April 24, 2011

Academicians issue White Paper: Karakoram University den of criminals

Special Report

THE allegations of corruption and serious crime on campus have forced faculty members of the Karakoram International University (KIU) to make their voice public against the corrupt administration finally, saying that the KIU has become center of favoritism, corruption and unlawful activities in Gilgit-Baltistan.

“The Academic Staff Association KIU has issued a White Paper against the corrupt ‘regime’ of KIU, which is hereby attached with the supporting documents,” says Muhammad Shahnawaz, chairman KIU Academic Staff Association (ASA), in an email to The Terrorland group blogs. It also includes a statement and a pile of text and scanned files.

The KIU is the only university for the over 2 million population of Gilgit-Baltistan, a region which has no representation in the Pakistani federation (parliament) and is being ruled by the federal government on ad-hoc basis since 1947.

It says that Vice-Chancellor Dr. Najma Najam has put the KIU's existence in danger as there are “worst examples of favoritism, corruption and unlawful activities” on campus and there is no-one to take action against the accused and her team members.

“After taking over the charge of office, sitting Vice-Chancellor (Dr. Najma Najam) has illegally appointed a gang as Assistant Deans to gain undue support for her activities,” Mr. Shahnawaz said in the statement. “The Voice-Chancellor has completely bulldozed the prescribed procedures by appointing deans on ad-hoc basis since 2009.” 

Dr. Najma Najam, who also 'heads' the ISI psychological warfare cell, faces charges of plagiarism besides attack on a female student, Nasira Parveen , with co-accused Dr. Ahsanullah Mir, Assistant Professor Manzoor Ali, Karim Khan, Dr. Salma Durrani, Dr. Muhammad Ramzan and others.

Assistant Professor Manzoor Ali is currently 'plagiarizing' a PhD thesis at the Physics department, Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad besides being 'involved' in the murder of Shila, killing of a father and daughter in Hunza and many more 'honor-related' crimes in Gilgit. Locals allege that Prof. Manzoor Ali is working for the ISI, misusing his social position as president of the Ismaili Regional Council. "He is involved in the first 'blasphemy' case in Gilgit, just see his statement," said a foreign-educated local, requesting not to be named.

"A leader is there to save their people but Manzoor Ali is there to kill innocent people and be a part of the 'ghairat' (honor) brigade of the ISI to get promotion. Shia, Sunni and Ismaili all are Muslims, and they can't even imagine of committing blasphemy in normal conditions. This is a conspracy to Talibanize and polarize our peaceful society," the local added.

"In the guise of teachers, there are also some hardcore criminals, but out of terror no body can say anything to them," said a female student. "They can attack me directly or indirectly and run my life if I said something about on campus harassment in the presence of a female VC." 

KIU female students become target of 'ISI agents' on campus
The Terrorland blogs have been exposing the inhuman activities of the ‘criminals on campus’ for over a year.  “And now the truth has come out from the horse’s mouth," said a local journalist. "We can’t publish it in our newspaper. But The Terrorland can… and I know like some cheap journalists and media organizations, The Terrorland Team would not take credits with drumbeats!” 

“Until the admin and its puppets among the teachers are suspended and FIRs are registered against them, the reputation of the university couldn’t be restored,” said a KIU staffer on condition of anonymity. “These people are actually agents of intelligence agencies who are playing with the lives of students, unfortunately, female students are their special target.”

While talking about Nasira’s case, the staffer said: “Everybody knows it was a big, big conspiracy against Habib (Sulemani) and people know how the agencies hire boys to make scandals about female family members of potential rivals. The criminals on campus have put the future of our nation in jeopardy.”

The university management issued appointment letters to their near-and-dear-ones not to the candidates who were recommended by members of the selection board. The statement said Rs. 5 million firewood allowance was allocated for the year 2010-2011, however, it was not fully granted to the staff.

The KIU Treasury was being run on ad-hoc basis for last four years and there are huge financial irregularities as the Vice-Chancellor and her powerful gang is misusing the Pakistani and foreign government funds. It said all tenders and contracts had been given to their relatives and favorite people as a part of the ‘collaborated’ corruption.  

VC Dr. Najma Najam with 'gang' members Registrar
Dr. Ahsanullah Mir and Assistant Professor Manzoor Ali
The statement said that science laboratories, despite being well-equipped, were not functional. “The present regime of the university totally ignores the rules of HEC and also set aside the previous Syndicate’s approval regarding leave for higher studies.”

"Closing of GARNET (Gems Cutting laboratory) is illegal," the statement said.

“Gilgit-Baltistan is famous for gems and closing of this lab shows that the KIU admin is enemy of education and the people. The VC, Registrar and others must be removed as soon as possible,” a man dealing in precious stones remarked.

The anxiety among the students, academic staff, parents and in the corridors of power is increasing day by day... “No mater what happens, no one can remove Dr. Najma or Dr. Ahsan from the posts of VC and Registrar. They're the most influential people in the region,” said an official. "

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