March 26, 2011

Intellectual terrorism & Karakoram International University

By AG 

KIU camouflaged campus
What a system and what a country where laws are applicable in papers, and in real sense have no worth for the deprived and oppressed.

I am pretty surprised about the Karakoram International University (KIU) and it’s so-called administration that has unnecessarily portrayed things which in real sense cannot be expected from places where intellect and knowledge should be the priority instead of scandals and personal grudges.

An educational institution like KIU should not reflect the mentality of the (tribal) vicinity rather should set some universal standards for its students who could come up with some reforms to change the current criminal mindset and orthodox practices where humanity has no worth, and people are treated as if lives have no significance at all.

I am really sorry to say that still the mentality of gender discrimination is dominating and unnecessary things are portrayed as mega events, and happenings, encompassing social evils. I believe that the biggest social evil is in the society who is teaching the lessons of conservation, orthodoxy, fundamentalism and tribalism.

The university where knowledge should be the currency and gateway seems to have extremism more evident. I wonder how many research papers have so far been established by the Karakoram International University in international journals, and how many productive research works have been conducted, and how many people have benefited from them in the backward society.

Whenever there are sectarian clashes, the KIU students seem to take the lead and fuel the process. Whenever there is any agitation, the university students seem to be more prominent. I am astounded about what is being done and what targets they are going to achieve at the cost of our new generation and nation.

I think, we should rethink about what we are doing and where we are standing. We should streamline our priorities keeping in view the current advancements in the world and the true universal principles of humanity.

Intellectual dishonest, puppets of spy agencies and enemies of the education system rule the Karakoram International University in Gilgit, Pakistan, producing a new generation of extremists and terrorists as per policy of the masterminds of global terrorism. (left to right) VC Dr. Najma Najam, Registrar Dr. Ahsanullah Mir, Muhammad Hussain, Prof. Manzoor Ali, Dr. Muhammad Ramzan, Karim Khan, Dr. Durrani and Ms. Tahira. (TTT)

Instead of giving motivation to their students and giving them proper counseling, everything at the KIU are propagated negatively. I really feel bad about everything. A university is not only a degree awarding institution rather has the responsibility of developing the mind of students through search and research. It is never meant to create unnecessary social issues and baseless allegations. It is meant to create a balanced mind that could play a pivotal role in bringing reforms in the society, and changing the orthodox mindset.

Only awarding degrees should not be the responsibility of a university, and attainment of degree should not be the aim of a student, rather a dynamic and moderate mindset, curious to rethink about the various happenings, and drawing some exceptional ideas, which could make a difference, should be the collective mission of the academia. The honest teachers and students of the KIU should not keep silent. They must speak to save the university and future of our coming generations. 

I hope and pray that my sister Nasira gets justice.

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