March 15, 2011

'I salute you for your bravery, Nasira'


Nasira! We might not know each other personally, but after reading about all you'v gone through and how bravely you have stood for yourself, I want to salute you for that. And I would also like to appreciate your family especially Habib bhai for standing with you through this hard time.

I had read the blog 4 months ago, I guess, and after reading it, I thought of ways of doing something for you. Since I am so far from you (as I live in Canada) everything seemed so difficult. Fortunately, I have a friend who is A's (a politician) sister. Two months ago I requested her for help by sharing the blogs with her. I haven't heard anything from her and it is quite frustrating for me too. But I am confident that she would do something for you. As you know our politicians need a lot of push, so I would request you to meet her yourself and see what she can do in your case.

I talked to her sister again, and she told me that A is in the US right now. She'll be back by March the 15th. I'll send you her cell #, too. Be Blessed.

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