March 30, 2011

Killers of the Bhuttos, Bhatti & Taseer

By Habib R. Sulemani

“THE federal cabinet has given the go-ahead to the ministry of law and justice to file a reference in the Supreme Court to reopen former premier Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s case, which, the ruling Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) believes, culminated in his ‘judicial murder.’ 

"President Asif Ali Zardari will take party leaders into confidence before filing a judicial reference in the Z.A. Bhutto case on April 4 (the leader's death anniversary) in Garhi Khuda Bakhsh (ancestral graveyard), according to Federal Information Minister Firdous Ashiq Awan, who briefed the media after the cabinet meeting on Monday.” (The Express Tribune; March 29, 2011)

Okay. That is a good omen! The symbolic trial of every military dictator is a must to make democracy stronger in the militarized Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Mr. Bhutto (1928–1979) was hanged by General Zia-ul-Haq (1924–1988), who, as Army Chief, had snatched power from the former Prime Minister during a bloodless coup d'état. Almost all of the characters involved in this case have gone to their final abode—except an elderly former judge, Justice Nasim Hassan Shah. It was no-one but this judge who after retirement had confessed that due to pressure from the military dictator, they, judges of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, had given Mr. Bhutto a death sentence.

So, now, there is a common sense question. Why the current government is not focusing on the assassination of Mr. Bhutto’s daughter and also a former Prime Minister, Benazir Bhutto (1953–2007)?

Ms. Bhutto was killed about three years ago. And the characters allegedly involved in this assassination are still alive and active. This is a question Mr. Bhutto’s son-in-law and Ms. Bhutto’s widower, Asif Ali Zardari, has to answer the 118 million people as President of Pakistan!   

Moreover, two months ago, PPP leader and Governor Punjab, Salman Taseer, was brutally killed in Islamabad after allegations of blasphemy. This murder, allegedly committed by one of his bodyguards, was used by the secret agencies, through the media, to terrorize those who are known as liberals in the country. It shocked the whole nation. In the meanwhile, last month, another party leader and Minorities Minister, Shahbaz Bhatti, was assassinated in broad daylight on road in Islamabad. Why the government is not focusing on these recent tragedies?

People ask: is there something fishy about the recent incidents, or the culprits are more powerful than the elected government?

Before the next general elections, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilini has to answer these questions practically. Otherwise, there is no future for this so-called anti-establishment ruling party anymore. Hollow political slogans don't work for anybody anymore in the second decade of the 21st century. Believe you me, Mr. Prime Minister!  

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March 29, 2011

Psychological warfare: threats, harassment, blackmailing & propaganda

Special Report

AFTER exposing the rule of the unscrupulous officials of the secret agencies in “honor killing” and other women and sex-related crimes in our group blogs, besides Habib R. Sulemani and his family members, the moderators are also getting many messages through different means. They often ridicule blogs, accuse and abuse the group directly or indirectly.

Besides the vicious attacks on Mr. Sulemani declaring him a schizophrenic, downplaying the threats pertaining to his life, mimicking the attacks as persecution complex, labeling him as a traitor, American agent, accusing him of seeking asylum in a foreign country, and working against the Two-Nations Theory etc. now there is a new propaganda campaign against his family that they "want to change the faith and culture of the people".

"Threats, harassment, insidious bullying, blackmailing and propaganda are part of psychological warfare," Mr. Sulemani says. "But they can't win this vicious war. They're destined to defeat. They wanted to kill me with my family members in isolation, but look, now they've been isolated in the entire world. They can't escape the long arm of the law... soon they would be standing in a court... no mater it's in Islamabad or The Hague!"

Here we want to show our readers a glimpse of the ongoing psychological warfare. On October 3, 2010 one of our moderators got this email from an anonymous person:

I really do feel sorry for whatever has happened, but, please remember that, KIU's admin has gone though these cases carefully, video evidences are also presented in front of the committee, then the final steps were taken. KIU's admin did not have any personal enmity to you or your family at all.

Our moderator instantly responded:

Dear Sir,

Thank you very much for writing. The moderators of The Terrorland group blogs have a request: Would you, please, elaborate what kind of video and evidences of what??

Many regards,

The same day, the unknown writer revealed not only his name but contact numbers and name of the government organization, Pakistan Electronic Media Regularity Authority (Pemra), where he works as well. He wrote:

Mr. Rehman, am not varsity's legal counsel. Am amazed, you have written loads over this issue and still not aware of the facts & figures regarding this case. Am in favor of justice in the society, the boy Sheraz who's assumed to be the fiancé of a girl is my cousin, and he has not been engaged yet. You can contact Special Branch Glt, if you really need more details of the case.

Hyder Abbas.
Pemra Regional Office G-B.
Address: Majini Mohallah Gilgit.

And since then there is silence. The Special Branch’s criminal acts have already been discussed in a previous post: Female student victimized on orders from the top: Karakoram University.

On September 15, 2010 our blogger Nasira Parveen came across a guy on the internet. She received a message on the Facebook:

MESSAGE: Salams.. I read your text on the blog. It was interesting. Regards

RESPONSE: Thank you.

MESSAGE: I work in Save the Children, Islamabad. Allah bless you. Regards

RESPONSE: great .Thank you so much.

MESSAGE: You are welcome. Should I ask, what you do? Regards 


MESSAGE: I already read it and it is very strange. I am surprised to know that. Can we solve it?

RESPONSE: Thanx. Let the courts do their job. God bless u.

MESSAGE: I work in an international organization in Islamabad. God bless you.

Nasira felt threatened and stopped the dialog.  However, on March 11, 2011, she received this message from the same guy, who was continuously following her messages.

MESSAGE: I want to listen you. Would it be possible for you to meet?

RESPONSE: who are you, and what do you want?

MESSAGE: I am Nasir Khan Yousafzai working in development sector Islamabad. Heard about your story online on that blog. Want to hear it from you if you like. May be I can be of some help. Regards

RESPONSE: in which capacity you are saying this?

MESSAGE: I was thinking for some solution for your problem. Anyways if you don't like to meet, I will just pray for you then. Regards

RESPONSE: what kind of solution

MESSAGE: Thats why I wanted to meet to identify solution

RESPONSE: in which capacity?

MESSAGE: Capacity? What it mean?

RESPONSE: are you an official of the ISI?

MESSAGE: no.. never..


 (longer pause)

MESSAGE: My name is Nasir and it means to help thats why I offered meeting. Its upto you.

RESPONSE: mr nasir, you need not to repeat your name a hundred times, your ID tells that all. where do you work?

MESSAGE: I work in Save the Children Islamabad.

RESPONSE: where do you want to meet me?

(longer pause)

RESPONSE: what happened, mr nasir?

RESPONSE: you need the answer from your bosses at the ISI? shame on you. you guys are the enemy of our nation, country and the whole world. you can't escape the laws and the wrath of God.

As Nasira felt threatened, therefore, she blocked the guy and reported him to the Facebook. Then the guy sent a message to a moderator of The Terrorland blogs the same day that continued for days:

MESSAGE: Today, I messaged Nasira and offered her to meet. I explained the purpose of the meeting that it will be to only help her, but I need few questions to ask from her. She was very rude in her responses and blaming that I am in ISI. It was ridicolus. At least she should learn how to talk and how to respond. With this behaviour she can never win. Regards.

RESPONSE: Sir, I can't understand it. Would you, please, tell me the details. Many regards for writing me.

MESSAGE: Details are in my previous message.

RESPONSE: did you meet her or her family members?

MESSAGE: i wanted to meet but she was very rude and insultive so i dropped the idea.

RESPONSE: what her family members said?

MESSAGE: Its useless topic for me anymore.

 These are just few examples besides the abusive calls (Slowly poisoning), and the direct carrot-and-stick approach of the powerful accused named in a previous post: Criminal inquiry sought. 

On March 13, 2011 when the issue of the criminal administration of the Karakoram International University (KIU) BS left this comment as a separate post. When another participant, MK asked for details, the writer refused. However, someone sent a message to our group after publication of this blog: ‘Nasira, fight bravely as your parents & brothers are with you’, saying that it was aimed at Nasira, as the writer was propagating the propaganda of a group that was led by one of the accused. Here is the message:

BS: its realy stupidity to decleare or present your culture negative way to gain others attention. because your roots are in your culture and certainly at some point in the future those people may look down upon you, just respect your culture and be an icon to bring positive change in your culture because even an external body can not bring change in a culture with out the will and participation of its inhabitants:)

MK: @BS, 1) who is declaring or presenting which culture negatively to gain others attention? 2) who is not respecting the culture? 3) how to be an icon to bring positive change in the culture? what is a 'positive' change? 3) who is the 'external body' that wants to bring change in the culture without the will and participation of the inhabitants?

BS: 1, there are many specially among our youth, 2) as for 1,3 , to follow the successfull women who are the first to gain higher education from the area and are serving in GB, 3) external bodies are NGOs and INGOs. Re read the last line carefully please :)

BS: its realy not any attribution to any one group or individual, but its somthing in general I have witnessed during my studies and gatherings.

MK: @BS, 1) what is culture and which culture you mean here? 2) can you give at least one example of those who 'negatively' represent that assumed culture? 3) a female 'icon' is the one only who serves in Gilgit-Baltistan? 4) you are talking about 'an external body' and then you named NGOs & INGOs... what do you want to say actually? And why you are stressing on this last line?

BS: i dont understand to what level you are taking the word external body but by external body I mean a thought that enters your locale to bring about change and that external hasis an NGO or INGO presented in my insertion. where as related to GB I address it many times because I belong to that culture and understand its dianamics. so those female living in that area and serving there by abiding by the limits that the society is in practice there, accepts is for, sure is an Ideal for me and can be an Icon. bacause if you are a working woman , u may know it better that, working in a city is easier than in the rural areas.

MK: 1) what is culture and which culture you are afraid of currently: Gilgiti, Balti, Gojali,Shina, Pakistani, Islami or any other? 2) can you give at least one example of those who allegedly present the culture negatively? 3) blaming 'an external body' is it China or USA? 4) you are accusing NGOs & INGOs and those who work with them may say something else about your accusations...? 5) and who really wants to gain others attention?

MK: @BS, i need the answers of all the five questions clearly, point by point, to understand the ambiguous and provocative statement, as an NGO-friend has declared it... it would help us to discuss 'culture' with ease here next time. like you, i would also stress on the last point... frankly tell me: who really wants to gain others attention in a bizarre way or is it something else... :)

BS: No coments for you here cause you arent getting my point. Im sorry.

The discussion ends here. However, later on, parts of it were deleted by the writer. The content of the message was repeated by another person in a telephonic conversation to a family member. “When you try to change a culture and faith of people, you’ll face rebuttal,” the person reportedly said.

The Terrorland Team (TTT)

March 27, 2011

Cricket diplomacy: Pakistani & Indian people want peace

PAKISTANI Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani would go to India on March 30 as he has accepted a formal invitation from his Indian counterpart, Dr. Manmohan Singh, to watch the Cricket World Cup semi-final match between the two arch rivals in South Asia.

We appreciate this new development in the terrorized region, and hope that the two leaders would be able to break the state of inertia—and restart peace talks, which had come across a big setback after the Mumbai terrorist attacks in 2008. 

Moreover, we want to tell both the Indian and Pakistani civilian and military leadership that peace is the only way to keep the current political setups and geographical statuses intact in the coming times.

Here we are reproducing a feature, written by Habib R. Sulemani, whose three generations, since 1947, have suffered due to wars between the two neighboring countries. It was published in Dawn newspaper on January 11, 2004—during the then Indian Prime Minister Vajpayee’s visit to Pakistan.—The Terrorland Team (TTT)

A war victim’s cry for peace

By Habib R. Sulemani

(India-Pakistan wars have created widows on both sides of the border)

THE other day I had a phone call from the Line of Control (LoC) in Kashmir. I was pleased to know that after Pakistan’s announcement of ceasefire and an equal response from India, there is now peace on both sides of the LoC. Thus signs of hope for permanent peace and a new life are appearing on either side after a long enmity of 56 years with many clashes and wars, particularly in 1948, 1965, 1971 and in 1999.

As, on both sides, the guns are silent! This has allowed not only the scared human beings to freely go about their business, but it has also given the birds, opportunity to begin their much forgotten chirping. If this continues then the fire-pouring soil will turn into lush-green in the coming spring, as it was originally intended. Signs of life are seemingly replacing death-sirens, which is a good omen not only for some 1.5 billion people of the South Asian region but for the stability of the world as well.

Pakistan and India are two nuclear powers of Asia. The world has been fearful of a nuclear clash between the two archrivals, which would have catastrophic for the entire world. So there was immense pressure on both to come to the negotiation table to resolve their longstanding disputes through peaceful means. But fortunately, they have realized now the sensitivity of the ‘new world’ and are seeking friendship and peace. It is dead sure that the people of both countries are now tired of the traditional war mongering attitudes of their rulers. The growing poverty and unemployment in the region has changed the meaning of the traditional ‘patriotism’ and the rhetorical statements of the governments and politicians have no more any appeal for the common man.

The recent elections in India prove this changing attitude, where out of the four states, Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s ruling party, BJP, won in three states. It was an endorsement of his government’s policies toward a better relation with neighbouring Pakistan. People think now that their economical conditions can only be better and prosperity can come their way when the two countries finish their enmity and start better mutual relations.

The leadership of both the countries, have to be equally flexible for the success of permanent peace and stability in the region. They have to break the inertia, because this is what the people want. Rationality is the need of the time. The war mongering elements, emotional literature and pieces of arts, rhetoric speeches/statements and bitter events should now be buried in the grave of the past for a better future for the coming generations. Only this way the demands of the ‘Cyber Age’ can be fulfilled. Even those people whose families were directly affected by the long enmity of both countries are also willing to bring peace. They want an end to revenge and destruction of poor families on either side of the border. This is their moral support for their leadership.

Nazir Begum, the 60-year-old widow of Major Muhammad Hanif Malik (Shaheed), Sitara Jur’at (SJ) is one of the hundreds of thousands victims of Pak-Indo wars, who is appealing to both the governments to bring peace. Her husband was martyred during the 1971 war, on December 3, in Hussain Walla border, Kusoor (Punjab), soon after his 41-Baloch regiment of the Pakistan army conquered the famous fort of ‘Qasr-i-Hind’.

“The wars between Pakistan and India have destroyed entire families and generations. There are hundreds of thousand widows and orphans of wars everywhere. War is a curse and it should be avoided. It has given us nothing but snatched everything. Now, if there is a truce and reconciliation it will be better,” Nazir Begum said while talking to Dawn at her residence in Rawalpindi.

Nazir Begum was married to his cousin Major Hanif in 1966. At that time she was barely 19 and his husband was almost 30 years old. Their happily married life lasted, unfortunately, five years latter, when war broke-out. She became a widow at the tender age of 24.

“My daughter was three and half years old then, while my only son was born just one month after the death of his father. There was complete darkness and I was left alone,” she says.
Nazir Begum is a lean and thin soft-spoken, polite and graceful old-lady. Before she could speak, her grey hair and deep dark fearful eyes told her tragic story.“My painful life is worth a novel, not just an article, son” she said with a gloomy voice, she told me. “When my husband was martyred, I was given a piece of land and Rs300,000. I sold the land and bought this house in Rawalpindi. I bought this house and since, I lived a dignified life; never requested anybody for help. My husband’s Rs1100 pension helped me raise my two children. My son got scholarship regularly and that reduced my financial burden. Now he gets Rs7000 from his job, the pension and the rent of a portion of the house is helping us make our ends meet.”

One can just imagine the agony of a young woman in this male dominated society, who is widowed at 24, with two kids and decides not to marry again and raise her kids despite all odds.“After becoming a widow, I never wore good colour clothes. My shirt, trouser and scarf would always make no combination. I wouldn’t comb my hair in months and thus I would look like a beggar. My mother-in-law lost her senses after the death of my husband. She slept on his grave, from morning till night, in hot and cold weather, in the hope to hear his voice. She died 10 years after the death of her son.

“Despite an offer I did not let my only son to join the Army. Because I was too scared. A child who has not seen the face of his father, what will be his state of mind? It is unimaginable. Due to my limited income yet I have not married him (son). My husband’s batch fellows have retired as generals; if he could have lived this long, today we would have had a different lifestyle. Those, whose families and quiet lives were destroyed by wars, what remains for them in life? But as a Shaheed (martyr) we are proud of my husband. That is our religious faith.”

Advocating for peace she said, “Our entire family is in the Army and there are such houses where more then one person lost his life in a war between Pakistan and India. Now there should be peace — no more wars and sufferings. Today our economic problems have increased many times than the past. Even the price of vegetable has run out of the common people’s reach. Joblessness is destroying lives of the youth. The use of narcotics has increased and suicides are on the rise. Incompetent and corrupt successive governments took advantage of the war-like situations — it should all come to an end now. We can hope for peace only. There is no remedy to the sufferings my children and I went through, but if there is a permanent truce between Pakistan and India at least there will be no more people like us,” she said.

It is true that our dreams of peace can come true only when the governments of Pakistan and India are take big initiatives.“President General Pervaiz Musharraf and Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee have the writ and power to bring peace in this region,” says Mrs Saiqa Malik, daughter of Major Hanif (Shaheed).

“Out of our countries and on the Internet I have seen tolerance and respect for each other. Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs and Christians all respect each other’s faiths. The hatred is only within the governments and now there should be an end to it.”Saiqa denounced war and said she has just a vivid memory of his father, who died when she was just three-and-half years old.“My younger brother and my life has remained empty of the presence of a father, but our mother did not let us realize it,” she concluded.

Indeed war has given us nothing except miseries. In 1948 my grandfather Mr Snober, in the 1965 my elder uncle Mr Ghulam Akber and in 1971 my younger uncle Mr Amirullah became disabled for life, one after another; while in 1999 my younger brother Ajaz Rehman was martyred in Kargil. No doubt, we are proud of their services to the nation. But today, like millions of other peace-loving people of Pakistan and India, my family and I have also a dream for permanent peace so that happiness and prosperity can touch our lives as well.

President Musharaf as a solder and Prime Minister Vajpayee as a poet/intellectual know better, the importance of peace over war — so let us hope our dreams of peace will come true and the disgusting chapter of hostilities will meet an end.

March 26, 2011

Intellectual terrorism & Karakoram International University

By AG 

KIU camouflaged campus
What a system and what a country where laws are applicable in papers, and in real sense have no worth for the deprived and oppressed.

I am pretty surprised about the Karakoram International University (KIU) and it’s so-called administration that has unnecessarily portrayed things which in real sense cannot be expected from places where intellect and knowledge should be the priority instead of scandals and personal grudges.

An educational institution like KIU should not reflect the mentality of the (tribal) vicinity rather should set some universal standards for its students who could come up with some reforms to change the current criminal mindset and orthodox practices where humanity has no worth, and people are treated as if lives have no significance at all.

I am really sorry to say that still the mentality of gender discrimination is dominating and unnecessary things are portrayed as mega events, and happenings, encompassing social evils. I believe that the biggest social evil is in the society who is teaching the lessons of conservation, orthodoxy, fundamentalism and tribalism.

The university where knowledge should be the currency and gateway seems to have extremism more evident. I wonder how many research papers have so far been established by the Karakoram International University in international journals, and how many productive research works have been conducted, and how many people have benefited from them in the backward society.

Whenever there are sectarian clashes, the KIU students seem to take the lead and fuel the process. Whenever there is any agitation, the university students seem to be more prominent. I am astounded about what is being done and what targets they are going to achieve at the cost of our new generation and nation.

I think, we should rethink about what we are doing and where we are standing. We should streamline our priorities keeping in view the current advancements in the world and the true universal principles of humanity.

Intellectual dishonest, puppets of spy agencies and enemies of the education system rule the Karakoram International University in Gilgit, Pakistan, producing a new generation of extremists and terrorists as per policy of the masterminds of global terrorism. (left to right) VC Dr. Najma Najam, Registrar Dr. Ahsanullah Mir, Muhammad Hussain, Prof. Manzoor Ali, Dr. Muhammad Ramzan, Karim Khan, Dr. Durrani and Ms. Tahira. (TTT)

Instead of giving motivation to their students and giving them proper counseling, everything at the KIU are propagated negatively. I really feel bad about everything. A university is not only a degree awarding institution rather has the responsibility of developing the mind of students through search and research. It is never meant to create unnecessary social issues and baseless allegations. It is meant to create a balanced mind that could play a pivotal role in bringing reforms in the society, and changing the orthodox mindset.

Only awarding degrees should not be the responsibility of a university, and attainment of degree should not be the aim of a student, rather a dynamic and moderate mindset, curious to rethink about the various happenings, and drawing some exceptional ideas, which could make a difference, should be the collective mission of the academia. The honest teachers and students of the KIU should not keep silent. They must speak to save the university and future of our coming generations. 

I hope and pray that my sister Nasira gets justice.

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March 25, 2011

‘Nasira, fight bravely as your parents & brothers are with you’

THE silence is being broken gradually! After the wave of change in the Arab world, now the 'dumb' people are getting back their lost power to speak against injustices in Pakistan as well. This is a big change in our militarized, Talibanized and terrorized country.

People are speaking against those in office, who misuse their power for the sack of personal gain or grudge. Besides the cyberspace, voices of dissent can be heard even in the local media... some people dare to speak against the corrupt and criminal officials no matter they're in the mighty uniform or plainclothes! If not crushed in the typical brutal ways, (the worst fear of any patriot and peace-loving citizen), this can be a positive change in the behavior of the state organs in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan!

In the cyberspace, our group members say, amazingly, women are ahead of men in raising their voice against tyranny and oppression. Although, the women in power are criminally silent, fearing a fall from power, while the ordinary womenfolk, especially the educated lot and students, who have access to the internet, are getting confidence to speak their mind about the institutionalized ills in our sick society.

However, those people, who are a part of the tyrant system, resist demands for freedom of thought and freedom of expression in their 'skilled' and 'well-organized' way! In this regard the 'media gurus' with heavy packages are introducing new methods of censorship and brutal punishment of media persons, making Pakistan the worst place for journalists in the world.

Here we're presenting a discussion, at a cyber women forum on a blog of Nasira Parveen. Someone has sent us the text. We're publishing it without editing and comments. However, we're hiding the real identity of the participants for fear of persecution. We think it's very important to bring on record the thoughts of women in these crucial times, we are living in, for the benefit of posterity especially researchers.

Nasira and her family members especially her writer brother Habib R. Sulemani are suffering in a hostile society for the last one year. These are terrible days for the entire family that has been segregated in the society. In such a situation, even one kind word from anybody is an act of historic bravery... it's also encouraging for the family facing oppression.

The administration of the Karakoram International University (KIU) Gilgit has now become legendary for its criminal acts against students and staffers in the world (Terror on campus). As Mr. Sulemani had written to the administration of Dawn newspaper (Journalist seeks protection):

"The lives of my family members and me are in danger. If we’re killed, the racist and sectarian bent of mind people at Dawn Islamabad and their unscrupulous friends at the Karakoram International University (KIU) Gilgit and personnel of intelligence agencies ('who have set up an operation camp at the library') would be responsible for the crime. Through a secret plan, they isolated me at office and then in the local journalist community through their effective propaganda campaigns. And then their criminal network tried to kill my sister in a fake honor-related case at the KIU. So far they’ve failed but they want to hide their crime." 

The administration of Dawn Media Group, employers of Mr. Sulemani, has failed to take action against the accused among its employees rather they have been given promotions. The accused keeps spreading rumors through the media, but the journalist community is silent for the obvious reason! The family is being denied justice. The police have refused to register cases against the powerful accused while Pakistan's President, Prime Minister, Chief Justice and Army Chief have never responded to the written appeals of the family.

As Nasira has said during the discussion, this group blog will publish anything and everything against herself or her family members without any secrecy if anyone sends something to us. We welcome information from anyone and everyone. We also protect our sources according to the journalistic ethics. 

The family says: "We know the coward criminals (see names: Criminal inquiry sought) can't do this. If they've something, we want to tell them: dare to publish it anywhere as the mainstream media and blogosphere in Pakistan is now under your direct control." 

Here is the cyber discussion.—The Terrorland Team (TTT)

CRIMINALS ON CAMPUS: Dr. Najma Najam with Dr. Ahsanullah (rignt)
Nasira: Guys! read this blog... Mr. President! I need justice in the Islamic Republic
SA: Thank you Nasira for sharing the shocking tragedy you are facing from our so-called educationists and culture and values-oriented leaders (women terrors) from our area. Our sympathy and voices are with you and will inshallah work out for a strong solution. Inshallah, we will also forward your message to the newly formed women organization at United Nations. So be strong and fight bravely as your parents and brothers are with you.
SP: A brave voice. You will find many verbal supporters (like me) but none will stand with you, when you need them the most. Some will stand with you to become the "Asma Jahangeer" of Gilgit-Baltistan, others to increase the width of their "voluntary services", so as to get jobs at the topmost factories of sham development :-) Don't step down. If you are right, as I think you are, none can daunt you. If you are not right, none can save or help you.
SS: It’s worth appreciating that, Nasira, you are strong n brave to stand for your right; education is acquired not only for degrees but also to learn when to raise your voice against the odds n unfair decisions, so we are sure n pray that truth cannot be defeated. And those would be punished for sure who are responsible for causing all this pain that you went through.
Nasira: Thanks for the nice comments.
AZ: ‎@SP sometimes verbal encouragement counts a lot... yes I know this is the least kind of support but even a single drop of rain can make a big difference so if we are unable to stay on her side actively we should support her with our words… remember 'Pen is more powerful then sword'.          
There is Pain in my eyes still a Shine in my smile,
I Lose a lot but still live to fight another day,
Even if everything around me is Down, I don't lose Hope,
I may be Hated by few but Loved by a lot more.
I m not the Best but I always help others to be the best.
That's the truth of my life,
That’s what I AM.
I am human being…!!!

SA: Thank you AZ! We are all here to use our pens to fight for Nasira's right and for all the innocent girls like Nasira who are facing such odd aggravation from our leaders and educational institutions.
AZ: ‎@SA that’s the true spirit. I appreciate :)
SP: So, SA, when shall we expect to see an opinion piece about Nasira's plight in the New York Times or the Pameer Times, at least!!
SA: SP jee!! keep your eyes and ears ALERT!!! you will inshallah hear from any channel all over the world...not only New York Times and Pamir Times but value your country news....Thanks though...hahahaha...
SP: my fingers, not eyes, are crossed :-)
Let's see, if my enticement puts some sparks into the ashes
Nasira: SA, SS and AZ, thank you very much for the support. I'm not afraid of the fight for my rights, hope other girls will also stand for their rights in our male-dominated society.
SA: Nasira! Nice to hear from you. it's our duty to work for our sisters like you. I have contacted women organizations here and back in our country and I am sure that they will precisely work on it. I am confident that the organizations here will get in touch with you about your case. My advice to you is stay bold and fight with fearlessness for your right. Our sympathy and efforts are always with you to blow your culprits. Say strong!
NA: Nasira is a very brave-heart girl from the bloody male-dominated area. I am agree with all comments but my request is to you to please raise FIR against those who did this drama and mentally tourchared you and your family. Do attach this report with it. Send it's copy to the HEC chairman and other member of HEC.        

As you said “Safina Bano, who was made part of the well planned drama, took me to the KIU faculty from the hostel. There we came across her fiancé Sheraz Ali Khan (an employee of the Military Accounts in Rawalpindi) with his friend Shah Fahad (working with the military-owned Askary Bank in Gilgit).”
Also raise FIR against Ms. Safina Banao and her Fiancé and friend. Do your medical checkup, put the report that you were no raped. Then bring this entire bloody bastard in front of court and then let the court give you Justice. My full support is with you!
SS: Thats the spirit, Nasira, it would seem a small step but would be a stepping stone for so many out there who are afraid to raise their voices, we r sure things would fall in to their place, ameen.
AZ: @Dear NA your comment was pretty lengthy, suggestive and the way you applaud Nasira's bravery is appreciable. We and lot more girls are with her but here I want to clear a fact regarding our area that no-doubt it is a male-dominant society but kindly avoid using 'bloody' kinda words....with the pace of time the traditional mind-sets are changing and with the emergence of educated youth am proud to announce that males are regarding human rights of women in a well aware manner.

Now concerning her case two main unjust figures mentioned were women… what do you say about that? Secondly you have suggested a medical checkup for proving she was not raped; my dear it is so very easy to suggest such acts but being a law knowing person I know how traumatic it is to handle a case of rape. Please suggest her some other way to approach court like filing a case of criminal conspiracy to defame her. This case will cover her matter and as-well as her dignity and honor.

Last but not the least I am currently researching her case by all means and hope to come up with a materialistic suggestion. I will wait to hear from you. Many thanks :)
@NA let me introduce myself... I am the only female Judge in whole of the (name of a region of Pakistan). Currently am out of country for doing my LL.M Human Rights Law. Being a part of Judiciary, I know how difficult it is to move along a male dominant society with honor and dignity. Our society is traditionally a male favoring culture and no-doubt changing towards betterment but it needs a long span to eradicate it fully.

We are with Nasira but my point is to lead her case with grace and dignity cos even a low voice can be so effective if carries evidence. She is a victim of both male and female unjust figures so needs a careful move to make herself a winner and save rest of girls from becoming victims of evils.

HM: I appreciate Nasira for taking up her case with such courage. i agree with AZ and of opinion that harsh words as bloody should not be used. i hope AZ will be of gr8 help to Nasira in finding her way out.
AZ: ‎Off-course HM am there for her, I am ready to give her every possible help and suggestions. I am interested not only to see her as a winner in the end but also to see her gaining status quo of honor and dignity.
HM: ‎@Nasira; you dont need to worry as a lot of other people like us know that whatever happened to u was just a plot conspired against ur family and nothing seriously happened.

@AZ: hope to hear something good from u about this case. am feeling good that the first ever woman judge of (name of the region) is there for help not only Nasira but also many others like her. we r proud of u.
AZ: ‎@HM I am planning for Pakistan and really excited to see a good hopes are high as girls like you are there to facilitate and promote the forum of raising our honor. God bless you all.
Dear Nasira, hope you are keeping well. See we all are commenting daily on your post and it seems useless until and unless we step ahead practically. Please detail me if possible: Do you actually lodged a case against the culprits and if yes... with what title? Jurisdiction of the court? etc. Thanks.
SA-2: All the very best Nasira.
Nasira: Thanks all, again. Please, see blogs of my family members as well for detail especially those relating to the ISI & MI. The criminals gang on campus and their master in Islamabad had actually targeted my brother for his writings... I was just a soft target in the mass murder plan of my entire family. See this blog and the links on it:
SP: ‎@ SA - I kept my eyes open and my ears alert ... but the 'voices' .... oh voices!! where shalt i find thou!
AZ: ‎@Nasira Yes I went through your blogs. Hopefully am coming to Pakistan in reaching month… lets have a sitting and discuss your issues....cos case is still foggy for me so need to see you personally.

SA: Great step AZ! I really appreciate your support for her. I also have sent her case to UN women and some other women organizations here. I am also in contact with a lawyer back in Isb. Lets see how much we could fight for her but I promise I will continue my struggle for her until the law in our country will take a step for her right. Thanks!

SP: Great step AZ. The reality needs to be exposed.

Nasira: AZ, SA and SP, thanks for the comments.

‎@AZ what makes it 'foggy' for you, really? If you have read the bloggs, I along with my family members have written for the last one year, then it must be crystal clear. I doubt, you may have heard the propaganda of the ISI, MI and their agents. I want to show you a glance of it here:

Recently someone from New York (let us call her AK) sent me a message: "Nasira this is AK from new york... can i put ur article on Pamir Times to raise the issue... if you allow me to, because i have heard about ur case in a totally different way and i want our people to know the truth trough in ur own word...."

I wrote back: "AK, thanks for writing me. Can you tell me that 'different' story, please? Yes, you can put it anywhere with my name and reference of The Terrorland blogs. Waiting on you!"

AK sent me this message: "i heard that you guys for romantically involve with those guys.... that's why they have outed you guys from the university...(plz don't ask who tolled me this story) because it does not matter... what matters is that we should bring the truth out and let the people to judge for themselves.... i think you should take them to court because they can't refuse you education because of you involve with other guy(that's what they are saying) education is ur human right.... so we are all with you for your fight for education

Then I wrote back: "AK, would you please write details of the hearsay? The moderators of The Terrorland would like to publish even a blog about it. Thanks a lot. If you don't want to publish it, then write the details just for me, because here everyone is fearing the ISI to contact us or talk to us about the rumors about me and my family."

Since then there is silence. I would like you, AZ, or anybody here who can write the propaganda material against me and my family, honestly. I would appreciate it. Let us be frank and discuss everything without any hesitation. You may have noticed on The Terrorland blogs: Freedom of thought and speech is what we in my family stands for. That is why we're being targeted in our dumb society. State machinery is being used against our innocent family "in the militarized and Talibanized Pakistan". Ah, made a long speech, lol. I'm waiting on you bravo, guys!

SA-2: I also heard...just randomly Nasira about the story told by AK. Its a rumor I am sure. I met a KIU student few days back who was really shocked at the university’s decision about you as she knows you really well. Our support is with you, you just need to rectify the baseless story made about you by KIU staff. Bring it to media

SA: Nasira! Inshallah we will achieve our struggles for you. We are kind of stuck with all our women politician's slowness about this case back in Pakistan.

AK: Nasira sorry i was not able to put artical on Pamir Times....because you have written a lot about ISI and MI... we really don't have facts about them.... we all can help you ur right for education from KIU... for that we need to use the Law...... what we can all do is to write letters to Dr Najam and demand for the truth (and those emails were spouse to be private)

[In the meantime AK suddenly appears with her real ID in the forum. She excuses to Nasira and suggests secret correspondence with accused Dr. Najma Najam, KIU vice-chancellor and reported chief of ISI psychological warfare cell: Govt. reluctant to take action against Karakoram University admin. AK interrupts later, too.TTT]

SP: I, being a member of the dumb, deaf and blind society, would like to ask a question:

"What happened to the manuscripts of "The Terrorland"? Can't your brother publish the book from some other country?

Nasira: ‎@SA-2 Thank you very much. if i'm correct ur family had gone through a similar situation. i heard that the Ismaili Council president had reacted criminally in that time... when my brother had tried to interview the couple for his newspaper, he was stopped... now the couple has made the people proud... let us build bridges, unite the people according the sprite of Islam. this will benefit not only Gilgit-Baltitan but the entire Pakistan.

‎@SA, thanks a lot.

AK: let's not discuss people's personal family matters here...... i hope you understand it... what i meant to say is other people's family...

Nasira: ‎@SP, my brother's priority was not commercial gain... so he wanted to silently publish his book in Pakistan and face the consequences... but after the leak and attacks on his life... he is living in solitary confinement for the last 12 months... his life is in danger as mysterious people and cars are always seen outside our home in Rawalpindi... Now the situation has entirely changed in the country... when people are not ready to take the names of ISI and MI here in this group then how can a publisher print an over 1000-page novel in Pakistan. i have not talked to him on this topic but he may publish it from abroad now...

SP: While not downplaying the risk that might be posed to your brother's life, as you say, who will be crazy enough to read a 1,000 page novel?? Who has the time to read such a lengthy work?

ISI or no ISI, i really don't think your brother will be able to find a publisher for the novel, because it is TOO BIG!! If you look at the most popular novels of the last 15 years, most of them are below 500 pages in volume! Just a thought!

March 23, 2011

Balochistan bleeds on Pakistan Day

By Habib R. Sulemani

IT’S Pakistan Day today. On March 23, 1940, the Muslim leaders of colonial India gathered in Lahore and opted for a new country, after the departure of the British, instead of a united India. And finally Pakistan came into being on August 14, 1947.

For the last sixty-four years, Pakistanis have gone through many difficulties and dramatic changes in their Promised Land. In 1971, during a war with India, the country lost a major part, which became a separate country, Bangladesh. Now separatist movements are active in the remaining part of the poor but sole nuclear power in the Muslim world.

Pakistan has lost its destination due to the visionless actions and intellectual dishonesty of the politicians, generals, judges and journalists. No matter who is in power, a civilian puppet or mighty general, the country is being run through the world’s most corrupt stock of westernized civil bureaucrats from the General Headquarters.

Today, freedom of thought and freedom of expression have become a crime in this Islamic Republic, for which, people with conscience are being humiliated, tortured and killed. Journalists, writers, intellectuals and civil society members have been militarized. Some of them have even been Talibanized.

The fools, ignorant, visionless, sick and criminal minds in power have joined hands to sacrifice the 180 million people for their personal gain. They've made fear and terror a strategy of the state. Thus the ruling class, civilian and military, runs the affair of the state through spreading fear and terror. The Terrorland blogs mirror Pakistan in these most crucial times of the country in the second decade of the 21st century.

As an example, I want to show you a glimpse of state-sponsored oppression from my personal life. After declaring me a traitor and American agent, the secret agencies targeted my family members in an engineered way through a group of criminals. I survived three attempts on my life. I’m living in solitary confinement for the last 12 months. My phone, internet and mails are being bugged. My entire family has been isolated in the country through typical shenanigans. Due to fear of the secret agencies, my relatives, friends and colleagues fear to meet me. Our lives are continuously under threat from the so-called security agencies [read Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) and Military Intelligence (MI)], which have turned their guns towards innocent citizens like me, but have let the terrorists free in the country.

So far, the police have refused to register cases against the powerful culprits and my employers, Dawn Media Group, have shown their helplessness in this regard (Criminal inquiry sought). I sought help from the Federal Government, a year has passed but still there is no response from Pakistan's President, Prime Minister, Chief Justice and Army Chief (Journalist seeks protection). We're being stopped from the courts as the accused are relating to the secret agencies. It's really a nerve-breaking situation especially for my younger and student siblings: Karim (Terrorism & the story of a brave teenager), Nasira (Mr. President! I need justice in the Islamic Republic) and Hassina (Is there a democratic government in Pakistan?). Those who follow our blogs know how my family members and relatives are being harassed through dirty tactics (Facing cyber censorship in Pakistan and Slowly poisoning).

However, I forget my personal pain when I look at the pain of the common people in Pakistan. Although, cutoff from the society, still I can see Balochistan is bleeding today! But the “free media” is free only in propagating the intellectually bankrupt policies of the militarized nation state.

Personally, I’m determined to fight for the legal rights and human dignity of our people in this terrorized country. But the intelligentsia is silent due to fear of our politicians in the khaki! Similar is the situation of the human rights mafia in our society. This apathy and cowardice is the most disturbing thing for me inside my cell-like room in Rawalpindi—a city that is also the Headquarters of the mighty Pakistan Army.

Balochistan is a typical tribal province of Pakistan, which is full of natural resources. Area-wise, it's the biggest province of the country. A part of this region is also a province of the neighboring Iran while some areas are part of another neighboring country, Afghanistan. So strategically it’s a very important region not only for global players but also for countries in South Asia, Central Asia and Middle East.

Currently, there are separatist movements active in the Pakistani and Iranian parts of Balochistan. Some of the separatist leaders are reportedly operating from Afghanistan while others from within Pakistan. This poor tribal region has a long history of violence and resistance. As yet, successive governments have not let the militant groups to succeed in getting a separate homeland on both sides of the suspicious neighboring countries.

Some people say that the recent waves of violence in Balochistan started with the brutal killing of a brutal tribal leader, Akbar Bugti. But I think it started when military dictator General Musharraf sacked Governor Abdul Qadir Baloch, who was the first and the only ethnic Baloch Lieutenant-General in the Pakistan Army. General Baloch was retired and the military dictator appointed him Governor of the province. Unfortunately, within six months, he was sacked in an unceremonious way and Owais Ahmed Ghani, a pro-military Pakhtun from the Frontier Province, was appointed new governor of Balochistan. This action was taken on the demands of the religious parties, which had allowed Musharraf to carry on as Army Chief and President of Pakistan.

General Baloch's removal discouraged the youth and the separatist leaders further ignited the fire in Balochistan. It's a universal truth that in Pakistan only those ethnic groups express a strong sense of belonging to the Federation, which have sufficient representation at the top of military hierarchy. Punjabis, Pakhtuns, Urdu-speaking and Kashmiris have served as Army Chiefs and Chairmen Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee while officers from Sindh, Balochistan and Gilgit-Baltistan have not touched such a height in their careers so far. Therefore, some people say that the Pakistan Army is actually a Punjabi Army. Because they assume that their officers in the military don't get to the top for unexplained reasons!

It's a fact that people don't believe in the current fake Parliament of Pakistan. Democracy can't get deeper roots in our undemocratic and uncivilized society until the military retires from its hidden role as a body-of-political-decision-making. It's a place of shame for the so-called ruling parties that the Foreign Office is being run by the ISI, and except Hussain Haqani Pakistan's Ambassador in Washington, DC no official pays heed to the Prime Minster and President. In such a situation what will the puppet politicians-in-power try to do? Indeed, corruption is the answer! They will try to make money by every available means. And that is what they're doing very well currently.

The undemocratic behavior at the top is not only the mother of corruption but all other evils as well in this globally disgraced country of ours. There is no way out from the current pathetic situation. Our generals need to come out of the shadows of former military dictators: Ayub, Yahya, Zia and Musharraf. Only then real democracy can nourish in the country. In this way, the Federation can be trustworthy. And Pakistan will be a stronger and reliable country in the comity of nations.

But, I'm concerned about the ongoing violence in Balochistan and the media blackout in Pakistan. There is a cosmetic government in the province but the state of affairs is being run by spy agencies. The province is bleeding due to the intellectual bankruptcy of the military and militants. The politicians and generals both are ignorant fools who share nothing but a tribal mentality.

I want to tell both the military and militants: stop violence. Stop killing and abduction of targeted journalists, judges, teachers and other people in Balochistan. Both of you can’t win the race in this violent way unless you adopt peaceful and dignified means! Remember: when years of violence didn't bring a change in Southern Sudan, how can you claim peace and liberty in the deserts of Balochistan through acts of terror?

Suppose, even if anyone of you succeeded in its mission in Balochistan, even then it will meet a disaster in the coming times! The tribal mentality is a killer not only for the militants and military but also for rest of the world. The example of Afghanistan is still fresh in our minds! Those of you, who keep stick to their guns, would be responsible for the crimes against humanity in the International Criminal Court one day. Do you understand this point, my dear generals and tribal leaders?! 

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March 22, 2011

Baby Ayan goes cyber with Mr. Sulemani

And five-month-old baby Ayan goes cyber with my brother Habib Sulemani on March 21, 2011. His parents, Nazir and Shahida, want to see their first child to become a writer like my brother. "Oh, being anti-establishment journalist means life-long suffering," my brother says with a smile.—Text & photo by Nasira Parveen.

March 21, 2011

Nowruz & Holi — have a happy spring!

© Habib R. Sulemani
IT'S Nowruz today — the Iranian calendar's New Year! It starts with the arrival of spring season.

Besides Iran and Pakistan, traditionally it is being celebrated in Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Iraqi Kurdistan, Georgia, Albania, Kosovo and some other regions of the world. 

It's not only a cultural event but has also religious colors! Besides sects in Shia Islam, Zoroastrians and Bahais also observe this day in deep reverence and worship around the world. This day bridges the gaps among many religious and ethnic groups in a larger part of planet earth. 

In the meanwhile, the Hindu community in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Suriname, Malaysia, Guyana, South Africa, Trinidad, Mauritius, Fiji, United Kingdom and United States is celebrating the colorful spring festival: Holi.

On this special occasion, we hope that this year would bring real democratic changes in the oppressed parts of the world, especially in the Middle East, which is the bone of contention in our world today. Wish you all a happy Nowruz and delightful Holi.

The Terrorland Team

March 18, 2011

Despot rulers, not country & Islam, in danger

THE ongoing fight between the political leaders and military establishment is actually a warfare game for absolute, Musharraf-like, power in Pakistan. Nothing else! Acts of terror and Raymond Davis cases are actually the outdated traditional tricks of our intellectually bankrupt ruling class – civilian and military. Through nasty and inhuman ways, our secret agencies terrorize the common people so that their rule in the militarized society is not challenged.

But, with the passage of every single day and event in the country, the politicians and political generals are being exposed—not only in the country but globally. Neither our country nor Islam is in danger. However, the torturous era of our cunning rulers is going to an eternal end! The enemies of our nation and humanity would be brought to justice soon—it's the 'end game' for the brains behind global terrorism! There would be no more 'double games' again! 

We're very hopeful of a bright future. And we want to share our hopes with our people. That is what we can do in Pakistan. Our mainstream media acts like a sex-worker—whoever pays, it opens the door for them—the media is controlled by our military establishment, and it’s being used against democracy and democratic values. It spreads hopelessness and fear as acts of terror bring money and provide an opportunity for direct or indirect coup d'état! 

Here, we're reproducing the editorial of an Irish newspaper. On the orders of the secret agencies, the Pakistani media is silent about the plight of journalist Habib R. Sulemani and his family. Even his writings are being ignored for being against the corrupt and criminal elements in the country especially secret agencies. But a foreign newspaper has got a ray of hope from his poetry. It's an example how an honest media outlet can give hope to its people—no matter it comes from within or outside a nation state.—The Terrorland Team  

Cynicism is greatest threat to democracy

Azizi’s red blood has made the desert green
This—history had never ever seen
Trembling dynasties're crumbling...
Hurray! Democracy is coming!   

Generals and mullahs: stay away! 
You've shed enough blood
Lower your guns and loudspeakers...
Let's dance to the tune of democracy! 

These lines of a poem, written by Pakistan poet and journalist Habib Sulemani in memory of Muhammad Bouazizi, a Tunisian street hawker who burned himself to death as a cry of anguish at the corruption in his country, sums up the desperate position of peoples in Arab states who are trying to breaking off the chains of decades of oppression and despotic rule.

We have seen how recent protests in Tunisia and Egypt which led to the downfall of its overstaying autocratic leaders, have also led to similar social unrest in neighbouring countries including Yemen, Bahrain and Libya. Iran too is bracing itself for renewed street protests.

The common thread running through all these protests, of course, is the quality of leadership among the ruling elites in these countries. In the main, they are fiercely repressive, brook no opposition, keep large sections of their populations in poverty and do not allow any democratic movement to flourish.

Take Libya, for instance. It has no democracy and there are no political parties. Freedom of speech exists but only out of the earshot of the police. Libya is defined as a "jamahiriya", a word resmbling a word for republic. We too have a "jamahiriya", although in our case our Taoiseach is not a colonel. He does not parade under the grand title "Guide of the First of September Great Republic of the Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya" - in short, Brian Cowen, for all his faults, was elected by the people. Gaddafi came to power in an army coup against the ruling monarchy.

These days, most of us take voting for granted. In most Western democracies, we have no living memory of a denial of the right to vote even though the pages of history are littered with the desperate struggles of people to establish that right. They made great sacrifices so that we could express our opinion through the ballot box.

Of course our system of democracy is not perfect. If we wanted to be cynical in our view of politicians and how our democracy works, we might recall the story of the labourers sitting by the side of a road in Russia breaking stones with lump hammers when horsemen gallop by. One of the labourers shouts up, "who is the new czar?", and a horseman replied, "It doesn't matter to you. You will still be breaking stones tomorrow."

Taking all the imperfections of our system into account, it is the only system we have and one that is worth maintaining.

Which brings us to the question of voter turnout in our republic It should be a cause of concern to all of us that that the level of turnout has been falling. In 1948, the turnout was 74.25 per cent of the electorate and stayed in the 70s right up to 1989.

In 1989, it dropped to 68.61 per cent, to 68.49 per cent in 1992, 66.08 per cent in 1997, and 62.57 per cent in 2002. In the last General Election in 2007, the turnout was 67.03 per cent.

It will be interesting to see how, in this election, the cold economic winds that have blown many of our hopes and dreams away will affect our turnout. In the face of all that we have experienced in the last two years or so, it would be easy to be cynical about the political process. 

However, this particular election campaign has been interesting in a number of respects. This has certainly not been a 'pothole' campaign, where all the energies of campaigners for election to our national parliament are directed towards fixing Mrs Murphy's broken footpath. Nor, given the national mood, has it been a 'baby kissing' campaign.

We have engaged with the serious economic and social issues facing us. The rest is up to us. Remember the words of the leading American drama critic George Jean Nathan who said: "Bad officials are elected by good citizens who do not vote".

Courtesy:  Meath Chronicle, Ireland.

March 15, 2011

'I salute you for your bravery, Nasira'


Nasira! We might not know each other personally, but after reading about all you'v gone through and how bravely you have stood for yourself, I want to salute you for that. And I would also like to appreciate your family especially Habib bhai for standing with you through this hard time.

I had read the blog 4 months ago, I guess, and after reading it, I thought of ways of doing something for you. Since I am so far from you (as I live in Canada) everything seemed so difficult. Fortunately, I have a friend who is A's (a politician) sister. Two months ago I requested her for help by sharing the blogs with her. I haven't heard anything from her and it is quite frustrating for me too. But I am confident that she would do something for you. As you know our politicians need a lot of push, so I would request you to meet her yourself and see what she can do in your case.

I talked to her sister again, and she told me that A is in the US right now. She'll be back by March the 15th. I'll send you her cell #, too. Be Blessed.

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March 13, 2011

Pakistan has become an uncontrollable conglomerate of generals

Special Report

"ON March 22, 2010, my roommate Safina Bano, who was made part of the well planned drama, took me to the KIU (Karakoram International University Gilgit) faculty from the hostel. There we came across her fiancé Sheraz Ali Khan (an employee of the Military Accounts in Rawalpindi) with his friend Shah Fahad (working with the military-owned Askary Bank in Gilgit). Then all of a sudden hell broke down. 'Two girls raped on KIU campus, see the news in the newspapers tomorrow,' SMSes started circulating with the speed of light. I was shocked but, to my surprise, my roommate was normal! I came to know the reason later only…"

This is what Nasira Parveen had written in her first blog for The Terrorland: Mr. President! I need justice in the Islamic Republic. She had further written: "Indeed, I was a soft target for those who wanted to punish our entire family for the writings of my elder brother (Habib R. Sulemani). They had selected me as the prime target according to their mass murder plan. I was a woman, a symbol of honor and vulnerable to attacks in our male-dominated society. So, they were very sure of the success of their wicked plan at the first stage. But, it went wrong!"

 Military Accountant General
office in Rawalpind
When the plan of the accused (see names here: Criminal inquiry sought) went wrong, then whatever they did with the help of the secret agencies, that has also been explained with the help of official documents in a post: Female student victimized on orders from the top: Karakoram University.

According to sources, the masterminds of the terrorism plan, to physically eliminate Mr. Sulemani and his entire family in a systematic way so that no one points finger at them, had hired the services of the three persons mentioned above. The jobless Fahad was given a job at the Askary Bank; Sheraz was promised an out-of-turn promotion at the Military Accounts while Safina had been offered a job in a government department in Gilgit besides promises of a bright future to her family members, especially a male cousin.

During background interviews, it came to knowledge that a relative of Fahad is a one-star general in the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) while a relative of Sheraz is member of the Gilgit-Baltistan Legislative Assembly, who recently threatened to bomb the Assembly building if he was not appointed Minister in the so-called provincial government, led by the Pakistan People's Party (PPP). Also, Sheraz along with some local journalists is reportedly a member of the secret network, run by Zaffar Abbas, Editor Dawn newspaper.

"Now, to give an impression that the KIU admin had no links with Fahad and Sheraz, the university has issued a degree cancellation notification of both former students," said an official, requesting not to be named. "Both of them were puppets and they are continuously working at the Askary Bank and Military Accounts. This notification is just an effort to save their criminal faces."

Here is a copy of the so-called notification. Neither KIU Vice-Chancellor Dr. Najma Najam (who reportedly heads the ISI psychological warfare cell) nor Registrar Dr. Ahsanullah Mir's name or signature are mentioned in the 'faked' paper. "They're cunning beyond one's imagination," said the official. "They don't leave traces of their crimes anywhere in the files, and make people like me scapegoats."

"The cancellation of the degrees is nothing but a joke," said a legal expert. "It can't justify the illegal actions of the KIU officials. They've committed serious crime by putting the life of an innocent student in danger besides attacks and harassment of her family members."

In the meanwhile, sources claimed that Safina has been given BSc (Hons) degree by the KIU admin, but she had been warned not to mention it anywhere.

"Although, Pakistan was created by a civilian leader (Mr. Jinnah), but now it's a country of the military only," said an intellectual. "It has become an uncontrollable conglomerate of the generals. Just tell me, allegations are being labeled against military persons and even investigations are also being started, but no one has seen any results so far. Journalist Umer Cheema was kidnapped and humiliated by the ISI with the help of one of his colleagues... but nothing happened. (Why ISI uses sex as a warfare tool in Pakistan?) Besides other people, journalists are being killed by secret agencies in Balochistan, but we are silent... fearing public humiliation and death in this militarized and Talibanized Islamic Republic, known as Pakistan!"

(Shahid Gilgiti and JM contributed to this report.)

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