March 29, 2011

Psychological warfare: threats, harassment, blackmailing & propaganda

Special Report

AFTER exposing the rule of the unscrupulous officials of the secret agencies in “honor killing” and other women and sex-related crimes in our group blogs, besides Habib R. Sulemani and his family members, the moderators are also getting many messages through different means. They often ridicule blogs, accuse and abuse the group directly or indirectly.

Besides the vicious attacks on Mr. Sulemani declaring him a schizophrenic, downplaying the threats pertaining to his life, mimicking the attacks as persecution complex, labeling him as a traitor, American agent, accusing him of seeking asylum in a foreign country, and working against the Two-Nations Theory etc. now there is a new propaganda campaign against his family that they "want to change the faith and culture of the people".

"Threats, harassment, insidious bullying, blackmailing and propaganda are part of psychological warfare," Mr. Sulemani says. "But they can't win this vicious war. They're destined to defeat. They wanted to kill me with my family members in isolation, but look, now they've been isolated in the entire world. They can't escape the long arm of the law... soon they would be standing in a court... no mater it's in Islamabad or The Hague!"

Here we want to show our readers a glimpse of the ongoing psychological warfare. On October 3, 2010 one of our moderators got this email from an anonymous person:

I really do feel sorry for whatever has happened, but, please remember that, KIU's admin has gone though these cases carefully, video evidences are also presented in front of the committee, then the final steps were taken. KIU's admin did not have any personal enmity to you or your family at all.

Our moderator instantly responded:

Dear Sir,

Thank you very much for writing. The moderators of The Terrorland group blogs have a request: Would you, please, elaborate what kind of video and evidences of what??

Many regards,

The same day, the unknown writer revealed not only his name but contact numbers and name of the government organization, Pakistan Electronic Media Regularity Authority (Pemra), where he works as well. He wrote:

Mr. Rehman, am not varsity's legal counsel. Am amazed, you have written loads over this issue and still not aware of the facts & figures regarding this case. Am in favor of justice in the society, the boy Sheraz who's assumed to be the fiancé of a girl is my cousin, and he has not been engaged yet. You can contact Special Branch Glt, if you really need more details of the case.

Hyder Abbas.
Pemra Regional Office G-B.
Address: Majini Mohallah Gilgit.

And since then there is silence. The Special Branch’s criminal acts have already been discussed in a previous post: Female student victimized on orders from the top: Karakoram University.

On September 15, 2010 our blogger Nasira Parveen came across a guy on the internet. She received a message on the Facebook:

MESSAGE: Salams.. I read your text on the blog. It was interesting. Regards

RESPONSE: Thank you.

MESSAGE: I work in Save the Children, Islamabad. Allah bless you. Regards

RESPONSE: great .Thank you so much.

MESSAGE: You are welcome. Should I ask, what you do? Regards 


MESSAGE: I already read it and it is very strange. I am surprised to know that. Can we solve it?

RESPONSE: Thanx. Let the courts do their job. God bless u.

MESSAGE: I work in an international organization in Islamabad. God bless you.

Nasira felt threatened and stopped the dialog.  However, on March 11, 2011, she received this message from the same guy, who was continuously following her messages.

MESSAGE: I want to listen you. Would it be possible for you to meet?

RESPONSE: who are you, and what do you want?

MESSAGE: I am Nasir Khan Yousafzai working in development sector Islamabad. Heard about your story online on that blog. Want to hear it from you if you like. May be I can be of some help. Regards

RESPONSE: in which capacity you are saying this?

MESSAGE: I was thinking for some solution for your problem. Anyways if you don't like to meet, I will just pray for you then. Regards

RESPONSE: what kind of solution

MESSAGE: Thats why I wanted to meet to identify solution

RESPONSE: in which capacity?

MESSAGE: Capacity? What it mean?

RESPONSE: are you an official of the ISI?

MESSAGE: no.. never..


 (longer pause)

MESSAGE: My name is Nasir and it means to help thats why I offered meeting. Its upto you.

RESPONSE: mr nasir, you need not to repeat your name a hundred times, your ID tells that all. where do you work?

MESSAGE: I work in Save the Children Islamabad.

RESPONSE: where do you want to meet me?

(longer pause)

RESPONSE: what happened, mr nasir?

RESPONSE: you need the answer from your bosses at the ISI? shame on you. you guys are the enemy of our nation, country and the whole world. you can't escape the laws and the wrath of God.

As Nasira felt threatened, therefore, she blocked the guy and reported him to the Facebook. Then the guy sent a message to a moderator of The Terrorland blogs the same day that continued for days:

MESSAGE: Today, I messaged Nasira and offered her to meet. I explained the purpose of the meeting that it will be to only help her, but I need few questions to ask from her. She was very rude in her responses and blaming that I am in ISI. It was ridicolus. At least she should learn how to talk and how to respond. With this behaviour she can never win. Regards.

RESPONSE: Sir, I can't understand it. Would you, please, tell me the details. Many regards for writing me.

MESSAGE: Details are in my previous message.

RESPONSE: did you meet her or her family members?

MESSAGE: i wanted to meet but she was very rude and insultive so i dropped the idea.

RESPONSE: what her family members said?

MESSAGE: Its useless topic for me anymore.

 These are just few examples besides the abusive calls (Slowly poisoning), and the direct carrot-and-stick approach of the powerful accused named in a previous post: Criminal inquiry sought. 

On March 13, 2011 when the issue of the criminal administration of the Karakoram International University (KIU) BS left this comment as a separate post. When another participant, MK asked for details, the writer refused. However, someone sent a message to our group after publication of this blog: ‘Nasira, fight bravely as your parents & brothers are with you’, saying that it was aimed at Nasira, as the writer was propagating the propaganda of a group that was led by one of the accused. Here is the message:

BS: its realy stupidity to decleare or present your culture negative way to gain others attention. because your roots are in your culture and certainly at some point in the future those people may look down upon you, just respect your culture and be an icon to bring positive change in your culture because even an external body can not bring change in a culture with out the will and participation of its inhabitants:)

MK: @BS, 1) who is declaring or presenting which culture negatively to gain others attention? 2) who is not respecting the culture? 3) how to be an icon to bring positive change in the culture? what is a 'positive' change? 3) who is the 'external body' that wants to bring change in the culture without the will and participation of the inhabitants?

BS: 1, there are many specially among our youth, 2) as for 1,3 , to follow the successfull women who are the first to gain higher education from the area and are serving in GB, 3) external bodies are NGOs and INGOs. Re read the last line carefully please :)

BS: its realy not any attribution to any one group or individual, but its somthing in general I have witnessed during my studies and gatherings.

MK: @BS, 1) what is culture and which culture you mean here? 2) can you give at least one example of those who 'negatively' represent that assumed culture? 3) a female 'icon' is the one only who serves in Gilgit-Baltistan? 4) you are talking about 'an external body' and then you named NGOs & INGOs... what do you want to say actually? And why you are stressing on this last line?

BS: i dont understand to what level you are taking the word external body but by external body I mean a thought that enters your locale to bring about change and that external hasis an NGO or INGO presented in my insertion. where as related to GB I address it many times because I belong to that culture and understand its dianamics. so those female living in that area and serving there by abiding by the limits that the society is in practice there, accepts is for, sure is an Ideal for me and can be an Icon. bacause if you are a working woman , u may know it better that, working in a city is easier than in the rural areas.

MK: 1) what is culture and which culture you are afraid of currently: Gilgiti, Balti, Gojali,Shina, Pakistani, Islami or any other? 2) can you give at least one example of those who allegedly present the culture negatively? 3) blaming 'an external body' is it China or USA? 4) you are accusing NGOs & INGOs and those who work with them may say something else about your accusations...? 5) and who really wants to gain others attention?

MK: @BS, i need the answers of all the five questions clearly, point by point, to understand the ambiguous and provocative statement, as an NGO-friend has declared it... it would help us to discuss 'culture' with ease here next time. like you, i would also stress on the last point... frankly tell me: who really wants to gain others attention in a bizarre way or is it something else... :)

BS: No coments for you here cause you arent getting my point. Im sorry.

The discussion ends here. However, later on, parts of it were deleted by the writer. The content of the message was repeated by another person in a telephonic conversation to a family member. “When you try to change a culture and faith of people, you’ll face rebuttal,” the person reportedly said.

The Terrorland Team (TTT)

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