February 7, 2011

The Hawker Revolution — Arab world sings for democracy

for Muhammad Bouazizi, a Tunisian street-hawker, whose tragic death acted as a catalyst for change

By Habib Sulemani

In solitary confinement,
I can hear the song of liberty
amid gunshots from the Arab world:  

"We want freedom
 We want democracy"

Freedom is the music
Freedom is the cry
Don't ask me: why!

The melodious voices from the
desert're intoxicating...
It's compelling everybody—even the
thundering guns're dancing!

Azizi’s red blood has made the desert green
This—history had never ever seen
Trembling dynasties're crumbling...
Hurray! Democracy is coming!   

Generals and mullahs: stay away! 
You've shed enough blood
Lower your guns and loudspeakers...
Let's dance to the tune of democracy! 
Let's sing the song of liberty
Let’s dance for democracy

Arabs want their lost dignity back...  
For ages they've been out of track...
Now the helpless people've a ray of hope
The oppressors can't cut the divine rope!

It’s not the Arabian Nights' Entertainment era
Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen and Algeria—
Everyone seeks freedom in the Arabian Peninsula
Not only Libya and Syria
Liberty is the right of entire Asia and Africa! 

Freedom is the music
Freedom is the cry
Don't ask me: why!

Tired of the despot, corrupt and aged rulers
The youth bade farewell to recruiters of bombers
Ay! Cyber Generation, don't act like people after Saddam…
Do not separate peace from Islam!

The tyrants’re fleeing to the new palace of the old king...
The last refuge of any disgraced barbaric regime!

“My motherland'll vomit the fascist with big ego”
I can hear the song of a Libyan shepherd
Remove the unholy rulers from the Holly Land
The world hears the chanting sand
Kings, amirs, presidents and prime ministers
Every chameleon and despot'll evaporate into air!  

Freedom is the music
Freedom is the cry
Don't ask me: why!

People seek peace and prosperity
A corruption-free country
Citizens want to live with good grace
Not like beasts—but as a human race!

The song of liberty is deafening the oppressors around 
“Music is forbidden,” declares the king’s trusted cleric
“Oppression is forbidden,” shouts the Arabian crowd 
“We want freedom. We want grace
We want to live like a human race!”

Behold, global players!
Do you hear the music?
The whirlwind of change has taken away people's fear
Men and women're seeking no less than liberty
Stop the pirates from hijacking the ship of dignity
Right in the middle of the Arabian Sea!

Abandon the theocratic, secular
and military dictators everywhere!
They’re sucking your blood like hookworms
They’re making a hole in your soul
And injured souls can’t be healed by crude oil!

Let nightingales sing in the oasis freely
Let rusted musical instruments come to life again
Let arms go to hellfire not human beings
Let peace triumph in the Middle East
The Holly Land needs a graceful feast!

Listen to the music
Hay, hay, listen to...

“We want freedom
We want democracy”

Freedom is the music
Freedom is the cry
Don't ask me: why!


Note: Anyone, who wants peace and real democracy in the Arab world, can use this poem, an instant reaction, in any way (with citation). Musicians and translators (especially Arabic) are most welcome. As global citizens, the users of the social media must raise the morale of the struggling Arab people.
© Habib R. Sulemani 

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  2. Oooh, I read such anger and frustration in your work. I can offer you a solution to your dismay and sadness:


    Why? Well, to begin with, you complain, complain, complain, and your words do not actually stimulate anyone to adopt a CORRECTIVE COURSE OF ACTION.

    Answer this: WHY do we have a government?
    And: WHY do we have courts?

    Governments have only one legitimate function: to prevent injustice. Do they so function in your land? If not, you must eliminate them and replace them with government that obeys that function.

    Courts have only one legitimate function: to resolve disputes peaceably, albeit by enforcing their edicts with physical force or threat thereof. Do they obey this function?

    If judges do obey their function, then SUE the perpetrators of crimed in your land. If they do not, then you have no practical course of action but to assassinate the judge.

    Naturally, if you attack a President, Caliph, or judge, the body guards will pounce on you and kill you on the spot. So you have no choice but to proceed as a guerillla autocrat.

    Your writing utterly ignores the fact that LAW only functions because the people make it function by replacing bad government with good government.


  3. Oh, and by the way, the ENTIRE WORLD clamors for a fair and honest government. And DEMOCRACY is NOT such a government.

  4. Great post. The poem is on Rightarida.



  5. Dear Rehman Sb,

    I am Abid Hussain, an Assistant Editor at The Friday Times. I have received the poem, The Hawker Revolution, which we would be carrying in our pages. Can you please tell me where you are based at?




    Dear Sir,

    Thanks for writing me. Actually the poem, The Hawker Revolution, was written by Habib Sulemani who lives in Rawalpindi. You can read about him by visiting group blog The Terrorland (http://theterrorland.blogspot.com) besides contacting him at: habib.sulemani@yahoo.com



  6. A discussion on this poem at: alt.politics.liberalism

    Dänk 666 commented:

    An old adage says that people get the type of government they
    deserve. Arabs/Muslims do not deserve democracy, nor do they want
    it. What they want is to be ruled by either insane unelected clerics,
    or by insane unelected secular dictators.

    For example, the Iranian "revolution" of 1979 simply replaced a
    secular dictatorship with a religious dictatorship. Thirty years
    later, mass demonstrations broke out demanding that "election" results
    be overturned, so as to replace one candidate personally selected by
    the Ayatollah with another candidate personally selected by the

    The Egyptian protesters may succeed in ousting Mubarak, but he will be
    replaced by a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, a radical Islamist
    organization that promises to impose Sharia "law."

    Democracy is incompatible with Islam. In a democracy, the people vote
    for laws, while in Islam, all law is derived from the koran. The
    koran is believed to be the literal word of Allah, so no secular laws
    can be allowed to contradict it. The people are allowed to
    democratically vote to impose Sharia, but once Sharia is established,
    democracy is abolished. Very similar to leftism, in that leftist
    dictators like Hugo Chavez come to power via the democratic process,
    then abolish democracy and stay in power forever.

    Wusong replied Dänk:

    Your point of view is very superficial, and no better than those
    creating the turmoil present everywhere in the Middle East. We have to
    make every effort to convince the people in the Middle East
    (impossible task) that Democracy is the form of government best suited
    for them (and in return, us), and allow their civilization (if you can
    all it that) to evolve from the present barbaric state into a peaceful
    civilized state, the way Christianity has evolved. We can't just say,
    "Oh, it's impossible", and bomb them to smithereens just because they
    don't think the way we do (or should we?).

    Pls read the entire discussion at:


  7. A discussion @ Alt.poetry

    Colonel Edmund J. Burke said:




    Dear Colonel Edmund J. Burke!


    What do you want to say, really? I've nothing to hide being a peaceful Pakistani citizen and being one of the moderators of a group blog, THE
    TERRORLAND, that seeks legal action against the masterminds of global terrorism, who have, unfortunately, gathered in my country. We seek
    global peace and harmony among people and cultures. I assume, being a
    citizen of the civilized world, you will agree with our mission if you read our blogs with a positive mind.

    Pls visit our blog and try to understand our work as messengers of
    peace: http://theterrorland.blogspot.com


    Rehman Pakistani


    Chief Thracian said:

    Hello Rehman Pakistani. Unfortunately, Amerika is flooded with crazy goons like Colonel Poopy Loop. I'm not one of them (a rarity), so I
    wish you much success with your activist endeavors to end violence, both on the Internet and off.


  8. There is a Facebook page: chat today..social media

    One Nasir Khan Yousafzai had added me as a member there and I was reeving upto 10 messages in my e-mail everyday. When I posted this poem there, the reaction was grotesque! I got this note from one Ladyo Dw:

    "cautionary note from management. nothing will allowed to remain posted that in anyway infers any nation or group is not allowed to survive. This group is for discussion purposes only. No hate mungering allowed such as the poem I just deleted. Portions crossed the line and if that reoccurs u will be reported to fb and banned."

    When I observed the page, Nasir Khan Yousafzai
    had this post with a link: "Reports says that the CIA agent (Raymond Davis) caught in Pakistan has links and supported some terrorists organizations in terrorist activities"

    And Ladyo Dw had to say: "Its all speculation. The pot calling the kettle black perhaps. With pakistan taking billions from the usa and hosting terrorist. A nation with nukes and a neighbor as a sworn enemy. They trifle with a super power and wonder why the super power sends spies. Its because u cant be trusted. Your country lives with dishonor."

    Then Nasir Khan Yousafzai responded in a typical way: "Lets suppose you are right, then, these are CIA trained people from Afghanistan war and now hosted by Pakistan and still CIA is paying the price for terrorist residence in Pakistan from tax paid by Americans. The USA people are fool enough by their own media that CIA is playing game with Americans in order to get more money for funding these terrorists organizations. ISI trusted CIA but CIA played double role and now ISI demanded the list of all the spies that have links with CIA's terrorists (Al-CIAeda) and who plan to launch anti-human activities inside Pakistan, Afghanistan and in around the world. CIA made the Americans ashamed in the world."

    Then came Ladyo Dw's response: "You misunderstood what I marnt. I hold pakistan responsible for their country and what occurs within it. As I hold my own nation responsible for what occurs in the usa. As long as u blame others for the issues within pakistan u will never cure your ills. Pakistan was on a road toward destruction long before any nation came. Nation bashinbg isnt helpful. Its about being honest about each countries issues not blamimg one nation for everyones problems."

    Sometimes, things like this happen in the cyber world... anyways, I have left the group silently, let us see where the discussion goes between the two respected people :-)

  9. Aafiyat Nazar | February 21, 2011 at 9:21 am |

    wow! This is magnificent poetry. I hope one day the people of Pakistan including Gilgi-Baltistan will also rise against the rulers who are responsible for gross human rights violation who are continuously denying their rights. tab raj karegi khalqe khuda jo tum bhi ho jo ham bhi hein….

    Ali Masud | February 21, 2011 at 10:43 am |

    brother you have expressed your openion about the arab world and about their dectators ruling elite in a very unique way.

  10. Winifred Beam KesslerMarch 18, 2011 at 2:46 PM

    Insightful and beautiful poem. I have posted it on my Facebook page and will read the book. Glad to find you.