April 17, 2011

Dawn's yellow blood transfuses to The Express Tribune (3)

Special Report 

Muhammad Ziauddin
IF daily Dawn runs biased and misleading stories and destroys reputation, career and lives of innocent people in a criminal way so is doing The Express Tribune now.

As said in the first part of this series of articles, The Express Tribune’s City Editor Farman Ali, Executive Editor M. Ziauddin’s nephew and Gilgit Correspondent Shabbir Ahmed Mir's brother are nominated accused in Habib Sulemani's case.

Recently The Express Tribune published a story using the 'technique' of Zaffar Abbas, Editor Dawn. Through the criminal network, it was widely circulated and discussed in their typical way! Without naming Mr. Sulemani, the story is a classic, Dawn-style, example of professional dishonesty and intellectual terrorism. Let’s read the article first before any analysis:  

Pakistan, home to a ‘schizophrenic society’, says doctor

By Aaqib Khan

There is always a method in your madness!
ISLAMABAD: Most people know at least one individual who seems to suffer from a never-ending persecution complex.
This individual is convinced that everybody is out to get him and declines from reconsidering his opinion despite a heap of evidence to the contrary. He dreams up wild and fantastic conspiracies that others have plotted against him and interprets every action with deep suspicion. To substantiate his view, he believes there must be something about him that others are jealous of or desire to covet. Perhaps inevitably, he eventually becomes incapable of civilised dealing. Others are forced to resort to confrontation, avoidance or desertion. Vain to the last, he refuses to consider that something may be wrong with himself after all. He is not a bad person. He is simply incapable of one thing: critical self-reflection.

According to Dr Mubarik Haider, this is precisely the ailment Pakistan is suffering from. He presented his diagnosis at a lecture titled “Pakistan: A State on the Crossroads: Causes and Effects” arranged by Pakistan Writer’s Association in collaboration with Radio Power99 and Radio News Network on Friday.

It is hard to disagree with him. After all, is not the entire world out to raze Pakistan to the ground? Aren’t conspiracy theories as ubiquitous as mosquitoes in our country? Does Pakistan not hold the keys to the universe, in whose destruction lays the great joy of the evil and depraved world? Aren’t those who try to show us the mirror simply foreign agents or traitors, guilty of intellectual terrorism and worthy only of being disowned? If the answer to all these questions is in the affirmative, then perhaps it is time to admit our narcissism.

In Dr Haider’s view, Pakistan exhibits all the symptoms of a schizophrenic society embroiled in innumerable conflicts.

Farman Ali
He said it was deplorable that our state institutions carried out their functions under a miasma of mutual mistrust and suspicion. He did not spare the rod to political, religious and media organisations either, accusing them all of further fomenting a culture of conflict and paranoia by irresponsibly perpetuating myths about the world. In his view, “the model of reality proposed by these groups is itself based on falsehoods, which cannot possibly produce realistic solutions.”

To illustrate the point, he said, “Suppose I see water seepage on my room’s wall. If I have modelled reality correctly, I will immediately assume the water is coming from a leaking pipe or tap. If I have modelled reality incorrectly, then I may even imagine that the water is coming from a nearby dam. This will, of course, decide how I choose to deal with the problem.”

But, he added, correctly modelling reality is not enough. One also has to resolve the problem in “real time”. “If action is delayed, the leaking water will continue to run and spread out and may eventually cause irreparable ruin,” he added. He said it was this ability to act in “real time” that gave human beings a greater survival edge over other animals.

He urged Pakistanis to escape from their state of denial and consider that perhaps the West was not so “jahil for its scientific progress and maybe most of the world’s current revulsion toward Pakistan was based on good reasons, instead of it being the result of a vast Zionist conspiracy.”
Potent advice indeed. 

Published in The Express Tribune, March 20, 2011

The above article of The Express Tribune is a historic piece of lies aimed at saving those ‘criminal elements’ that are a part of its editorial management of this one-year-old newspaper. But this kind of propaganda is no more working in the cyber age rather it’s damaging reputation of the Express Media Group, affiliated with the globally respected The New York Times group.

Here are some facts about the story, which were achieved through different sources:

1-     Before publication of this malicious story, The Express Tribune’s City Desk Editor Islamabad, Farman Ali, had sent Express TV employee Mehboobur Rehman Tanoli to Mr. Sulemani, trying to convince him to refrain from a legal battle with them. When the later insisted on getting justice, the ‘envoy’ told him: “You’ll not get justice, don’t you see how powerful the accused are.” Then came this article, cowardly without naming Mr. Sulemani, who had already told them to bring forth whatever 'evidences' they have. 

2-     The first part of the story was mainly a handiwork of Farman Ali, who along other accused has been spreading rumors about Mr. Sulemani and his family members. It’s a classic example of 'Dawn-style angling’ with a news story.

3-     Dr. Mubarik Haider is not a medical doctor but an intellectual who has degree in literature but in the above story he is being represented as a psychologist or psychiatrist. Dr. Haider has written a scholarly book about the Muslim civilization, and has been in the news for about two years. He is a founding member of the ruling Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), a former Leftist/communist, labor-leader-turned-industrialist and now a thinker.

4-     Dr. Haider has been quoted out of context in this so-called report of Aaqib Khan, and the 'angling' mirrors the editorial policy of The Express Tribune, at least the Islamabad desk.

5-     One of the organizers of the 'arranged event' is a ghost association of writers named as: Pakistan Writer’s Association. It's run by some former Leftest/communists to get funds in the name of 'red revolution' in the 'green' Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

This incident is a test case for Justice (retired) Fakhruddin G. Ebrahim, The Express Tribune’s ombudsman, the first experience of its kind in Pakistan.

"The owners especially talented young publisher of The Express Tribune should personally take notice of this criminal act and take action against the gang (Executive Editor M. Ziauddin, City Editor Islamabad Farman Ali and Reporter Aaqib Khan) for publishing this malicious story," a senior journalist has said in a message.

(To be continued)

NOTE: If anyone wants to clarify any point, we're ready to publish every point of view.—The Terrorland Team

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