April 22, 2011

Dawn's yellow blood transfuses to The Express Tribune (5)

Special Report

THE PUBLISHERS: The Express Tribune's Yale-educated
young Bilal Lakhani (left) and Dawn’s Harvard-educated
Hameed Haroon must take notice of 'yellow' journalism.
TODAY is the 73rd death anniversary of Dr. Muhammad Iqbal, the National Poet of Pakistan. Did the philosopher-poet really dream about a militarized and Talibanized country? This is a controversial question and even the poet's octogenarian son, Dr. Javed Iqbal, may laugh it out as he is being forced by the self-styled ideologues in the media to interpret his father's ideas according to their demands!

We're a nation state where after the failure of the Wahabi, Pashtun and Punjabi Taliban, now the 'minds' behind global terrorism are making new versions of terrorists in the name of Barelvi, Shia, Ismaili and other sectarian and racial brands of the so-called Taliban. Dr. Iqbal would be shocked if he sees the condition of his dream-country.

Today, independent thinking has become a serious crime in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The country has become a heaven for Machiavellian intriguers. The 180 million people are suffering at the hands of a minority ruling class - civilian and military. For their personal benefit, members of the ruling class have made Pakistan literally a Machiavellian state on earth as every evil from every part of the world is being traced to our country, and we've become the epicenter of global terrorism.  

You may have got an idea of the Machiavellian intrigues if you've read the previous, especially the third and fourth, parts in this series of articles (links are given at the end of this post). In this last part, there is an analysis of the text of a Machiavellian report titled as: Pakistan, home to a ‘schizophrenic society’, says doctor.

It was written in the same way as a previous article by a so-called blogger of the network. This new article was, however, vastly circulated through two major newspapers of the country. First it was published in The Express Tribune as a ‘planted’ story on March 20, 2011. Then the real culprits at Dawn lifted the first twisted part with more twists on March 26, 201. Besides in-house debates and pick on the writer, Habib R. Sulemani, it was shared and circulated by the cult members through the social media.

"Dr. Mubarik Haider (author of Tehzeebi Nargisiyat, Urdu, Sanjh Publications Lahore, 2009) was surprised at the irresponsible reporting of Aaqib Khan. But the reporter has also expressed his disappointment about the irresponsible editing of the story," said a media-person on condition of anonymity.

Another journalist claimed: "Zaffar Abbas (Editor Dawn) controls the editorial policy of the ET (The Express Tribune). He has sent Farman Ali Baig to destroy the ET, which is fast becoming popular among the cyber-generation. The (Pakistani) government and military establishment are using the Leftist/communists and Rightists Islamists (two timeserving cults in the society) against Habib Sulemani for exposing the intellectual terrorist brigade."

The Leftists and Rightists are the two ugly sides of a rusted coin, and Mr. Sulemani has resisted both of them throughout his life. "He once told colleagues that the chief of the extremist Jamaat-e-Islami, Munawer Hassan, was a former Leftist and now is leader of the hardcore Rightist party. 'Don't you see the bitterness of both the Left and Right on his face?' he remarked, and added that conflict pays and the military establishment wants to gradually shrink Pakistan on independent thinkers with the help of these visionless people."

In an email to a well-wisher from solitary confinement, Mr. Sulemani had said:

I’m a poor working journalist facing tyranny and injustices in my own country. My tormentors had worked on their sinister plan for months—they contacted, directly or indirectly, many people and trapped some of my relatives to use against me—thanks to the cyber age that my cry reached the world—otherwise I would have been killed with my family members so far. I’m still locked inside my home. Unfortunately, there is no response from the government.

As the whole world is monitoring my case, now, the criminal gang has started a new propaganda campaign against me. As the communist regime used to declare their opponents ‘schizophrenic’ in Russia so are the comrades doing here today.

“They’ve declared you mentally retarded and a lone wolf—don’t you see the repeated use of the words in the paper nowadays?” someone said who had an argument with a member of the gang.

“This is not new to me,” I said. “I’m used to their traditional shenanigans. They had used this trick in the past by tampering with my documents—that is why they’re afraid of facing an independent investigation.”

That was Mr. Sulemani last year and the situation hasn't changed. Currently, the world is asking the Pakistani government reasons for the persecution of the writer and the officials have no answer except using the typical ‘schizophrenic’ tactics on the advice (read orders) of the secret agencies which actually run the country. "They had used schizophrenic tactics through the media against the Indian army in Kashmir, and Soviet and American armies in Afghanistan—but now they’re using this inhuman tactic against a writer and his innocent family members. It's a unique incident in the history of psychological warfare in the world," said a text analyst.

Mr. Sulemani is the only example who has stood up to fight the 'minds' behind global terrorism with his keyboard. He has exposed those who use the media criminally. Talking about the corrupt journalists with God-like image is a taboo subject in Pakistan, and raising this issue is considered suicidal for a working journalist. That's why the journalistic bodies are silent. They're doing nothing even for the common journalists except issuing statements. Truthful and professional journalists are being tortured at workplace by the owners and killed in the country by secret agencies.

"Pakistan has really become the worst place for honest journalists and a heaven for the paid-activists in the guise of journalists," said a journalist. "Fortunately, the ongoing intellectual terrorism in Pakistan is now being monitored globally. But still the criminal minds are living in a fool's paradise—thinking that through their dubious newspapers and TV channels, they can still manipulate public opinion in favor of the ‘brains’ behind global terrorism. They do this without thinking that they’re under the global microscope, and their dubious activities in the name of journalism have been exposed. It's time to bring the criminal minds in the guise of respectable journalists to justice."

Now, let's analyze the classic sample of professional dishonesty of the editorial managements of The Express Tribune and Dawn. The text of the malicious report has been give in italics while the analytical comment in brackets [ ].

Pakistan, home to a ‘schizophrenic society’, says doctor

[With this headline, the perpetrators are shamelessly ‘angling’ with the story as they’ve been doing with throughout their lives, and mostly no-one took notice of this professional dishonesty except the few insiders. The perpetrators presented the intellectual statement of Dr. Mubarik Haider, a writer with degree in literature, as the clinical observation of a psychiatrist.]  
By Aaqib Khan

[This is the purported reporter but, according to insiders, the first part of the story was 'rephrased' by Farman Ali (The Express Tribune) and was approved by Zaffar Abbas (Dawn) through email.]  


[This is the dateline of The Express Tribune’s twisted story. Yes, you live freely in the capital city of shenanigans—while Habib Sulemani survived three attacks on his life and is living in solitary confinement in Rawalpindi, the nearby garrison city, since March 29, 2010. Neither the government nor his employers have done anything so far despite requests for providing him and his family members security. Islamabad is the city where – after stealing Mr. Sulemani’s literary work and declaring it against the 'ideology' of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, especially the military establishment and secret agencies – with the help of the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) and Military Intelligence (MI), you concocted the plot to kill Mr. Sulemani along with his entire family in a systematic way—so that no-one could dare to think independently in the militarized and Talibanized nation sate of South Asia. But, fortunately, the plot was foiled in the first stage.]

Most people know at least one individual…

[Yes, according to a social scientist, Mr. Sulemani has become a phenomenon—as he is fighting the 'minds' behind global terrorism with an unbelievable zeal and determination, which, according to an observer, successive governments couldn't do with the military might and billions in pocket. "What the states couldn’t do, the writer is doing with the keyboard!" And you coward liars! You’ve not the courage even to take his name. Because you know he has always exposed your lies and so will he do in the future. You want to deceive the intelligentsia in your ugly style—but now, not only Pakistan, the entire world has got the truth—The Terrorland blogs have exposed you along with your powerful partners in crimes.]

who seems to suffer from a never-ending persecution complex…
[The word ‘seems’ has exposed your statement—full of lies. You’re known as a ‘sadist cult’ in the journalistic community! You’re famous for taking revenge indirectly especially by using state machinery (read the secret agencies). Habib Sulemani survived attacks, and lives in solitary confinement for the last 13 months. His sister Nasira was attacked and she is not allowed to attend university for over a year. Another sister Hassina was tortured on campus. His brothers Rehman and teenaged Karim suffered a lot when the family was suddenly isolated in the society soon after the attacks. His 68-year-old father survived a brain hemorrhage, and last week underwent head surgery. But due to the pertaining threats to his life, Mr. Sulemani didn't go to the hospital. His employers at the Dawn Media Group have stopped his salary. His uncle Amirullah and many other family members and relatives are suffering directly or indirectly. There is nothing for the poor family except suffering—and still you call it ‘a never-ending persecution complex’. This is what the Nazis did with their stooges in the media. Just wait for a similar suffering and then you’ll get the real meaning of your phrase! Why don’t you say: Mr. Sulemani has refused to bow or compromise... he seeks legal action and you want to stop him by hook or by crook! Everyone knows that you always smile and meet people in a very polite way... but then stab them in the back by using someone else’s hand! There is a long list of your crimes...]

This individual is convinced that everybody is out to get him…

[You’re wrong again. Let it be clear once and for all: not everybody only you and your patrons—criminals in the guise of journalists and government officials—named in a previous post.]

and declines from reconsidering his opinion…

[Mr. Sulemani has refused to bow before your ‘authority’ and has declined your offers—he’s determined to take legal action against you while you’re stopping him from his basic right. You’ve sent many people to him including Dawn's senior most management, but he has rejected the carrot-and-stick approach! He seeks justice according to the laws of the land so that in future, no-one becomes your ‘silent’ victim. He also wants legal action against you because many silent victims are wishing so—they're coming forward with witness and evidence. They want to test the independent judiciary in Pakistan.]

despite a heap of evidence to the contrary…

[If you’ve that ‘heap of evidence’ then why this cowardice—why’re you afraid of taking Habib Sulemani’s name even? You’ve lost the psychological warfare against the steel-nerved writer who has documented your crimes and has sent the 'piles of evidence' to the whole world. Your team from the psychological warfare cell of the ISI (including some foreign-helpers) has failed in the war against an independent writer. You’ve provided further evidence of your crimes against humanity—a solid case for the International Criminal Court (ICC). Mr. You can’t stand against the brutal truth! The ISI-made ‘heap of evidence’ will go with the wind in a court of law. Do you understand, big fools in great organizations!]  

He dreams up wild…  

[Yes, that is the difference between you, the unimaginative Taliban-like beasts, and Mr. Sulemani. Besides being an upright journalist, he’s also a creative writer, not a clerical mind! Unlike the he-said-she-said-reporters, donkey-like-desk-jockeys and press-release-reporter-turned-editors, Mr. Sulemani is an independent thinker, whose poetry and fiction have been termed the beginning of new literature in the world.]  
and fantastic conspiracies that others have plotted against him…  

[Don’t generalize things! He’s talking with convincing evidence specifically about you only, read his blogs. What is fact and what is fiction, in a court of law things would be crystal clear. By the way, Mr. Sulemani knows very well the difference between journalism and fiction—he draws a line between fact and fiction in his professional life!]

and interprets every action with deep suspicion…  

[Mr. Sulemani is talking about undeniable facts with evidence, some of which have been put on The Terrorland group blogs while many have been left for the courts. Lies, propaganda and conspiracy theories are your trademark for which your network gets millions from the secret agencies. He has spent over 15 years in the mainstream Pakistani media (including the Jang Group and Dawn Media Group) thus he knows you and your criminal tactics better than many others. Mr. Sulemani's MSc degree in sociology helps him in understanding your deviant behavior—that is why, after failing to beat him directly, you hatched the criminal plan with the secret agencies, and targeted his female family members.]

To substantiate his view, he believes there must be something about him that others are jealous of or desire to covet.

[Some points about the writer have been highlighted above. Again, Mr. Sulemani substantiates his case with evidence, proof and has witnesses. You corrupt and intellectually bankrupt people are always with childish assumption and foolish propaganda for which you get huge amounts from the exchequer of this begging country. You shameless beasts!]

Perhaps inevitably, he eventually becomes incapable of civilised dealing. Others are forced to resort to confrontation, avoidance or desertion…
[Laugh out loud, reader! You've already got a glimpse of their 'civilized dealing'! These beasts actually want to say: "hide our crimes." Anyone with a little wisdom can read their sick minds in denial…]

Vain to the last, he refuses to consider that something may be wrong with himself after all.

[You assume silly things with use of words like seems and may be etc. Where is you 'heap of evidence'? Who is sick, insomniac and on medication, many people know it—and who has altered the documents of Mr. Sulemani that is a court case. Like the communists and Islamists, you commit crimes and then declare the victims lunatics so that no court proceeding is initiated against you—it’s an old and outdated trick now. The circumstances you created for Mr. Sulemani and his family by isolating them in the entire country is horrific—in such a situation others would not have survived, but this courageous writer, with the prayers of his parents and help of siblings has written a new history of surviving oppression and tyranny in the 21st century. Take it from me: you’ve never matured intellectually, and have inherited a personality disorder of which the military establishment especially the rogue guys in the ISI and MI suffer! Genuine psychiatrists, psychologists and social scientists are studying your narcissism that has shut out the entire world! The psycho analysis of your collective behavior in particular the jihad games — your wild dream to create Barelvi Taliban, Shia Taliban and Ismaili Taliban — are really strange. You sons of Dr. Joseph Goebbels! You along with your narcissist boss are destined to meet the fate of the Nazis. Your psychological warfare is a hellfire for yourself in this world!]

He is not a bad person…

[The world knows this very well. Habib Sulemani has a global vision and universal humanistic approach. Thanks for confessing this and refuting your own arguments.]

He is simply incapable of one thing: critical self-reflection…

[His critical self-reflection is evident from his writings. But you’re incapable of critical self-reflection with your ‘God-like’ self-image in this country where Allah, America and Army are your weapons! When he showed you the mirror—it has left you dumb folded as the new generation of Pakistan has become aware of the universalized ideas of Habib Sulemani. You’ve no arguments but just tricky ways of deception, lies and propaganda in a ‘civilized’ and 'politically correct' way! No matter how smartly you play—by making false psycho-analysis of your opponents and manipulation of news and views, you can’t escape the wrath of God and long arm of the law!]

According to Dr Mubarik Haider, this is precisely the ailment Pakistan is suffering from.

[What a trick, see the intro of the report—targeting one person and then generalizing your own assertion as that of a faked expert—what a manipulation—You’ve put your own assertion in the mouth of a speaker, showing him as a medical doctor. Dawn’s columnist Irfan Husain also shamelessly quoted the American-returned writer’s intellectual perception as clinical observations! Such a lie, deception and professional dishonesty is a routine work in the so-called elitists English language newspaper of Pakistan (forget the vernacular press that reportedly covers over 90 percent of the population) but who cares in this terrorized country! Also, the people have short memory! After reading the report, some people have said that it was strange to declare an entire nation 'schizophrenic'; they’ve even doubted the ‘mental’ condition of Dr. Mubarik Haider. Anyway, this incident has exposed the 'yellow' journalism at The Express Tribune and Dawn. “Mr. Sulemani! You’re the conscience of Pakistan,” a senior journalist has said in a message. “But neither I nor my family members are as brave as your family and you. Keep exposing the evildoers.” Now everyone knows about the intellectual dishonesty of a part of our intelligentsia—"their place is not in a media outlet or national organizations but jail—only there any counseling would be fruitful!"]

He presented his diagnosis at a lecture titled “Pakistan: A State on the Crossroads: Causes and Effects” arranged by Pakistan Writer’s Association in collaboration with Radio Power99 and Radio News Network on Friday.

[The word ‘diagnosis’ and topic of the ‘lecture’ say a lot more! The topic is intellectual not medical. We’ve already told you in the previous post that the organizer of the event, Pakistan Writer’s Association, is a fake organization of the so-called Leftists.]

It is hard to disagree with him...

[You attributed something to a speaker and now you agree with your own assertions—people are not fool as you still assume. A naked boy is trying to hide his private parts in a crowd! Now you’re alone in the world. Just read your own piece of shit carefully...what the speaker had said about you and your organizations… The world’s current revulsion is not towards Pakistan but you and your patron secret agencies that have made the 180 million helpless people hostage. You’re destined to self-destruction but Pakistan is safe. Goodbye, you doomed cult waiting for the doomsday!]

Therefore, it's formally requested to the owners of the Express Media Group, especially the Yale-educated rights activist-turned-publisher Bilal Lakhani to suspend The Express Tribune's Executive Editor Muhammad Ziauddin and City Desk Editor Islamabad, Farman Ali, immediately so that an investigation is initiated in a free and fair manner. It's hoped that the publisher will maintain the fine journalistic traditions of The New York Times group in Pakistan.

Similarly, it is requested to Dawn Media Group Chairperson Amber Saigol and Harvard-educated CEO Hameed Haroon (also president of the All Pakistan Newspapers Society) to suspend Editor Dawn Zaffar Abbas (who is also facing allegations of serious crimes) and columnist Irfan Husain, and start an independent investigation into the matter. This is what honest journalism demands in the organization of Mr. Jinnah—the liberal founder of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.


NOTE: Due to power and internet failure, this article could not be published yesterday, April 21, 2011. If anyone wants to clarify any point, we're ready to publish every point of view.—The Terrorland Team

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