April 7, 2011

Habib! Your're not & you wouldn’t be alone

By Fab

HABIB! For the first time I spared little time and went through your blogs. Impressive contribution with miserable and shocking stories, especially pertaining to you. Let me end up with my coursework in four months and let me see what could I do and contribute positively.

Well guy! I went through some of the stories in your blog. Many genuine points and being a social science research many genuine question also arise if am a so-called researcher having objective approach.

I shared your article at my circle and this guy (name omitted due to fear of persecution: TTT) is one of my Baloch friends and a PhD scholar. Here is my message to him:


Please go through an impressive article (Balochistan bleeds on Pakistan Day), a nice contribution, on Balochistan by Habib Sulemani, available on the following site: www.theterrorland.blogspot.com

I myself visited this site today. If you are a real 'nationalist' Baloch, you should read this article academically. Best.

However, Habib, thanks for your emotional behavior this evening that incited me to go through your blogs and know some facts partially, and update myself about our society in the contemporary perspective.

Keep in mind: you are not and you wouldn’t be alone. Your brother will try his best to put my positive inputs. God bless you with further patience and wisdom. Best.

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