (hitherto) inside the militarized golden cage.
The generals have not (yet) succeeded in taking over formally.
(Neither you nor the parents of Justice Javed did help...)

There is immense domestic and global pressure on our military.
Still the Army Chief is the de facto President of our democratic country.
But the de jure (businessman) President is happy
for being inside the lavish President House of a poor country!

Desi kicks of ISI chief run the robotic Prime Minister... 
ISPR boss is struggling hard to occupy the Army,
an Army Chief's shortcut to the Presidency!


The slavish media says: Things would be better as soon the
drama of democracy ends—and the Army Chief takes over formally.
So things are being cooked as yet!

A boot-licker journalist has announced:
The country's falling apart...
The nuclear nation state may be safe, but the enemies
of the wretched people're falling away! 

What happens next in the country? Let us see!
Depoliticized, diplomatic or sheer cowardice,
silent is your beloved Pakistan People's Party!


Good heavens!
Aamna and her children in tears can hear
Salman’s lively Punjabi laughter...
Can’t believe it...
This is a dream or real...
But this time neither gibes at his opponents, nor any pun...
Mr. Governor is deadly serious!

"My assassination was not the death of reason, 
but it's the final nail in the coffin of the tyrants.
Don’t worry; soon my terrorized homeland would be free!"


In the eleventh month of solitary confinement, the author says: “It’s a rudimentary draft of my poem.” However, anybody can use it (with citation), to spread the message of peace and harmony in society, he adds. © Habib R. Sulemani

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    the link from this blog took me to the LUBP and i picked this one from there.

  4. Islam is the peaceful Religion, it never teaches people to kill other human beings.
    Mumtaz Q is just a (shit) he should be hanged as soon as possible. Those Fundamentalists who are supporting him should necessarily ponder upon the real essence of ISLAM.
    Pakistani society is on brink of destruction, and we the educated individuals have to work collectively to uplift the socio-economic development of Pakistan, we have to change our negative perceptions’ which will (inshallah) results a revolution.
    Mumtaz .Q is not an individual who killed an innocent human being (M.Q) is name of a pessimistic thought which openly represents the ugly face of so called Islam. We have to reject and condemn such mother f****rs.
    We are fighting war on terror in tribal areas, but what about the real terrorists like f****g (M.Q)?

  5. Like I have said before those laws are there for revenge on people,from other people. It's not because of God/Ala, he needs no defending from us humans, he can defend himself. Just people who aren't tolerant of others and their views. Who turned God/Ala from a loving father to one of intolerance and hate?Blashphemy laws are so dumb and show total lack of understanding and tolerance.

    Look at the Blasphemy laws that the Spanish Inquisition that persecuted Jews,Muslims, and other Christian because of their views and beliefs. Call them what they are revenge laws, or intolerance laws. The lack of human respect for other human beings and their freedoms and way of life.

  6. @shehzad, mind your language. mumtaz qadri is innocent. the intelligence agencies used him to badmouth bralvis in particular the peace-loving dawat-e-islami. Allah will destroy the real culprits. ameen sum ameen.

  7. Unless our brothers in Pakistan raise up their voice together against fascist Military domination; Unless our brothers in Pakistan wish to transform their motherland to a developed nation; unless our brothers in Pakistan opt for democratic Government free of military influence. Unless our Pakistani brothers demand Pakistan Government to work for their welfare, to work for their education,to work for their betterment, It is difficult to see the light at the end of this tunnel.

    People has the Power. We know better than any other in the world because we fought together against British.

    Rise up and transform for your better future. Hope Indian and other International community will back Pakistani people's desires.